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6/20/2018 Torsion in Buildings ­ Software Issues ­ Structural Engineering Forum Of Pakistan

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Expert Opinion Is required

By illounist
can you  guys please check my...

reinforced concrete longitudinal rebar …
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in general placement of rebar, i...

Torsional irregularity of Buildings usin…

By chasm9a

Torsion in Buildings  Sign in to follow this   Followers 0 is there any need of shear wall to the
top-left side of this building since...
By Kasim, May 21, 2016 in Software Issues
Torsion Design of Post-tensioned Gird…
By Ali Shan
 Can some body please give
reference regarding torsional...
Kasim Posted May 21, 2016 Report post 
2nd Lieutenant Torsion Reinforcing
 i have attached the photo of Modal mass participation Ratio of the Model, is The By Hassangrewal
first mode is Torsional? As the RZ is 0.19 of the mass, and Can we allow Torsion in How torsion reinforcing area of steel
first mode?  will be inserted in beam ? 

and is the First or the 2nd mode is the Fundamental one? Torsion Calculation And Redistribution
By Ram Krishna Adhikari
Hello everyone!!
I have tried to understood the every...
21 posts
Location: peshawar Eccentricity Values In Etabs
University: UET Peshawar By Suhail Gul
Employer: Professionals What should i put eccentriccity
values in EQX-eccy and EQY-eccx?

Torsion: Reinforced Concrete Members

By UmarMakhzumi
*SEFP Consistent Design*
*Torsion: Reinforced Concrete...
Grand Serenaa Ocean Spray Le Pondy The Windflower… Rkn Hotel Le Dupleix Alps Residency

Rs.3,289 Rs.8,214 Rs.8,892 Rs.8,609 Rs.5,000 Rs.7,368 Rs.2,013 Trosional Rebars For Edge Beam
By Khalid Iqbal
Kasim Posted May 25, 2016 Report post  Hi,
2nd Lieutenant What is the logic of not calculating...
 @Rana Waseem   @UmarMakhzumi  need your Help as this is My Final year project ,

Check For Weak Story In 8

Member By Areeb
8 Started May 13
21 posts
Location: peshawar Deflection 7
University: UET Peshawar By Hamza Ahmad
Employer: Professionals
Started June 12

Eccentricity 0
Rana Posted May 26, 2016 Report post  By saroj khanal
Colonel Started Friday at 04:35 AM
Important Information
 1. Yes we can allow torsion or anything in a building as long as you are designing
  I accept
By using this site, you agree to our Terms
for thatof(uneconomical).
Use and Guidelines. Need a job 1­torsion­in­buildings/ 1/4
6/20/2018 Torsion in Buildings ­ Software Issues ­ Structural Engineering Forum Of Pakistan
2. Fundamental mode? What is a fundamental mode? A mode with highest mass By imranjam
participation. Started June 10

3. Why you are just looking at Rz in first mode?

From the table you attached, in my opinion; Grid Editing problem in etabs 0
By 3C-Career Cornerstone
First mode = Mode2 of ETABS with 54.56% mass participation in X direction. Center Engineering &
 929
(T=0.553s) Research
931 posts
Location: - Started June 14
University: - Second mode = Mode3 of ETABS with 36.33% mp, rotation in Z direction
Employer: - (T=0.505s) Deflection Control 3
By Nasir Malhi
Third mode = Mode1 of ETABS with 34.75% mp in Y direction (T=0.586s) Started January 21, 2016

Remember that ETABS lists mode based on descending order of T and not mass
Insertion Points for Shell 5
participation but in my opinion we should sort modes based on mp. Moreover, You
Elements in SAP 2000
have to check that modes are not "CLOSELY SPACED". That means, if you look at T By hali
above, you will find that translational modes (T=0.553 & 0.505s) are very close to Started January 13
torsional mode (T=0.586s). This is bad. Try changing configuration of your
building. You can still continue designing like that but ofcourse its more
economical (bad design). LATEST FORUM AND CLUB POSTS

Check For Weak Story In ETABS
From the data you provided, it looks like your building is undergoing By Zain Saeed · Posted 9 hours ago

translational+rotational in a complex way all at once. The shape, geometry, Thanks .. So for the weak storey, the
configuration of shear walls etc is not regular or you are trying to model a very stiff method mentioned in earlier posts of
and very flexible elements together like a concrete basement supporting a light Mam Fatima  i.e finding flexural

steel roof/canopy. strength of column/wall and dividing it

by their length is ok ??

By Hamza Ahmad · Posted Monday at
Kasim Posted May 26, 2016 Report post  06:28 PM

2nd Lieutenant Need your guidance is i have taken

 Thank you Waseem Sir, This is A four Storey Building having Basement Shear walls loads correct .. beam as 14' apart, slab
and Having Two Elevators Which  are not Symetric about X Axis, Will make it thickness = 8". Column dimension (30"
symetric and then will hear from you, circular column), Beam Depth 55"x18"
(and sir did etabs includes slab
thinkness in beam during analysis ) ??

