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Sandowne Elementary

By Danica Farrell

SET BC project 2017-2018

** All images included are creative commons licensed for re use.

Project Goal:
Develop self-identity within a
community of learners framework.
Anticipated classroom
22 students.

Grade 1 and 2.

Diverse learning needs.

Chronic health

Variety of learning
The set of abilities

Personal and that relate to

students’ identity

in the world, both
as individuals and
as members of their

Competency community and

The team
The School District 72, Sandowne Elementary School Team

Danica Radil Karen Beck Lori Elphick TIna Gordon

Classroom teacher. Learning Support Sandowne Elementary
Sandowne Elementary,
B.Ed. ECE. OLT Teacher. B.Ed. School Admin. M.Ed.
School Admin, M.Ed.
diploma, M.Ed Former classroom Team taught with
Principal of
candidate. teacher and BIG Danica in 2016/2017.
believer in meeting
the needs of all of
our learners.
The team continued...
The School District 72, Sandowne Elementary School Team

Rod Beavis Amanda Schulz Carla Takach Gina Farrell

District Technology District Literacy Classroom teacher.
Classroom teacher.
Instructional and Instructional B.Ed. OLT diploma,
Support Teacher Support teacher. M.Ed candidate.
diploma, M.Ed
Classroom teacher. M.Ed. Classroom
B.Ed. Teacher
How it works
Step 3
Step 2 Implement the project
using the technology
Step 1 Team meeting.
provided. Assessment
Apply for the of the project is
Plan the project
project. ongoing.
for the 2017/2018
school year.
Project was
How it works continued...
Step 6
Step 5 Assessment of the
project. Where do we
Step 4 Support from team
go next? What could
Project have gone better? What
informs next
Implementation. would we change?
steps for the
Project started.
The technology:
10 iPads and 1 Projector
Explain Everything and Pictello
Also used: APple classroom
Project Community of Learners
Students will be
introduced to some
children’s literature
which has a focus on
identity and self. I
would like to explore
the idea of identity and
self over time. I see
the project looking like
students writing
personal memoirs during
the year while working Memoir
in our Community of
Learners setting.
Why now?
Big Ideas in the new curriculum.
-Everyone has a unique story to share.

Students will develop a sense of identity as both individuals and as

members of their community when they participate in a community of
learners model of writing.
WHat Happened?
What did we do?
The technology was introduced to students one app at a time. The first piece of
learning was around digital citizenship. From there we started using pictello to
create stories. We had support from our district IST to create stories using our
storytelling kits. These included puppets and materials to make physical spaces.
Students needed to work in partners to create stories.
We progressed to making stop motion animations with our TIST.
We used the iPads for math practice using PRODIGY.
Students then progressed and used Pictello to create stories about
themselves. These stories are still a work in progress, as students
navigate the writing and then editing components to their
Students learned to use the scholantis app to record themselves
reading. They used the scholantis app to upload their reading in
an audio format, as well as their finished evaluations.
Students used the ipads to try a new to us hands on game called OSMO.
On my previous blog posts you can
see the children’s stories, as well as
the resources that we used to create
their personal stories.
● Receiving the technology after startup made the introduction a little more rocky
than it could have been.
● The apps were very text heavy for younger students this was very challenging.
● Team meetings that were all audio based, and that were all structured the same did
not leave room for much teacher growth through them.
● Little training for the apps made it so that it was up to teachers to learn, teach and
then synthesize on their own.
● Some student driven choice writing through the app PICTELLO.
● Independence.
● Reading conferences self recorded.
● Digital literacy.
● Interest in students towards publishing own writing.
● Support of students who have written output struggles.
● Increased learning about technology and how it may be implemented in
face to face primary classrooms.
● Do smaller projects along the way rather than a big project at the end.
● Team up with a school doing a similar project.
● In the future, 2 classrooms at one school BOTH having a project would facilitate
collaboration and further learning.
● Give the technology in may of the year before so that teachers can get comfortable
with it over the summer.
● SET BC to provide training opportunities for apps that they are providing.