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Application Overview

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Purified Water

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Purified Water

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Purified Water
Treatment of Purified Water
 Plant availability of highest priority
 Additional stages contribute to improved operational safety
 Pretreatment by activated charcoal filter to absorb organic
substances from drinking water
 Activated charcoal filter protects the membranes of the reverse
osmosis from, for example, free chlorine and others
 Automatic monitoring of operation related parameters of the plant,
also in stock and distribution system

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Purified Water

Treatment of Purified Water

 Reverse osmosis ensures product quality

 Approved membrane process to reduce concentrations of dissolved
substances in solutions
→ only water molecules are let through
(water molecules diffuse through the membrane)
 Usage in water desalination, dialysis, food sector

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Purified Water

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Purified Water

 The already purified water (TOC conc.1-5

ppm) is purified further using a blending bed
and ion exchanger to specifically remove
certain heavy metal cations
 TOC concentration of only 10-200 ppb at inlet
to purified water plant
 TOC monitoring after blending bed to provide
a correct flow for the following processes

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Purified Water

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Purified Water

 Purified water is collected in storage reservoirs before

distribution to production sites
 UV-light and exact dosing of ozone powerfully disinfect the
 TOC content at 10-20 ppb (determinable with QuickTOCpurity)
 If the TOC is too high: Discharged
 Caution: the inlet/ return from production facilities also affect the
quality of the purified water

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Purified Water
 Recommended: QuickTOCpurity

 Accurate determination of TC, TOC, TIC

 Catalyst-free high temperature combustion at 1200°C

 Fast response time within 1 minute (TC)

 Multi-stream option

 Easy operation and user-friendly software

 Low operational and maintenance costs

 Protective housings for EX zones

Nema4X housing

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