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The impact of information Technology on HR
Management: Opportunities and challenges

Course Title: Human Resource Management

Course Code: HRM 8402
Date of Submission: March 29, 2018

Submitted to
Col Md Shamem Ahsan Joglol

Submitted by
Name ID
Md. Rokibur Rahman Biswas 17015025
Md. Shahkwat Hossen Reyadh 17015097
Nusrat Jahan 17015093
Abu Baker Siddicq 17015063
Aseer Intesar 17015037

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka- 1216, Tel: 88-02-8000368


Letter of Transmittal

29 March, 2018
Col Md Shamem Ahsan Joglol
Faculty of Information Technology (FIT),
Bangladesh University of Professionals

Subject: Submission of Assignment The impact of information Technology on

HR Management: Opportunities and challenges

Dear Sir,
It is our pleasure to submit our report paper The impact of information Technology on HR
Management: Opportunities and challenges”, which has been prepared as a part of our
“Human Resource Management” course of MBA Program under the sound & dynamic
personality like you. Writing this report itself was truly comprehensive learning

The report has been prepared based on the general idea of Human Resource Management.
Our main focus was information Technology on HR Management: Opportunities and

We have tried our label best to complete this assignment meaningfully and correctly, as
much as possible. We beg your kind advice or suggestion regarding any mistakes, which
will help us in our academic and practical work in future.

Sincerely yours,
1. Md. Rokibur Rahman Biswas
2. Md. Shahkwat Hossen Reyadh
3. Nusrat Jahan
4. Abur Baker Siddicq
5. Aseer Intesar
Sec- A, BUP 15th Batch MBA professionals


At first, we would like to express our deep gratitude to our honorable course teacher Col
Md Shamem Ahsan Joglol, who has given us valuable and far-reaching suggestions and
guidelines for preparing this report on Human Resource Management.

We are grateful to Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), MBA Program, for giving
us the opportunity to work on innovative report paper and showing creativity of thinking
capability for attaining practical and secondary knowledge.

Table of Content

Contents Page No.

Introduction 02

Objectives of the study 04

Methodology 04

HRIS and Literature overview 05

Survey Objects
E-HRM 06
Steps in E-HRM 06

HRM role in IT 08-09

Results Regarding to our study 10-11

Opportunities and problems 12-13

Challenges 13-14

Findings 15

Discussions 17

Conclusions 17

References 18-19