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4 Types of Measuring Instruments and Its Features

There is an array of instruments or devices which are customary measure the flow of liquids
and gases. Some of the measuring instruments can also be customary control the flow of steam
and gases. In most of the industrial plants, it is associated with measure the flow of liquids. The
flow rate in the devices is often determined every change in prime mover or the liquid velocity.

The primary devices are basically classified into two types which include the flumes and the
weirs. It is affiliated with choose these devices by the minimum and maximum flow rate
expected in a particular area. Weirs are made of aluminum or fiberglass and it is often built
across an open channel like a dam. The liquid flows through an opening. It is one of the oldest
measuring devices as it is simple in structure and easy to maintain. It is also less expensive
compared to the other types of devices.
Flume is another primary device which alters the channel area with its channel restrictions. This
simple alteration increases the level and the velocity of the fluid.

The secondary devices are mainly accustomed measure the variations in the fluid level. The
different types of secondary measuring devices include the floats and the capacitance probe.
The capacitance probe is a device which determines the variations in the liquid through the
electrical conductivity.

Floats are among the most commonly used secondary devices as it is easily available and
affordable. However, today there are more accurate devices for example the ultrasonic sensors
which conceivable commonplace measures the flow of liquid accurately.

Velocity Flow Meters: It is mainly common measure the speed of the flow in various areas of a
system. Various types of velocity flow meters are used to measure the flow in household
applications such as central ac systems, heating and ventilation systems.

Mass Flow Meter: These meters perchance used to measure the mass flow without using any
type of obstruction in the flow path. These meters are available in two forms which include the
coriolis and the thermal flow meter.

Positive Displacement Flow Meter: These flow meters use rotors to measure the flow of liquid.
It includes high precision. The rotors turn considering the flow of the liquid. The flow is
measured by calculating the speed of the rotors and notwithstanding liquid made to arrive each
turn of the rotor. Some of the modern devices use electrical signals to indicate the speed of the

Differential Pressure Flow Meters: This device calculates the flow contained in each the
pressure drop of the liquid which do the obstruction especially inserted into the flow. It is
mostly accurate for high-pressure systems. Most of the industries use flow nozzles to measure
the flow of air and gases.

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