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Building products

Infrastructure products

engineering connections® – since 1963

mageba products –
at a glance
Infrastructure products

Structural bearings Expansion joints

- Pot bearings - Single gap joints
- Spherical bearings - Modular expansion joints
- Elastomeric bearings - Sliding finger joints
- Disc bearings - Cantilever finger joints
- ILM bearings - Mat joints
- Deformation bearings - Railway joints
- Special bearings - Flexible plug joints

Seismic protection / Monitoring & Services

Structural protection - Structural health
- Hydraulic dampers monitoring
- Shock transmission units - Inspections
- Preloaded spring dampers - Refurbishments
- Friction pendulum - Tests
- Rubber isolators
- Fuse-Box for expansion joints

Building products

Bearings Expansion joints

- Slab bearings - Floor profiles for
- Wall bearings indoor and outdoor
- Separation bearings - Facade profiles
- Sliding bearings and foils - Wall and ceiling profiles
- Deformation bearings - Profiles for slabs and tiles
- Elastomeric bearings

Vibration isolation Special products

- Vibration isolation bearings - Sealing membranes
- Impact sound insulation - Hydrophilic rubber seals
- Staircase bearings - Adhesive and
- Pedestal bearings sealing compounds
- Vibration isolation - Shear connectors

mageba –
Team and highlights
People at the heart of everything we do mageba highlights in a nutshell • Finalist at the 2012 “Entrepreneur of
Those who manufacture important com- • Since its founding over 50 years ago, the Year” awards for Switzerland’s best
ponents for bridges or buildings carry a ­mageba has equipped well over 20,000 ­companies.
large responsibility to society. In our daily bridges worldwide with its quality • In 2013, the year of the company’s 50th
work we strive to exercise this respon- ­products. anniversary, honoured at the Prix SVC
sibility and to effect positive change for • The mageba team offers the expertise and awards as one of the three best SMEs
each other, our customers and the wider competence of more than 700 employees (small and medium enterprises) in the
­society. worldwide, including over 100 engineers. ­Zurich economic area.
• Strong global network with 15 subsidiar- • Through the acquisition and integration
mageba’s employees are the foundation of the RW Sollinger Hütte GmbH group of
ies, 7 licensees, and agents in more than
on which the success of the company companies in 2014, mageba continues to
50 countries.
rests. We are proud to have many of the grow internationally.
industry’s most knowledgeable and capa- • A distinct spirit of pioneering and inno-
• With the acquired business operations of
ble individuals in our team. They expertly vation, long-term experience, and con-
Ludowici Engineered Rubber Products by
serve our customers’ often very particular tinual improvement of products and ser-
mageba (Australia) in 2015, mageba can
needs, and ensure that the quality of our vices make mageba a technological leader
now offer the full range of products and
products and services remains at the high worldwide.
services at competitive pricing throug-
level expected. • Honoured in 2009 with an award for hout Australia and New Zealand.
sustainability, reflecting outstanding per-
formance under the headings Economy,
Ecology, and Social.

Structural bearings

mageba structural bearings –

versatile, strong and long-lasting
Support you can depend on Elastomeric bearing Spherical bearing
Bridge bearings transfer forces from the
bridge deck to its support pillars or abut-
ments. They can be designed as fixed,
guided sliding or free sliding, to suit the
movement requirements of the bridge
deck. Lifting and measuring
Pot bearing bearing

Wide range of high-quality bearings

mageba offers many types of bearing to
satisfy bridge-specific requirements: Pot
bearings, spherical bearings, elastomeric
2 bearings, horizontal force bearings, ­linear
Incremental launch
rocker bearings, lifting and measuring Linear rocker bearing (ILM) bearing
bearings, pendulum bearings, incremental
launch bearings and seismic bearings. In
the production of these bearings, only high-
quality materials are used. These include
ROBO®SLIDE, a sliding material with excep-
tional qualities, and the POM sealing chain
which has proven its worth over several dec-
ades in sealing the elastomeric pad at the
heart of a pot bearing.
High quality as standard
Bearings are manufactured in accordance
Highlights - mageba bridge bearings
with EN1337 unless otherwise specified.
• RESTON®POT bearings are among
The CE-label declares conformity with the
mageba’s core products, with over
standard’s requirements.
50,000 delivered to date. One of
these set a new world record in 2007
with its ability to carry 21,000 tonnes.
• RESTON®SPHERICAL is a spherical
bearing which, especially together
with ROBO®SLIDE, offers exceptional
durability. It is particularly suitable for
large rotations and low temperatures.
• LASTO®BLOCK is an elastomeric bear-
1 Assembly of a RESTON®SPHERICAL bearing.
ing which, when using CR elastomer,
2 Cut view of a free-sliding RESTON®POT bearing. is highly resistant to ageing, UV light
and ozone.
3 Reading of the force acting on a RESTON®POT • RESTON®POT LIFT-CONTROL is a pot
LIFT-CONTROL lifting and measuring bearing, using
bearing which allows the load from a
a portable device.
structure to be monitored. It can also
4 RESTON®POT LIFT-CONTROL bearings perma- be used as a jack to lift the structure if
nently display loads and can also be used to lift the necessary.

