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There are more than 20 different Fragaria species worldwide.

Numbers of other species have

been proposed, some of which are now recognized as subspecies.[7] Key to the classification of
strawberry species is recognizing that they vary in the number of chromosomes. There are seven
basic types of chromosomes that they all have in common. However, they exhibit
different polyploidy. Some species are diploid, having two sets of the seven chromosomes (14
chromosomes total). Others are tetraploid (four sets, 28 chromosomes total), hexaploid (six sets,
42 chromosomes total), octoploid (eight sets, 56 chromosomes total), or decaploid (ten sets, 70
chromosomes total).
As a rough rule (with exceptions), strawberry species with more chromosomes tend to be more
robust and produce larger plants with larger berries. [8]

Diploid species[edit]

Fragaria daltoniana, a species from the Himalayas

Woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca), a Northern Hemisphere species

Flower of Fragaria nilgerrensis, an Asian species

Wild strawberries (Fragaria viridis) from Sosnovka, Penza Oblast, Russia

Strawberries gathered in Buryatia, Russia

 Fragaria bucharica Losinsk. (China)

 Fragaria daltoniana J.Gay (Himalayas)

 Fragaria gracilis Losinsk. (China)

 Fragaria iinumae Makino (East Russia, Japan)

 Fragaria mandshurica Staudt (China)

 Fragaria nilgerrensis Schlecht. ex J.Gay (South and Southeast Asia)

 Fragaria nipponica Makino (Japan)

 Fragaria nubicola Lindl. ex Lacaita (Himalayas)

 Fragaria pentaphylla Losinsk. (China)

 Fragaria vesca L. - woodland strawberry (Northern Hemisphere)

 Fragaria viridis Duchesne (Europe, Central Asia)

 Fragaria yezoensis H.Hara (Northeast Asia)

 Fragaria x bifera Duchesne - F. vesca × viridis (Europe)

Tetraploid species[edit]
 Fragaria moupinensis Cardot (China)

 Fragaria orientalis Losinsk. (Eastern Asia, Eastern Siberia)

Pentaploid hybrids[edit]
 Fragaria × bringhurstii Staudt (coast of California)
Hexaploid species[edit]
 Fragaria moschata Duchesne - Musk strawberry (Europe)
Octoploid species and hybrids[edit]
 Fragaria × ananassa Duchesne ex Rozier - Pineapple strawberry, Garden strawberry

 Fragaria chiloensis (L.) Mill. - Beach strawberry (Western Americas)

 Fragaria chiloensis subsp. chiloensis forma chiloensis

 Fragaria chiloensis subsp. chiloensis forma patagonica (Argentina, Chile)

 Fragaria chiloensis subsp. lucida (E. Vilm. ex Gay) Staudt (coast of British
Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California)

 Fragaria chiloensis subsp. pacifica Staudt (coast of Alaska, British Columbia,

Washington, Oregon, California)

 Fragaria chiloensis subsp. sandwicensis (Decne.) Staudt - ʻŌhelo papa (Hawaiʻi)

 Fragaria iturupensis Staudt - Iturup strawberry (Iturup, Kuril Islands)

 Fragaria virginiana Mill. - Virginia strawberry (North America)

Decaploid species and hybrids[edit]
 Fragaria cascadensis K.E. Hummer (Cascade Mountains in Oregon)[9]

 Fragaria × Comarum hybrids

 Fragaria × vescana
Uncategorized hybrids[edit]
 'Lipstick' (Fragaria × Comarum hybrid), red-flowered runnering ornamental, sparse small
globular fruits.

 Fragaria vesca and certain other diploid species can be hybridized and produce fertile
offspring (although Fragaria nilgerrensis appears less compatible).[10]

 Fragaria moschata can hybridize with diploid species such as Fragaria

viridis and Fragaria nubicola but producing a lower proportion of viable seeds.[11]

 Fragaria moschata can hybridize with Fragaria × ananassa.[