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Impacting One Life at a Time

Peter and Donna Pitman (Delp), serving with Commission to Every Nation
Summer 2018
What’s been happening:
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Can’t believe it’s almost August already! We continue to do ministry on full
throttle. But we have been blessed with some much needed mini breaks, as a family, and just Peter and myself. I
enjoyed my time in the States, but seriously missed my husband and Guatemalan family. Thank you again to everyone
who took time out of their busy schedules to hang out while I was in the States, for those of you who donated items to
ship, and/or donated money towards our ministry and towards the relief efforts after Fuego’s eruption! We couldn’t do
any of this without your support and prayers! You have made an enormous impact on everyone here, including us!
As soon as I returned to Guatemala in mid-June, we hit the ground running with some teams! Jean, Charity, and
Brittany were a TREMENDOUS blessing to us and to the community! Fixing things around the
house, helping to lead worship with youth, playing with our kids, talking through the kids’
struggles and praying with them, providing many laughs, contributing to clinic and blessing
the patients, handing out food bags for people who don’t have food, handing out clothes,
buying a new shoe for a clinic patient, playing with the kids at the park, exploring other
places in Guatemala as a family, helping with medical care at a shelter for those
displaced from the volcano eruption, and the list goes on. We just can’t say thank you
enough to the life, hope, love, and blessings they provided for all of us here! Some
people come on short mission trips and want to do project after project to have
something to show, saying they made an impact. But you know, it’s not always about that.
Yes, we need projects to be done and it’s a huge help. But it’s more about the relationships.
The impact is greater when there is a relationship with the people. Lives are changed from
relationships. And Jean, Charity, and Britt, you did just that. You formed lasting relationships that
changed all of us and the people here. The kids. The patients. The community. And us. Thank you!
We have had a number of complicated patients and amazing connections with some of the youth kids recently. I’m
going to write more in depth about their stories so you have a better idea what we have been experiencing and know
how to pray, can give you an idea as to how your donations are being used, and how your future donations will be used
if you choose to give. If you have Facebook or are on our email list, I had sent out a Christmas in July catalog, giving a
rundown of many costs for our ministry and I will include these later in the newsletter for those of you who haven’t
seen it yet.
Fuego Eruption: Fuego (a volcano that can be seen from our mission house in Palin) erupted,
wiping out whole villages, killing hundreds, and displacing thousands. People lost entire
families, land, source of the little income that they even had, and left with nothing and
nowhere to go. Many were placed in temporary shelters, and have since been told that they
have to leave. But, they still don’t have a place to go or any clue how to continue their lives
without their families. There was a man that Peter had heard about who lost his wife, and 2
young kids. He was the only survivor from his family. You know what he wanted: a Bible.
Peter went to the shelter where this man was staying, but didn’t know a name or description.
God led him to this man. They connected, prayed together, and provided him with a Bible.
There is another family we have
been in contact with recently who
lost 18 family members, including
the pastor of the church, who was found buried many feet under the ashes, clutching his Bible when he died. We have
been providing them with medical care and praying with them as they try to discern what to do next. In that same
shelter, there is a young boy who is now an orphan and lost every family member. He’s currently staying with this family
at the shelter since they were neighbors in the village that was wiped out and he is familiar with them.

Leg you’ve never seen!