Installation of a RESTON®FORCE horizontal force bearing.
Final assembly works before installation of a large
TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint.
Expansion joints

mageba expansion joints –

for lasting driver comfort
Ensuring a smooth driving surface Single gap joint Modular joint
Expansion joints play a vital role on almost
any bridge, because the bridge deck moves
as a result of temperature and other influ-
ences. The movement gap at each end of
the bridge deck must be bridged with a flat
and even driving surface: the expansion
Cantilever finger joint Sliding finger joint
joint. As bridge technology improves, and
the spans of new bridges continue to in-
crease, the demands on bridge expansion
joints also increase.

Wide and well-proven range
mageba supplies a wide range of expan- Mat joint Flexible plug joint
sion joint types, including single gap joints,
modular joints, cantilever joints and slid-
ing finger joints, mat joints, railway joints,
sliding plate joints and flexible plug joints.
Worthy of special mention is the modular
expansion joint, which was invented by
mageba several decades ago and has been
continually developed ever since. This ex-
ceptional type of joint has been installed
on over 5,000 bridges around the world. 3

Highlights – mageba expansion joints

• TENSA®MODULAR (Type LR) is an ex-
ceptionally flexible and durable joint
with optional features such as noise-
reducing surface plates, special slid-
ing material, anti-skid coating and
earthquake protection.
1 A TENSA®MODULAR joint (type LR24, with
• TENSA®FINGER (Type RSFD) is a can- 1,920 mm movement capacity) during installation.
tilever finger joint which offers high
2 Removal of asphalt and cutting of sup- 4
driving comfort.
port ribs in preparation for the installation of a
• POLYFLEX®ADVANCED PU is a flexible
POLYFELX®ADVANCED PU expansion joint.
plug joint system, based on elastic
polymers. Its key benefits include 3 Installation of a TENSA®FLEX (Type RC) sliding
driver comfort, no additional noise finger joint. The modular nature of the joint allows
emissions and watertightness. installation with minimal impact on traffic.
• TENSA®CRETE (Type RE) is a single
gap joint consisting of steel edge pro- is particularly suited to replacement of old joints in
files anchored in high-strength poly- busy roads. It normally requires no breaking out of
mer concrete. concrete and its special polymer concrete cures in
only a few hours.

Seismic protection

mageba seismic devices –

damping, absorbing and protecting
Growing demand for seismic protection Customised solutions
Bridges and other structures can be sub- mageba is also pleased to assist in the de-
jected to extreme movements and vibra- velopment of specialised solutions for any
tions during an earthquake. This can cause particular set of requirements, and of sus-
a structure to fail if suitable protection has tainable solutions with consideration of
not been detailed. The demand for seismic durability, long life and future needs.
protection features, especially for key build-
ings and transportation routes, continues to
grow strongly.
STUs Hydraulic dampers
Protecting bridges and buildings
In addition to supplying infrastructure and
building products, mageba also specialises 2

in reliable solutions for the protection of

structures. A wide range of products are
offered, including Fuse-Box protection Precompressed
for modular joints, hydraulic and spring Lead rubber bearings bearings
dampers, lead rubber bearings, and vibra-
tion isolation products for buildings.

Highlights – mageba seismic devices

• Hydraulic dampers, Shock Transmis-
sion Units (STU) and preloaded spring
dampers absorb and dissipate exces-
sive energy during dynamic events
such as earthquakes.
• Spring disc dampers are particularly
valued for their reliability, top-quality 1 RESTON® hydraulic dampers. mageba damp-
materials, and durability. ers offer an economical means of strengthening
a structure. They can be expected to function for 4
• Lead Rubber Bearings (LRB) consti-
well over 50 years.
tute the world’s most widespread
solution for the protection of bridges 2 Thorough testing of a spring disc damper at
and buildings during earthquakes. the independent testing laboratory EMPA (Switzer-
• Fuse-Box – The Fuse-Box feature en- land).
sures that a modular joint will dis-
3 Lead Rubber Bearings have proven their
connect from the main structure in a
worth in many earthquakes around the world.
controlled way during an earthquake.
This prevents major damage to the 4 A modular expansion joint featuring Fuse-Box
bridge or expansion joint. seismic protection (on the left), before installation
on a bridge.

Installation of a RESTON®PENDULUM Curved Surface Slider.
ROBO®CONTROL sensor for measurement of forces in cables.
Monitoring & Services

mageba monitoring & services –

control and safety at all times
The increasing need for control “Smart” expansion
1 joints Functionality test
The ability of engineers to design, con-
struct and maintain structures has greatly
improved in recent decades. The need
for structural health monitoring has also
grown accordingly.

Real-time monitoring Integrated system for Online monitoring via

structural bearings Internet (24hr)
mageba monitoring systems provide real-
time information on any desired charac-
teristic of a structure – for example forces,
movements, vibrations, crack widths or
2 temperature. This increases confidence in
the structural integrity of a structure, and
ensures that safety measures can be im- Rock anchor
Crack monitoring monitoring
plemented in good time, if necessary.

