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Android Male robot

gynoid Female robot

Ac-converter Ac to ac?

Seymour cray Cray I

Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor used Cray I

GaP Green light

Real time

Kelvin bridge Small resistance

Wein bridge

Hay bridge

Schering bridge

Rf bridge Measure at high frequencies


Stefan-Boltzmann Law Radiation.. blackbody

Lenz’s law Walangkamatayan

Tin lead 50:50 220 deg C

Tin lead 63:37 180 deg C

Meissner effect

Seebeck effect

Flywheel effect

Precession Ability of gyro to maintain


Vacuum evaporation Deposit highly…


Pierce Quartz crystal

Armstrong Transformer

Michael faraday Electromagnetic induction

Hans Christian oersted

Becquerel Si unit of radioactivity

Curie Common unit of radioactivity

Class a

Class d Pulses

Square signal Frequency converter

Stepper motor Brushless synchronous motor

George box

Fow(forge welding)

Knife Aluminum

Wire stripper Wire with insulation

Grandfather file Original file

Small scale 534 transistors

Heaviside bridge

Series Belt

Lap winding Shunt

Wave winding Series

Differentially compounded

Commutatively compounded

Squirrel-cage motor Starting torque LOW


Slew rate Max output voltage rate of change

Input bias current Minimum current needed for op-amp

Single ended One input

Voltage follower Feedback directly connected to the


Rf/Ri Gain

Capacitor Feedback element of integrator

Maxicomputer Not a classification of computer

Back emf is low Application of high current

Spintronics Spin

Electronic circuits Electronics

Psychrometer Relative humidity


Electroscope Electrostatic force

Crt Oscilloscope display


Voltohmeter Combination of voltmeter,

ohmmeter, milliammeter

Negative resistance Zener diode

Optoisolator Led/ired and photodiode

Photo electric effect

Voltmeter In parallel

Seek time

Access time

i-time Information

e-time Execute instruction


Pyroelectric effect

Resistance Figure of merit

Transfer function Ratio…

Screening Mammogram

Triac No cathode

Joshi effect

Substrate Arrow in mosfet

Energy level

Free electron Valance nanakawala

Level shifter

Metal film Less reactance

High frequency Wirewound

Carbon composition Color banded

Battery aging Rheostat

Battery aging Error in ohmmeter

Clamp probe No insertion loss

Seismic mass

V mosfet Wide/short

Ntype Substrate of p type


Principal node Node where KCL is applicable

Loop closed path

Ramp Sawtooth, slow rise/instant decay

Microcircuit IC

Encapsulated Completely imbedded in solid


Thevenin’s theorem Helmholtz

Edison cell Nickel-hydroxide

Solar panel and battery

Bandreject filter Pass frequencies above and below…

2nd order Sallen key filter

Squared device Moving iron

Square wave Voss mccartne

Sequential function table

AND Output 1 if all inputs 1

OR Output 0 if all inputs 0

NOR Output 1 if all inputs 0

R=1 s=0 Nand/set

R=0 S=0 Nor/save

Clock skew

Filter Smoothen rectified signals

Pulsating dc Output of rectifier

Resistor Input filter


Suite Bundle of basic software

Charge storage diode Step-recovery diode

Design engineer Boolean algebra

Pen based Hand writing

Miller indices

Millman’s theorem

Comparator Compare voltage

Through the board TO or DIP replaced in PCB

Anode current interruption TURN OFF SCR

Photo diode Light activated

LASCR Small turn off time

Gang potentiometer

Mosfet Extremely high input resistance

Comparatortor 339 ic

LF157a Bifet

Breakover devices

Source gate drain Emitter base collector

Hole + to -

Meson Boson..

Opcode Start nungsumthing


High noise Instrumentation amplifier

Porcelain Transformer insulator

Form factor Ratio of…

Painting sumthing Kasi maneuverable

Roboticist Nag***** ng robot

Elemental Semiconductor/ 4 v. e.

impedance Total opposition

microcomputers Desktop and personal computers

shell Other name for operating


Level 0 Faulty transistor

Bulk resistance Resistance of semiconductor