Rana reacted to this Deflection

By Hamza Ahmad · Posted Monday at
21 posts 06:25 PM
Location: peshawar Sir sir one question it
University: UET Peshawar necessary to take stiffness modifiers ??
Employer: Professionals
as I notice by not taking
stiffness modifier will increase
reinforcement in beam and decrease in
UmarMakhzumi Posted May 27, 2016 Report post  Column ?? in my case I am working...
 I will just add to what Rana has said.  Deflection
By BAZ · Posted Monday at 05:19 PM
To control torsion, the best thing you could do is to have new shear walls at
Yes, you can. You can also design it for
perimeter of your building. They would add the most value interns of controlling
2500-2700 psi and specify 3000 psi.

By Hamza Ahmad · Posted Sunday at
06:29 PM
 950 1
But sir my question is should we take
1,152 posts Kasim reacted to this 3000 psi during the analysis and design
Location: Canada
stage in etabs or not ?? what is
University: NUST, U of A
common practice ?? 
Employer: SEFP

By BAZ · Posted Sunday at 10:05 AM
Kasim Posted May 28, 2016 Report post 
Wind loads will not govern if it is RCC
2nd Lieutenant
structure, Seismic loads will be enough.
 Manana   @UmarMakhzumi
3000 psi is not difficult to achieve.
By saroj khanal · Posted Friday at 11:35
1 AM
Important Information UmarMakhzumi reacted to this
How to make safe from
 eccentricity,
I accept If
By using this site,
Memberyou agree to our Terms of Use and Guidelines. my design crossed eccentricity limit in­torsion­in­buildings/ 2/4
6/20/2018 Torsion in Buildings ­ Software Issues ­ Structural Engineering Forum Of Pakistan
8 Period Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum every time?
21 posts Case Mode UX UY UZ RX RY RZ
Location: peshawar Deflection
University: UET Peshawar
By Hamza Ahmad · Posted Friday at
Employer: Professionals
05:09 AM

Thank you so much for your reply...i

have few other questions?? 1) Should
Ussama Waseem Posted November 29, 2016 Report post 
we consider a wind load effects on a
2nd Lieutenant structure to be constructed on Hilly
 This topic is very informative. Thanks for the replies. But I think I am lagging
area(Daman-e-koh Islamabad) and it's
interpreting the table. I have the following table and cant interpret. Can anybody
just single story HALL (102' x 55'...
help what does the table say and how does it effect the design?
Period Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum
Case Mode UX UY UZ RX RY RZ By Ayesha · Posted Thursday at 04:33
Modal 1 0.719 0.3 0.1009 0 0.3 0.1009 0 0.0699 0.2062 0.2 0.0699 0.2062 0.2
Member You should keep things simple. Just
0 Modal 2 0.702 0.0932 0.5007 0 0.3932 0.6015 0 0.3481 0.064 0.0103 0.418 0.2702 0.2102
use rectangular section as it is more
7 posts Modal 3 0.642 0.2212 0.0081 0 0.6144 0.6096 0 0.0056 0.1487 0.3996 0.4237 0.4189 0.6099
Location: Sydney
Modal 4 0.217 0.0267 0.0377 0 0.6411 0.6473 0 0.0578 0.0441 0.0252 0.4814 0.463 0.6351
University: University of
Modal 5 0.212 0.036 0.0492 0 0.6771 0.6965 0 Need a job
0.0752 0.0581 0.0039 0.5566 0.5211 0.639
Technology, Sydney
By UmarMakhzumi · Posted Thursday
Modal 6 0.196 0.029 0.0037 0 0.7061 0.7002 0 0.0057 0.0445 0.0628 0.5623 0.5655 0.7018
at 04:29 PM
Modal 7 0.119 0.0042 0.0131 0 0.7103 0.7133 0 0.007 0.0025 0.0103 0.5693 0.5681 0.7121
@EngrUzair, @waqar saleem and @BAZ
Modal 8 0.114 0.0163 0.0097 0 0.7267 0.723 0 0.0055 0.0096 0.0007 0.5747 0.5777 0.7128
can help.
Modal 9 0.108 0.0074 0.0037 0 0.734 0.7267 0 0.0022 0.0043 0.0177 0.577 0.5819 0.7305
1.318E- 2.301E-
Modal 10 0.092 0.0046 0 0.734 0.7313 0 0.0072 0.0021 0.5842 0.582 0.7326
05 05
Modal 11 0.038 0.2543 0.0002 0 0.9883 0.7315 0 0.0004 0.3844 0.0005 0.5846 0.9663 0.7331
Modal 12 0.037 0.0021 0.0009 0 0.9904 0.7324 0 0.0025 0.0032 0.5871 0.9695 0.7331

Rana Posted November 29, 2016 Report post 

 1. Increase modes from 12 to have SumRx more than 90%.


first mode is translation in x plus some torsion.

second mode is pure translation y.

third mode is torsional + x-translation.

 929
931 posts
Location: -
it appears that you have irregularities in x direction (CM and CR are at different
University: -
Employer: -

UmarMakhzumi reacted to this

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6/20/2018 Torsion in Buildings ­ Software Issues ­ Structural Engineering Forum Of Pakistan

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Dear All, Hi guys just to discuss with you my

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The forum has been updated today with a lot Environmental structures according to ACI. 
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Shear wall design ... ...
farooqbro posted a topic in Concrete Design,
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i am facing problems in shear wall design

.what are the pier and spandral ?what will be...

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waqar saleem, May 31 UmarMakhzumi, March 21 UmarMakhzumi

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