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The Un-Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi

The Common wealth games, (CWG) said to the third biggest sporting event in the w
orld, this year has come to India.
After nearly, 30 years of hosting a sporting event of this grandeur and scale, (
the last such event was the Asiad, Delhi 1982), the capital of India braced itse
lf up for another spectacle and memorable games.
The Common Wealth Federation in itself consists of countries which were under th
e rule of the British Commonwealth Federation. The CWG, in itself is over 80 yea
rs old with the first ever games being organized in 1030, in Hamilton, Canada as
the British Games. Later in 1954, they were renamed to The British Commonwealth
Games. Nearly all sports and fields which are organized in the Olympics are in
cluded in the CWG.
The fact that India, as a country culturally in the international arena, is well
versed for its hospitality, cordiality and spirit of openness, naturally meant
that the expectations surrounding the games were very high. Despite all this, ho
nestly, I did not even know about the Commonwealth till a couple of years back.
And I feel that I wasnâ t the only one in this regard.
But today, who amongst us hasnâ t heard of the CWG, being held in Delhi? Even people
in the remotest corners of India, by now ought to be well versed with them, tho
ugh unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.
What started off as a great opportunity for development and progress for Delhi h
as in a very short time, turned into a huge national burden. It started off with
the Delhi Metro being railed, and then went on with the building of new bridges
and roads and other infrastructure including the stadia and landscaping. But to
day, with less than eight days to go for the grand event to begin, hardly any of
the infrastructure (barring the Delhi Metro) is ready or complete.
It all started with the missing deadlines of the stadia, with nearly all the sta
diums missing deadlines continuously and in the end making it horribly difficult
to complete the finishing touches like security measures, landscaping, etc. The
n, when all the agencies managed to complete the sports complex, there were horr
ible mishaps. Nearly a month ago, an athlete was injured while swimming for a tr
ial in a stadium. Gradually, other accidents started to occur like falling plast
er, broken tiles, collapsing false roofs, etc. in one of the stadium, the false
ceiling completely collapsed, leading to a complete re-construction. A couple of
days back, the foot-over bridge (FOB), outside Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium(JNS), t
he main stadium where the opening and the closing ceremonies are scheduled to ta
ke place, which was supposed to accommodate over 10,000 visitors daily, collapse
d, injuring nearly 10 people, killing two. Add to it the continuous showers that
the city has been witnessing (making it the wettest monsoon in 32 years) delaye
d construction process. Also, the Yamuna River, the lifeline of the capital, whi
ch had been quiet for the past 32 years, chose only this time to swell up and ra
ise warning signals. This accommodated water, which occasionally entered low ly
ing area of the capital, and the sewer backflows in prominent residential parts
of the city meant a severe Dengue Scare in the capital. In 2010, the number of c
ases relating to dengue has been around 2,500 as compared to an average of aroun
d 250-500 cases every year.
The various roads and footpath construction and other games related projects whi
ch had started off ambitiously went haywire, with hardly any of the work being d
one up to satisfactory levels. Take the C.P. project as an example, where 11 sub
ways had to be built or renovated. Out of these, only 3 were finally built, and
the agencies denied that the others were even a Games related project. The reno
vation project of Karol Bagh, saw virtually no work being done, and adds to it t
he fact that the original heritage was also destroyed earlier, makes it the wors
t undertaking by any agency. The High end Toilet complexes which were supposed t
o house coffee houses were only a mode of publicity, with only 11 being built ou
t of a proposed 24. There are many other scenarios like this, but we are already
so fed of hearing about them l that I have no interest in repeating them time a
nd again. Another disappointment was the Games Village, which was supposed to ho
use international delegate and athletes during this event, was grossly underdeve
loped with foreign delegates defining it as uninhabitable and unfit for human in
Financially, this Games has already cost the nation nearly ` 10,000 crores!!! Wi
th this amount, one can actually host more than three Commonwealth Games, wherea
s the Indian Govt. is finding it difficult to host one!! Someone has rightly sai
d that, â India is not a poor country, it simply has poor peopleâ . But more than the amo
nt, it has been the vulgar spending of money on illegal activities and projects,
and baseless tractions performed by corrupt babus and officials. Mentioning a f
ew instances, recently it came out that the O.C. (Organizing Committee) had rent
ed out treadmills at the rate of 3.7 lakhs apiece, whereas in the international
market, the costliest of treadmill costs only ` 37,000!! In one situation, Sures
h Kalmadi, chairman of the Organizing Committee read out an email which was supp
osed to be a proof of his innocence which was later found to have been doctored;
subsequently, Kalmadi formed a committee to probe this case, and report to him!
!! How incredible is that!!
In this, I have left a lot of information worth mentioning. The CWG have been a
big disappointment for the people of India. Jokes are flying that in the racing
events, the obstacles are going to be debris (malba), broken tiles, pieces of fa
lse ceiling, etc. People want to work for the CWG simply so that earn in these 1
4 days, what they canâ t earn int their entire life!! But simply because of the fact
that I still hope that we can have a good commonwealth games, and mange to retai
n the position of India, as the fastest developing country in the International

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