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Dunamis social Entrepreneurs plc is a private company owned by young entrepreneurs

inspired to promote made in Ethiopia products in Ethiopia and abroad. Dunamis organizes trade
fairs, business tours and business forums. The company has focused its attentions on the
promotion of Ethiopia as an emerging investment destination, and the promotion of Ethiopian
manufactured goods.

Dunamis Promotion & marketing P.L.C is a company that promote Ethiopian made products, the
culture and the investment in Ethiopia and abroad. Dunamis organises trade fares, forums,
business tours and business meetings for the investors to connect their businesses.
Dunamis was set-up with the principal objectives to assist prospective investors through the
entire process; starting from project initiation, project planning up to commencement of
operation. It is the aim of Dunamis to provide serious investors with a complete package of
streamlined business solutions on a ‘one-shop’/’one-stop’ basis that would ensure a speedy win-
win outcome for investors and the country.
Dunamis has a plan to showcase “Made in Ethiopia Expo” in Ethiopia every year and also
travelling to USA, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and the rest of the world, to promote
Ethiopian made products to every nation. The first showcase outside Ethiopia is going to be in
Germany this summer, where more than 20,000 Diasporas and foreigners will be gathering for
Ethio-European football tournament.
Ethiopian Chamber of Sectoral Association is now organizing The1st International Industrial
Trade Fair and Forum partnering with Dunamis promotion & marketing P.L.C from May 24-28
2018 at millennium hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dunamis reserved 500m2 spaces inside the
millennium hall, exclusively for “Made in Ethiopia” products (to draw special attention to
regional distributers and exporters).It is also agreed officially to celebrate the “Made in Ethiopia
day” on 27thof May 2018.

About Expo 2018

The main target of “The Made in Ethiopia Expo” is to network local manufacturers with
potential buyers and transferring technology to the country trough active participation of foreign
machinery and raw material suppliers.

It would be an important business/trade networking event that will bring manufacturers and
buyers together; act as a platform to exhibit manufacturing technologies; promote Ethiopia’s
prospects as a regional manufacturing hub in Africa; boost investments in the
manufacturing/industrial sector, and promote the export of Ethiopian manufactured goods.


The general and specific objectives of “The Made in Ethiopia Expo” are as follows:

 To Promote the Ethiopian manufacturing industry and provide an opportunity for manufacturers
to have direct contact with exporters, general distributors and traders of goods and services.
 Act as a networking event for manufacturers, and producers of manufacturing plants such as
industrial and process plant engineers.
 The event will be an opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in Ethiopian manufacturing
 The event shall transfer technology, which can provide an opportunity for foreign manufacturers
to meet and partner with Ethiopian counterparts
 The event will be an opportunity for investors to assess potentials and prospects for the
production of goods in Ethiopia.
 The event is also aimed at promoting and projecting Ethiopia’s national prospects and image as a
manufacturing destination.

Participants of 2018 made in Ethiopian Expo.

Dunamis Promotion & marketing P.L.C invite different governmental, privative and non-
governmental organization, such as Garment and Textile manufacturing industries Computers
suppliers , IT Products owners, Consumer Electronics councilors, Home Appliances suppliers,
Satellite & Broadcasting Equipment’s suppliers , Telecommunications, Stationery, Gift Items,
Food & Catering Equipment’s, Building & Construction Materials suppliers , Sanitary Ware &
Bathroom Fittings owners , Electrical products suppliers, Carpets & Wall Coverings suppliers,
Furniture, Automotive, Healthcare Products owners, Cleaning Products, Leather Products,
Fashion Accessories, Perfumery, Cosmetics, Watches and Imitation Jewelry owners and
suppliers, etc... Participate in 2018 made in Ethiopian Expo. The also invite different
universities among them Bahir Dar University and Wolkite University have been participated
and shown their work.

The way Wolkite University participated on the event.

In made in Ethiopian expo Wolkite university Garment and Textile Engineering and fashion
design student presented their different products and art works that they have done in different
courses they have learnt such as illustration design, pattern making, garment construction, color
theory, object drawing, principle of design, elements of design as well as magnificent art and
painting work of their project. Beyond that the student show their collection to the audiences on
February 28/2018 at millennium hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the fashion show event,
invited guests, higher government and university officials and different privative and non-
governmental organization have been attended. Even though the event requires around
40,000(forty thousand) Ethiopian birr, we request them to allow us to present ourselves and
products of our students freely. This is because of time shortage to process the money from our
University. They show their willingness to us to attend the event in order to appreciate and
support us to participate in the next evet and advertise themselves.

Garment and Textile Engineering and fashion design students presented their products of
different garment in various and wearable styles such as different categories of women dresses,
chic women dresses in traditional cotton clothing and different national men and women
clothing’s in modern ways. This student have shown their potential of creativity and the hope

that Ethiopia in fashion industry. Participants and invited guest express their appreciation for the
students, their teachers and for Wolkite University and the hall sponsor Dunamis organizers for
making the event attractive and successful. In addition to the show and demonstration of the
students that have shown, paper presentation titled “Realizing Made in Ethiopia through
human resource development” have been done by mister Jemal Asress. The concept of the
paper was narrowing the gap between the human resource that the higher education produces and
the skill that industries and other sectors requires, promoting our university and students, inviting
manufacturing industries and Universities to work together to solve the problem described above
and appreciating Dunamis, made in Ethiopia expo organizer. Because they are working to
develop Ethiopian products made by Ethiopians from dominating local markets to participating
widely in exports.

List of participants on Made in Ethiopia Expo 2018 from Wolkite University

S no Name Profession Level of education

1 Jemal Asress Garment engineering M.Sc./lecturer

2 Alemayehu Tsegaye Garment engineering BSc/A. lecturer

3 Kalkidan Addisu Fashion design BSc/ A. lecturer

4 Abay Mulusew Textile engineering BSc/ A. lecturer

5 Bruktawit G/tinsay Fashion design Student

6 Daniel Wendimu Fashion design Student

7 Fasika Haile Fashion design Student

8 Josef Girma Fashion design Student

9 Lidya Kedir Fashion design Student

10 Sosina Belete Fashion design Student

11 Marta Seyifu Garment engineering Student

12 Tewabe Zeraw Fashion design Student

13 Bijigdu Tafa Fashion design Student

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