So at first, it was one man who came
to us at clinic with a “foot wound.
Had it for 5 years.” Ok. He starts to
roll up his pant leg....and keeps
rolling it up. And good grief, it’s
halfway up his calf and
encompassing his entire foot and 3 months later. Amazing healing!
ankle! Completely eaten away! He said he got bit in the field by a bug (or
so he thought) and 5 years later, it looks like this! We started him on antibiotics, taught him how to clean his wound and
change dressings, and used many different antibiotic ointments. Praise God after 3 months, it’s almost completely
healed! That right there is straight up a miracle!! This man is so thankful for healing!
And just when I think we almost done helping with his wound, 2 more men come to
clinic with the same problem that they have had for 15 YEARS! The one man’s is up to
his knee and swelling that indicates elephantiasis. Thankfully, we have proof with the
first man that it is possible to heal these insane wounds! Thank you to all of you who
donated wound supplies! We received the box with those supplies 2 days before clinic,
which was perfect timing, and we hit those supplies HARD!! We’ll definitely need
plenty more! For more wound supplies, we spend around $10/week per patient. We
currently have 3 severe wounds and 2 others who aren’t as extensive.
Imagine being 22 years old, having chronic urine infections, constant extreme pain in
your bladder, kidneys, and abdomen, feeling like you can’t breathe, and from all of this, now have depression. That’s
what our one patient feels. We met her a year ago. She is resistant to most antibiotics because of years of not
completing her treatments from their family not having enough money. Her bladder is chronically inflamed. She is in
constant extreme pain. Has had bleeding ulcers and can’t handle even ibuprofen anymore, limiting her to Tylenol, which
doesn’t do anything for her. Last week, we took her out to eat to get her out of the house for a bit. She lives in the most
dangerous part of the city. She was telling us about how she has been struggling with depression and has wanted to end
her life. How she feels like God heals others, but why won’t he heal her? How God must be mad at her for not healing
her. How she’s in constant pain every day and can’t find any little bit of relief. How she is tossed from doctor to doctor
and no one will listen to her. They either just push her to another doctor, give up on her, or order the same tests over
and over because they don't know what to do for her anymore. Yet, she is so
thankful to us for everything, even though I feel like it's not enough. Yes,
we take her to tests, specialist appointments, buy her medications, food
at times since they don't have the money for that most days, listen to
her when she just needs to talk to someone. Yet, when we drop her
off at her house, I feel like it's not enough. I wish we could do more.
I wish she would be pain free, infection free, even if just for a little
bit. But I know deep down that God is doing way more in this girl's
life than we can even imagine. He put her at our door for a reason
and is using us to help her. And for that, I am humbled. If we can help
to ease her pain, physical and emotional, even just the slightest
amount, we have done way more than she ever dreamed. And it was all God
doing this. Not us. We are just his instruments.
She has been trying to figure out a way to help her family get a little bit of money at least to buy some food. She has
been making bracelets and necklaces out of beads and selling them. Recently, she had a cystoscopy done (camera into
her bladder to get a better look at it), which they had to attempt multiple times since she is so raw, she normally is in
excruciating pain and bleeds when they attempt this. They finally got it done. She went to pick up her results and they
said a nurse had to get them and take them to the doctor. She went to the nurse and he said, no, she has to get them.
She explained that they had told her that he had to get them. He was quite annoyed, but finally agreed to get them.
They had their appointment with the doctor and the doctor said he never got the results. They spoke to a person who
would be an equivalent to a patient advocate and they investigated who handled her results. It came down to the nurse
who said he would get them, but they never reached the doctor. So after all the pain, frustrations, and money put into
this test, the results from the extremely painful, INVASIVE PROCEDURE are gone...forever. It’s not like the States where
it’s on the computer and they can look it up. Any info that was on those results are completely lost. So now we are back
to square one with her. Just last week, she gave me a huge hug and said because of us helping her, she has lived another
year. Originally when we met her, she said she felt like she was going to die by her next birthday.
We have been paying for her complete care, which is around $220/month.
In clinic a few weeks ago, we had a patient who could not breathe at all. She came all the way
from another town after hearing about our clinic and was seriously struggling to catch her breath.
We gave her a neb treatment and some antibiotics for her COPD (lung disease) and sent her
