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Coaching 1 (ELECTRONICS) 25/08/2012 1-5

When a closed loop system is used to maintain physical SERVO SYSTEM

position it is referred as
Another term for thermionic effect SEEBECK EFFECT
Less reactance, does not have much inductance METAL FILM
Si unit of radioactivity BECQUEREL
Commonly used in microwave communications GUNN DIODE
Designed microprocessor in 1969 TED HOFF
Resistance of semiconductors BULK RESISTANCE
Major power supply of mig DCRP
Welding using inert gases MIG
An increase in the load will result to an increase in speed DIFFERENTIALLY
T flip flop divide by …… 2
Imaging of positron emitter using multiple layer of silicon COMPTON CAMERA
A robot or machine that looks like and act like a GYNOID
Examples of trivalent or acceptor atoms BISMUTH, INDIUM
For no breast cancer SCREEN
Two binary adders with no carry QUARTER ADDER
Angular movement, step by step/ a brushless STEPPER MOTOR
Horizontal deflection oscilloscope SWEEP
Who coined the word robot? KAREL CAPEK
Person who engages himself in the study of robotics ROBOTICIST
The science of designing, building and applying robots ROBOTICS
Technology used to detect airplanes and locate their RADAR
For adjusting frequency COMPENSATING
Machine or robot that resembles a human ANDROID
Logic gate even parity XNOR
Ic is composed of MONOLITHIC
A robot or machine that looks like a human HUMANOID
The joint to connect the upper arm and forearm ELBOW
Ratio of rejection for common mode signals CMRR
Sine wave, opposite in phase, what happens to the REMAINS THE SAME
Uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode GAS TUNGSTEN ARC
Rotational joint REVOLUTE
Feedback element in an integrator CAPACITOR
Most common unit of radioactivity CURIE
Main program in the operating system KERNEL
Nor rsflipflop R=0 S=0
If the flux per pole of an ac generator isincreased, the DECREASES
High gain amplifier COMMON SOURCE
Current pulses that flow in the same direction PULSATIING DIRECT
Nandrsflipflop R=1 S=0
1 if all inputs are 1 AND GATE
Ability of robotic arm to move into specific position ACCURACY
Nor rsflipflop R=0 S=0
When area of capacitor increases CAPACITANCE
Accept handwritten computer PEN BASE
First graphic picture motion NON-INTERLACED
Fast animation NON-INTERLACED
Most common actuator ELECTRIC MOTOR
Used to strip aluminum wires KNIFE
Use to remove insulating element in wire WIRE STRIPPER
High fidelity CLASS A
Most efficient CLASS C
Used in pulse operations CLASS D
Bundle of software SUITE
Common user program UTILITIES
What provides a timing signaling in digital equipment? CLOCK
A faulty transistor would be identified as what level of LEVEL 0
Atom that carries different charges ION
The greater the area of the plate, capacitance INCREASES
The narrower the distance of the plates, capacitance INCREASES
Liberation or absorption; warm to cool THOMSON EFFECT
Electromagnetic induction MICHAEL FARADAY
Used as a microwave oscillator IMPATT
Most damage to printed circuit boards occur at which of DURING COMPONENT
the following times? REMOVAL