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Instrumentation and Controls

V-ICIS Varco Integrated Control and Information System

Instrumentation and ControlsControl and Information System
Redundant console capabilities (consoles mirror
V-ICIS Varco Integrated

Varco’s Integrated Control and Information System, ■

V-ICIS™, is the premier supervisory control and infor- each other in function)
mation solution for drilling operations. By design, ■ Redundant network supports connectivity paths
V-ICIS is a high-availability system that centralizes the for V-ICIS to Equipment Control System commu-
monitoring, command, and management of automated nication
drilling equipment provided by Varco, partner compa- ■ Support for redundant power feeds
nies, and third parties into an efficient drilling operation ■ Redundant touch screen displays on each V-ICIS
environment. Operators manage the rig’s drilling pro- Console
cesses from ergonomically designed Driller/ Assistant ■ Redundant power supplies for Console Remote
Driller workstation consoles equipped with a combina- I/O, V-ICIS Network Switch, and the V-ICIS VSR
tion of touchscreen terminals, console based control ■ Ability to operate equipment from a standing or
switches, and joysticks. sitting position.
These “built-in” features are driving the standards
V-ICIS’s measure of high-availability is supported
that make V-ICIS the platform of choice for the future
through redundancy and the use of fault tolerant com-
of drilling process automation.
ponents. Supporting this strategy is a robust and fault
tolerant V-ICIS Network Switch that interconnects
industrial grade computers (running the V-ICIS Applica-
tion Software), and a redundant/hot fail-over PLC sys-
tem (the Varco Signal Router - VSR) that integrates the
V-ICIS Operator Workstation consoles with the rig’s
drilling control systems. The redundant architecture
and use of fault tolerant components ensure that the
V-ICIS system is available and ready to work when you
Additional features within the V-ICIS platform include
(but are not limited to):

Instrumentation and Controls

V-ICIS Varco Integrated Control and Information System

V-ICIS integrates the control of the

following drilling systems using
joysticks and touchscreens for
operator interface:
■ Automated Drilling Equipment
■ Top Drives
■ Pipe Handling Equipment
■ Iron Roughnecks
■ Pressure Control
■ Choke
■ Diverter
■ Automated Mud Systems
■ Automated Fluid Transfer Systems
■ Automated Mud Chemical Dosing Systems
■ Shaker Load Control Systems
■ Drawworks
■ SCR and VFD Controls
■ Drilling Information Systems
■ Other Equipment (e.g., Bulk Tank Control
■ Customer-Defined Controls and Interfaces
These options contribute to V-ICIS’s ability to handle
not only the integration and control tasks of today, but
also to accommodate the extended automation
V-ICIS also offers several options that extend the base requirements of tomorrow.
capabilities of the package even further. The following The ability to quickly integrate a multitude of drilling
is a partial list of current options offered: systems, and the ergonomic designs of the V-ICIS
■ Support for Varco’s e-Drill Service Center that al- platform, stems from Varco’s V-ICIS development
lows Varco specialists remote access to equipment team. Personnel and design expertise from all Varco
control systems for diagnosing issues relating to disciplines, including rig floor handling equipment,
rig processes or equipment operations. hoisting and rotating equipment, pressure control,
■ V-ICIS Event Recorder supports requirements for drilling fluid control, and data acquisition/control, are
the on-site data storage of data managed within combined and dedicated to ensure a solution that
the V-ICIS system. meets and often exceeds industry requirements.
■ Additional HMIs for the V-ICIS Workstations Varco’s V-ICIS development and project teams work
■ Additional Consoles supporting Pipe Deck opera- closely with the client in all technical design phases.
tions or “Dual Derrick” operations And as with all Varco products, V-ICIS carries with it
■ Front Entry Consoles for the greater line of sight Varco’s reputation and commitment to not only
requirements associated with elevated operator develop new technology, but to stand by the customer
cabins after installation and ensure that the technology per-
210 ■ Client workstations for the company man, tool forms as intended and continues to provide the bene-
pusher, and others requiring knowledge of current fits expected.
■ Remote touchscreen operator workstations that
distribute V-ICIS capabilities to any location on the
Instrumentation and Controls

Integrated Drilling Systems

Driller’s houses and labs have all systems connections

Integrated Drilling Systems

Custom Solutions
M/D Totco’s decades of experience on newbuild and (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.) located in one
retrofit projects will benefit your next job. Our project service panel to facilitate and simplify rig-up after
teams of engineers and designers work to stringent arrival at the yard or drilling location.
drilling console and driller’s house design standards to
create efficient, effective solutions to size and space
constraints. During the design process, we pay partic-
ular attention to “the human engineering factor” to
create workstations that enable operators to direct
their full attention to the task of drilling.
Our commitment to the planning and design of your
custom console or driller’s house simplifies the inte-
gration of M/D Totco products with specialized equip-
ment from third-party vendors. Instrumentation, SCR
panels, pipe handling, and top drive controls are posi-
tioned logically, providing intuitive information and
control systems that reduce distractions, stress and

Line of sight studies are critical design elements of

all driller’s house designs

M/D Totco consoles, driller’s houses and laboratories

are built to last. Console enclosures are manufactured
from 304 CRES steel for maximum durability in corro-
sive offshore environments. Houses and labs are
painted and finished to your exact specifications.
Scheduled quality inspections, plus a final functional
test of all electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems
insure that your project will perform as specified. Strict
adherence to accepted design principles, and use of
I.S. devices or purging where appropriate, assure that
M/D Totco designs meet or exceed domestic and inter-
Driller’s V-ICIS workstation overlooks well center and rig national standards for hazardous area use.
floor activity.