home with a nebulizer to use at home. She cried. Completely lost it because we were willing to
give her the treatment that she needed that normally you can’t get unless you go to a hospital
and even that’s debatable if they will treat you. So something so simple like a nebulizer, to her,
was a life saver, a miracle, and a huge blessing. Few weeks later, she returned and looked like a
whole new woman! No audible wheezing, no respiratory distress. A miracle! If you would like to
contribute to buying a nebulizer for a patient in the future, it is $35.
Recently, we took our family, 3 teen boys, and Britt, who was visiting
from PA, to a lake for a little family get away. We had such a great
weekend as a family of 10! 2 of those teens cried from the
overwhelming feeling of now knowing what it’s like to be loved,
part of a family, and have parent figures (Peter and I), who truly do
care about them. They have been coming to our house basically
every day to hang out in a safe environment, learn more about
God, and heal emotionally and spiritually. Also, 2 of the boys were
sleeping on the dirt floors in their tin shack houses because of some
recent family changes. So, we bought them beds so they weren’t
sleeping on the cold, wet dirt floor at night. And we took the one
boy out to buy some new clothes and a pair of shoes. He literally cried as he told Peter that he didn’t know what it was
like to have his own clothes or a new pair of shoes. If you would like to buy a pair of shoes for another child in the
future: $50.
Other “Christmas Catalog” items:
~Help celebrate a child's birthday! We like to celebrate each of the youth
group and kids' club kids' birthdays with a little party and a gift: $50
~Take a kid to the park to play and get to be a KID for a day! $15 per child (we
take up to 50 kids)
~Youth group activities and snacks each week: $15/week
~Clinic: we see between 25-40 patients in our clinic in a day. And about 20
more each week for house calls or they come to our door asking to be seen.
Medications for each clinic is about $125
~Food bags! We have given out food bags with some essentials to some of our patients who normally struggle to even
have any food (most don't have food or not a lot) and also to the victims who lost everything in the recent Fuego
eruption. $10 per food bag
~X-ray: $20
~Special activities with the youth group and kids club: $100/event
~Snacks and weekly activities with kids' club: $15/week
~IV fluids that can save a person who is in DKA, is dehydrated, super
sick: $5 per liter
~Ultrasound for expectant mothers: $15
~Diabetic starter pack: glucometer, test strips, alcohol wipes, gauze,
lancets, and insulin needles. They are so grateful for them!: $50
~Special full meal for the kids' club kids and youth group. A lot of times, it's the only full meal they will have that day and
possibly that week: $60
~Gas money for all of our ministry related needs: kids' club, youth, special trips, patient appointments, taking patients
from their house to appointments and back, clinic: $100/week
~Special field trips for school for the children we support in school: $20
~School lunches throughout the week for 2 children: $100/month ($50 per child)
~CT of head: $200
~CT of abdomen and pelvis: $300
~Blood work: anywhere from $10 to $120 depending on what is wrong and what tests
need to be ordered.
~Urinalysis and urine culture: $15
~Ultrasound of abdomen: $20
~Ivan has been helping our ministry. His dad passed away a few months ago and ever
since he lost his job because he had taken some time off for his father's wake, we
started having him to help with our growing ministry. Peter has done an amazing job
mentoring him, and he has been a huge blessing to us, learning so much about
medicine and how to be a leader! We are paying for his school, as well as paying him to
work with us throughout the week: $200/month

How to Help:

We are partnered with Commission to Every Nation, which is a highly accredited organization, and I am the medical leader for
We Help Children. Peter and I, with the help of his mother, Estela, run medical clinics and continue working with children. If
you feel led to donate and assist with our living expenses, activities for children, caring for 4 kids in our house, supporting 8
children in school, and medications and supplies for the patients that we care for, please donate through this site: (which is also found on our website: and then just click on the donate
button) or send a check to the address at the bottom of this page. Make your check payable to CTEN and include a note with
my name on it. All donations are tax deductible. If you would like to come for a medical trip, help with the children, or assist in
some other way, please feel free to contact me through Facebook, Whatsapp (011 502 5470 4197), or email:

Prayer requests: continued financial support, and for funds for all of the medications, blood work, and tests needed for
patients, as well as funds for the children we continue to support, and balancing ministry with our new marriage, for spiritual
protection, health, and safety. We have been hit hard recently with illnesses and spiritual attacks. It’s been a struggle and
constant battle

Commission to Every Nation

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