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Romy Lobos Palma – English Language Teacher

Liceo Eduardo de la Barra - 2016


Assessment for oral presentations: Primero Medio.

Punctuality Work is present out The student
of due time. presents his work in
due time according
to the randomly
sorted schedule.
Knowledge about Student reads the Student shows Student presents Student presents
the topic content of the poorly dominion of with a good orally with an
presentation the topic, reading dominion of the accurate dominion
showing no signs of most of the content. topic supported by about the chosen
knowledge of the cards or texts. topic.
Supporting material Supporting material Supporting material Graphic/audiovisual
shows errors that shows minor errors material helps the
compromise the that do not affect audience
comprehension of the presentation’s comprehend about
the topic by the comprehension by the topic showing
audience. the audience. neither grammar nor
orthographic errors.
Creativity Topic is presented in The audience shows
a creative or compromise with
innovative manner. the creativity
exposed in the
Vocabulary Poor use of Vocabulary used by
vocabulary from the the student during
unit’s contents the presentation is
reviewed during accurate to the level
previous lessons. and contents seen
during classes.
Pronunciation Inadequate Regular Clear pronunciation Clear accurate
pronunciation for pronunciation. with minor mistakes pronunciation used
the level and grade Presence of mistakes that do not during the
showing no that might compromise the presentation.
preparation. compromise the meaning of the
audience’s words used.
comprehension of
the topic.
Voice Voice Voice Voice Voice
projection/volume is projection/volume is projection/volume is projection/volume is
inadequate to reach adequate only for adequate for almost adequate for the
the entire audience. the front rows of the all the audience. entire audience to
audience. listen to the
Total Obtained mark:
Romy Lobos Palma – English Language Teacher
Liceo Eduardo de la Barra - 2016