Highlights – mageba monitoring &

• ROBO®CONTROL – a modern and flexi-
ble system which offers quick, efficient
1 mageba has over 50 years of experience in
and inexpensive health checking of
the conventional inspection of structures.
any type of structure.
2 ROBO®CONTROL is a fully automated moni- • Inspections – a vital part of any
toring system that makes measured data available structure’s maintenance plan. Done
via the Internet. properly and professionally, they can
ensure that possible problems are
3 A ROBO®CONTROL Box – the heart of
mageba‘s structural health monitoring system. identified in good time.
• mageba can provide complete testing
4 Low energy systems enable ROBO®CONTROL of any bridge product.
to be installed in even the most remote locations.

Building products

mageba building products –

engineering connections®
Leading supplier of building products Strip deformation and
Wall bearings sliding bearings 1
Although mageba is best known around
the world for its bridge products, the com-
pany has also supplied building products
for over 30 years and has in the last deca-
de taken a leading position in the competi-
tive Swiss building products market.
Vibration isolation mats Expansion joints
Solutions for movements, vibrations
and noise
Residential and industrial buildings, hospi-
tals, stadiums, airports, railway stations and
countless other buildings have been fitted 2

with mageba products such as bearings and

Impact sound Compression seal joint
expansion joints. These can be specified insulation for stairs profiles
to fulfil a wide range of purposes, inclu-
ding noise and vibration isolation, efficient
transmission of forces, and earthquake pro-
tection, and to allow controlled movements
between sections of a building.

Highlights – mageba building products
• LASTO®STRIP linear strip bearings ac-
commodate forces, movements and
rotations, preventing damage and
thus extending the life of the building.
• TENSA®COMPRESS A expansion joints
facilitate longitudinal, vertical and
transverse movements of one part
of a building relative to another. The 1 mageba building products are continually
reviewed and further developed. The diagram
joint’s inner ribbing ensures that it re-
shows the current measured values of the dyna-
tains its form in any state of compres- mic stiffness of VIBRAX®BLOCK B bearings.
• VIBRAX®STAIR stair bearings are used 2 LASTO®STRIP linear strip bearings are easy
to dampen vibrations from foot traffic to install, and can be provided with a PTFE strip,
sliding sheet and silicone grease to facilitate sliding
on stairs, significantly reducing the re- movement.
sulting noise.
• TENSA®BASE is a strong and very 3 TENSA®COMPRESS A expansion joints are
elegant expansion joint for use both simple and quick to install, making them attractive
for many building purposes.
internally and externally. It is water-
proof, and its surface profiles offer ex- 4 Final installation of VIBRAX®DAMP L/M/H
cellent over-rolling comfort while also and VIBRAX®SCREED H. Placed under machines in
reducing noise to a minimum. industrial or residential buildings, this greatly redu-
ces vibrations and noise.

Positioning of pre-cast concrete elements on the prepared
VIBRAX®BLOCK B vibration bearings at EMPA in Dübendorf.
mageba quality and know-how –
for lasting and reliable products
Systematic Quality Management • First company in its field to have its qual- developing and improving quality sys-
ity assurance system certified in accord- tem.
ance with ISO 9001 (in 1991). • Product testing at external, independent
• Extensive experience in quality manage- institutions such as universities and ma-
ment and assurance. Experienced quality terial testing bodies.
specialists and welding engineers (IWE/ • Close cooperation in the fields of ex-
CWI), and certified inspectors in all man- ternal quality control and research and
ufacturing facilities. development with the Universities of
• Systematic control of all business pro- Stuttgart and Karlsruhe (Germany) and
cesses ensured by mageba’s constantly Innsbruck (Austria).

Technical Excellence • Experience over many years with move- • Active collaboration in international
ments and transfer of forces in structu- committees and contribution to the de-
res, and with damping of impacts, seis- velopment of international standards
mic protection and insulation against (CEN / EN / EOTA) for structural bearings
sound and vibration. and expansion joints.
• Inventor of the modern modular expan- • Cooperation with internationally reco-
sion joint and holder of a number of pa- gnised experts and institutions such as
tents in the areas of structural bearings ETH Zurich and Lausanne, MPA Stuttgart
and expansion joints. and University of Karlsruhe.

mageba –
worldwide success for over 50 years

Gateway bridge, Australia Europa bridge, Austria Chongming bridge, China Krka bridge, Croatia

Oparno bridge, Czech Republic Öresund bridge, Denmark Pont de Normandie, France Public Library Stuttgart, Germany

Pentele bridge, Hungary Wazirabad bridge, India Infiernillo bridge, Mexico Tacitus bridge, the Netherlands

Sotschi Olympic Station, Russia Geoga bridge, South Korea Viaduct de Chillon, Switzerland West bypass Zürich, Switzerland

r­ eferences
are available

Third Bosporus bridge, Turkey Queensferry Crossing, United Kingdom Bayonne bridge, USA

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