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1 Have you studied the component drawing in all aspects?  Yes  no
2 Have you understood the criticality and functionality of the component?  Yes  no
(If “no” get it clarified with your customer before starting the design)
3 Are you aware of the dimensional, fit and functional tolerances of  Yes  no
the component?
(if not get clarified with your customer before starting the design)
4 Are you aware of customer specific requirements?  Yes  no
( if no, kindly get it from the customer)
5 Do you know the volume of the component, which is required?  Yes  no
a) Below 5 k pcs./ annum
b) Above 5 k pcs./ annum
c) 50 k pcs. Annum
d) 100 k .pcs/annum
e) 200 k & above pcs/annum
(if not get confirmed with your customer before concept designing)
6 Check for the raw material specification and standard?  Yes  no
7 Are special characteristics applicable for the component?  Yes  no
8 Check for the following:  Yes  no
a) surface treatment
b) heat treatment
c) plating
d) burr free
e) annealing
f) special treatment
g) surface finish
9 Check for the following dimensional parameters  Yes  no
a) Tolerance on flatness
b) Tolerance on parallelism
c) Tolerance on concentricity
d) Tolerance on symmetry
e) Tolerance on position
f) Tolerance on coaxiality
(if not get clarified with your customer before designing)
10 Do you have customer tolerance chart if not request your customer  Yes  no
to send along with drawing ?
11 Conclude whether the component is feasible to manufacture  Yes  no
with existing facility and technical strength?
12 Is there any risk involved in producing the component (business risk,  Yes  no
penalty clause, regulatory conformity)
13 Any Statutory & Regulatory Requirement applicable  Yes  no


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Works Manager Prod I/c Quality I/c Tool room I/c Purchase I/c

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