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scissor lift
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1. File Counterfort Retaing Wall of 6 m Height Design & Cost 1.0

(File Repository)
Calculation Preview For Diphu River Counterfort Retaining Wall of 6 m Height
Stability Considerations :

2. File Tension in slings with soft top loop 1.0

(File Repository)
Calculation Preview This spreadsheet solves for the tension in a four leg sling set
that uses a soft loop at the top instead of a metal master link. This ty

3. File Excavator Arm.xls 1.1

(File Repository)
Calculation Preview This calculation will determine an excavator arm geometry and
force assessment. The calculation is quite long but nicely summ

4. File Grating Strength 1.2

(File Repository)
Calculation Preview "GRATING" --- GRATING ANALYSIS / DESIGN Program Description:
"GRATING" is a spreadsheet

5. File Tension in Lifting Slings 1.0

(File Repository)
Calculation Preview This spreadsheet calculates the tension in each leg of a four
leg, single point lifting sling set. User inputs the weight of the object that is
being lifted


(File Repository)
Calculation Preview This spreadsheet is a design of all precast members. It is
amazingly helpful for structural designe

7. File Weight & Bolting_lse.xls 1.0

(File Repository)
Calculation Preview PLEASE NOTE: "Lift Lug calc for Skid" has links with "Weight &
Bolting_lse.xls" These may be downloa

8. File SKID LUG CALC-REV0 1.0

(File Repository)
PLEASE NOTE: "Lift Lug calc for Skid" has links with "Weight & Bolting_lse.xls"
These may be downloaded separately or together as a zip file. ALL SPREADSHEET
updated for Weight and lug_lse.xls Please
9. File Lift Lug calc for Skid 1.0
(File Repository)
Calculation Preview PLEASE NOTE: "Lift Lug calc for Skid" has links with "Weight &
Bolting_lse.xls" These may be downloaded separately or together as a zip file. LIF

10. File BTH pinned plate 1.0

(File Repository)
This is an example of how to produce design calculations for a pinned connection
using Excel with the XLC add-in. Design a Plate Lifting Beam and rigging plates to
lift a 98 f

11. File radius of curvature 1.0

(File Repository)
Calculation Preview Determination of the radius of curvature R of the upper belt of
the arch (arc, in general) in size L and the passage of the boom lift f. This is
useful when you want

12. File Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls 1.1

(File Repository)
A scissor lift mechanism uses a longitudinal thrust to lift a vertical load. The
geometry is solved using the cosine rule and lifting forces and efficiencies are

13. Re:Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls

(Forum/Version Histories)
I'm afraid you need an XLC Pro subscription to download. You can get this for free
by sharing a calculation with us or you can pay.

14. Re:Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls

(Forum/Version Histories)
Hello John, How to access the Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls?

15. Re:Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls

(Forum/Version Histories)
good work

16. Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls

(Forum/Version Histories)
This forum thread will track of the version history of the following download:
Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls [USER POSTED IMAGE]

17. RIP Paperwork

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
ExcelWraps replaces all paper records at Unipart A quantum leap for the Hitachi 395
bogie overhaul as paper is superseded by Wraps. Now information is immediately
available through the clou

18. ExcelCalcs Bites the Bullet!

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
Hitachi have recently been awarded the largest ever UK rolling stock order and
they�ll be bringing their Shinkansen bullet train technology to Europe. In August
ExcelCalcs braved the st

19. ExcelCalcs Lego-Like Way to Engineering

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
Like a child selecting parts to construct a Lego model engineers bring together
blocks of science to create new designs. These building blocks could be a load
calculation, a beam calculation, a weld

20. Alex Tomanovich Celebrates 40 Years of Engineering

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
Alex Tomanovich is finding it hard to believe that this summer marks his 40th year
as an engineer. He is our most prolific author publishing a vast body of superb
calculations. All his calcul

