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Volcano Activity Learning Groups

For this activity you will work in a group of up to four students. Each group will
create a poster showing the parts of a volcano. When you have completed all of
the steps below, use the attached rubric to self-assess your group’s work.

Use Encarta or the Internet to discover what each of your volcano vocabulary
words means and where on a volcano it is located.

2. Using a sheet of poster board and class art supplies, draw a volcano and
clearly label each part. You may also use any art materials to add interest to
your poster.

3. Word process a one page report using your volcano vocabulary that
explains what happens when a volcano erupts.

4. Turn in your research, poster, and report at the Science Center when you
are finished.

Volcano Activity Rubric

Grading Needs Below Average Above Excellent
Dimension Improvement Average Average

Research Little effort Some effort Adequate Good effort Excellent

made to made to find effort made made to research with
research topic: and use for research and all data
Inaccurate accurate researching find accurate accurate and
findings data the topic data complete

Accuracy Poster and Poster and Poster and All items in Basic and
report do not report have report poster and extended
correctly some factual correctly report facts includes
reflect basic inaccuracies represent accurate with with complete
facts basic facts additional accuracy as
information to detail

Complete Elements of Occasional Report and Report and Report and

report and omissions poster poster include poster include
poster missing from report completed some extended
and/or as required information information
poster beyond

Presentation Poor, difficult Somewhat Acceptable Poster and Clear, correct

to read poster difficult to presentation report are poster and
and/or report read poster on poster clear and report with
elements and report: and report correct with extra
missing Mostly some extras elements