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SM51: It gives list of instances.

SM50: It gives list of work processes of the instance at which user has logged in
/nex : Logout without prompting all the running sessions.
RZ11: For searching the parameters.
RZ10: For adding, editing and deleting the parameter.
RZ04: To set Operation mode switch.
SM63: To create time table.
RZ03: Manually setting operation mode switch for different application servers, also we can
monitor different background jobs i.e. which PID is tagged with which work process.

SMMS: Message server monitor

SMGW: Monitor the gateway
SM12: Monitor the lock entries
SM13: Monitor the update work process
SU01: With the help of this Tcode we can create, modify, delete, lock, unlock, and change
the passwords of users.

PFCG: For generating roles

SU53: For checking missing authorization.
SU3: User can change its own data
SUGR: Creating user group
PFUD: Mass user comparison
SUIM: Entire user management information
AL08: Distribution of instances across different users
SMLG: To implement logon load balancing and checking the groups
SM04: To identify the users session and killing their sessions
SM36: Creation of background jobs.
SM37: Monitoring, Copying and deleting background jobs.
SE38: For creation of programs
SA38: For execution of ABAP programs
SE37: For creation of functional modules
SE93: For creation of a Tcode
SE11: For creation of table views
SE16: View table data
SE80: Workbench editor
SM62: Creation of event
SM64: Triggering of event
DB02: For Monitoring Database
SM59: For making and monitoring RFC
SM58: Maintaining Transaction RFC
SALE: Application link enablement
BAPI: For BAPI calls
SICK: For health checks
OSS1: Online Support Services
SPRO: Perform customization by functional groups
SCC4: Creation of client, Modification of clients
SE06: System change option
SCCL: Local client copy
SCC9: Remote client copy
SCC3: Monitoring client copy
SCOT: Configuring external communication devices
SOST: Maintaining external comm. Device
SBWP: SAP Business Workplace
SO23: Creation of distribution lists
SP02: Own spool requests
SP01: All the spool requests
SE09: Transport organiser for workbench requests
SE10: Transport organizer for customizing requests
SE01: Extended transport organizer
SM02: Posting system message
SM66: Monitoring all active work processes mainly used to check long running jobs
STMS: Transport management system
ST06: OS level activities
SCC8: Client export for client copy
SCC7: Maintaining client copy
DB13: Database planning calendar
DB12: To monitor backup
DB14: Check all the BR tool activities
DB17: Set the threshold for DBCHECK
DB16: Check warnings or errors
AL11: SAP directories
ST03: Workload Analysis
RZ20: Configure CCMS
SNOTE: To apply notes
SE95: Modification Browser
SPDD: Modification adjustment Dictionary
SPAU: Modification adjustment
SPAM: Apply Support Packs
SAINT: For applying add on
SCC5: Permanent deletion of client
SMICM: Monitor ICM
SICF: Monitor ICF
SM01: Lock/unlock Tcode
%pc: For printing the SAP screen/ Taking output in spreadsheet
$SYNC: Flush out the buffer area/cache
$TAB: Resets the TABLE buffers of the application server
$NAM: Resets the nametab buffer of the application server
$DYN: Resets the screen buffer of the application server
$ESM: Resets the Exp. / Imp. Shared Memory Buffer of the application server
$PXA: Resets the Program (PXA) Buffer of the application server