21. You Always Think You Are Right!

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
"You always think you are right!" is something we may have had levelled against us
(usually in arguments with partners) but as engineers we not only need to think we
are right w


(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
Engineers regularly encode formulas from their engineering text books into Excel
worksheets. Unfortunately Excel formulas don�t look too much like the equations
they are copying and it i

23. Solving Structural Integrity Problems

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
We have been asked by a client to prepare a two day training course designed to
help practising engineers understand and avoid common problems with engineering
structures. We will take real wo

24. Free Subscriptions Return and New Site Features

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
Over the past few weeks we have seen a number of changes to the site including the
return of free subscriptions! Please tell your friends and colleagues. Improved
Download Pages We have also

25. VIDEO: Construction Equipment & Excavators

(Engineering Services/Engineering Services)
MoreVision has a particular expertise in the structural design of construction
equipment. We provide the "Design of Construction Equipment" course to leaders in
the industry. We

26. ExcelCalcs Spreading Best Practise Across Industries

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
ExcelCalcs interdisciplinary approach to problems helps to deliver best practise
from one industry to another. Two positive conclusions from two independent
calculations is a ver
27. Access to Expert Knowledge
(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
If the people of Pisa had access to Alex Tomanovich�s footing analysis calculation
do you think they would have built that famous �leaning� tower? When yo

28. Quick Calculations

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
In today�s hectic world we are often required to make calculations quickly to work
our way through technical problems. Before you start rummaging through distant
college notes or dusty textb

29. Mathcad Functionality for Excel Users

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
A recent press release is included in this edition of the site Newsletter. Please
pass it on to friends and colleagues with an interest in calculations. Excel users
can install two free downl

30. A Christmas Facelift

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
The ExcelCalcs web site has been taken off to private clinic for a Christmas
facelift. Take a look and tell us if you like it in the forum. We have also
introduced new site functionality too it w

31. XLC LOG10() Functionality

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
ExcelCalcs user gduncan wrote an idea in the 'User Suggestions ' area of the forum.
LOG10() functions caused a problem for XLC because it contains letter and numbers.
This problem is resolved in t

32. Rate and review!

(Site News/ExcelCalcs News)
...ent upon or discuss this document in the Forum (subscribe to this topic to be
notified of changes). Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls A scissor lift mechanism uses a
longitudinal thrust to lift a ve...

33. About Us
(Static Content)
MoreVision was founded by John Doyle BSc(eng)., Ceng., MIMechE., ACGI was born in
1965 and is a graduate of London�s Imperial College. After graduating he joined
Rolls Royce where

34. Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls

Is this for manual lift calculations?

35. Scissor Lift Mechanism.xls

is this calculation for hydraulic type scissor lift?
36. Lifting lug calcs.xls
Hi I am an ExcelCalcs website administrator. Could you explain the problem you are
having and I can try to help you. What are you trying to do? barangeravindra
emailed saying: We try to help as best w

37. Lifting Eyes - AISC

Clint, that is a great idea. I have another version of the lifting eye spreadsheet
which uses Alex Tomanovich's WELDGRP.xls spreadsheet but did not include it as I
wasn't sure if that was allowed. I

38. Pile Capacity Calculation

I am new to this site. I am looking for help in applying the skin friction on a
pile to resist wind uplift. I also work in the US so nin-metric would be prefered.

39. Roof Purlin Design

It looks like the Dead Load and Wind Load values are reversed in the formula in
E32. Or another way of looking at it is that the labels in H21 & K21 are reversed.
Also, since wind uplift is the usual

40. AISC Lifting Lug

It looks nice for lifting padeye design.

41. Spreader Bar Lifting Device Calculations and Design

Also the named cells lug_Fu and Lug_FY appear to be incorrectly used giving #VALUE
errors on Sheet 'Lift Beam Analysis'

42. Tension in slings with soft top loop

I was designing a sling set today and as I was checking equilibrium I found that as
the center of gravity is shifted from the center of the lift points, the line of
action no longer coincides with the

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