Accelerate the commissioning of large projects with a

unitized driller’s house or laboratory. Designed to your
specifications, unitized houses and labs are delivered
to the rig as complete modules. All instrumentation,
monitoring, analysis, and control systems are com- 211
pletely installed and functionally tested. Environmen-
tal systems (HVAC), communication equipment, third
party equipment, window guards, window wipers/
washing systems can be included to further simplify
set-up. Laboratories are equipped with the MWD,
analysis and logging instrumentation that you specify.
Instrumentation and Controls

Integrated Drilling Systems

Standardized Consoles M/D Totco offers “configure to order” standard con-

The M/D Totco line of standardized driller’s consoles sole designs using many off-the-shelf components
includes single, double and triple bay arrangements. selected for the specific application's requirements.
Instrumentation can be selected in a variety of config- Production and delivery leadtimes are dramatically
urations using proven M/D Totco gauges to measure reduced. Some CTO consoles can be delivered in as
critical rigsite weight, force, pressure and speed little as 2-3 weeks.
parameters. Advanced MudWatch, Spectrum and We take quality seriously. Regularly scheduled inspec-
RigSense System displays are offered for those requir- tions and comprehensive final testing ensure that your
ing expanded information monitoring and analysis. console will perform as specified.
Choose from a broad selection of gauges, controls and Be it a standard driller’s console or a comprehensive
data acquisition devices to measure and control: interface, M/D Totco is uniquely positioned to provide
■ Bit and hook weight, ROP and depth instrumentation and control solutions to the drilling
■ Rotary RPM and torque industry. Whether you are refurbishing an existing land
■ Pump pressure and speed rig or planning a newbuild deepwater drillship, we can
■ Mud gain/loss and flow outfit you with a system to fit your exact needs.
■ Mud temperature and density
■ Total hydrocarbon gas, as well as many other
important rig parameters


Typical 3-bay Driller’s Console integrates standard analog instruments with

sophisticated digital displays
Instrumentation and Controls

RigSense™ Wellsite Information System

RigSense™ Wellsite Information System

You wanted a system that was easy to we All of these capabilities are available to any NT Tracer
made it that way! You demanded simplicity, and simple on the RigSense system, any time! NT Tracer displays
it is! You needed productivity features, things like nota- are certified for hazardous areas and can be located
tion, messaging, remote data transfer and communica- anywhere you need access to rig information.
tion! Ease of use and adaptability isn’t limited to the drill
Introducing RigSense – the highly advanced, yet floor either! The same functionality available to the
amazingly easy to use drilling instrumentation system driller is available to the drilling engineer, rig supervisor
from M/D Totco. RigSense combines reliable comput- and other key rig personnel. RigSense workstations
ers, advanced wireless networking and a state-of-the- can be located virtually anywhere around the rig to
art display to provide drillers and other key personnel provide the same consistent, high quality information
around the rigsite instant access to critical drilling data. to the company man, tool pusher and mud engineer.
RigSense reaches far beyond current instrumentation, RigSense includes productivity features to increase the
displays and drilling recorders with its touchscreen, NT efficiency of your rig and crew. Its messaging capabil-
TracerTM multifunction display. Much more than just a ity allows personnel to communicate easily between
drillfloor monitor, NT Tracer allows the driller to config- the drillfloor and onsite trailers. Scheduled messaging
ure screens to display drilling information that best can function as a convenient reminder for equipment
suits his needs. NT Tracer allows data to be viewed maintenance, drilling fluid treatments, or other time
numerically or in graphs. Alarm conditions are indi- sensitive events. And, RigSense data transfer enables
cated by a readily identifiable red background; alarm datasharing with remotely located well team members
parameters are easily modified for changing conditions as well as remote troubleshooting.
and rig activity. RigSense — it’s the right choice to make when you
With the touch of a finger, NT Tracer becomes a dog- need accurate, reliable drilling information. To find
house recorder. Taking the place of old-fashioned pen out more about how RigSense can improve your drill- 213
and paper recorders, NT Tracer records all rig activity ing operations contact your nearest M/D Totco repre-
for up to 100 days. Records are searchable and can be sentative.
viewed at a variety of resolutions. NT Tracer also func-
tions as an interface, allowing rig personnel to access
historical information, make notations and send mes-
sages to communicate with other displays on the rig.
Instrumentation and Controls

RigSense™ Wellsite Information System

RigSense drill recorder screens are scrollable and EZ view screens can display up to 25 channels.
permit replacement of labor intensive pen and ink They can be configured to display only the specific
drilling recorders. data needed for a particular rig operation.

RigSense Screens
Feature Benefits
Touchscreen rig floor display certified for
Simple, functional operator interface visible in all lighting, giving Driller convenient access
Class I, Div. 2, Groups C, D hazardous
to all wellsite information
Critical drilling data and events given a depth reference. (Appropriate data is stored by
depth, depth reference given for critical data. Correlates with other depth based data
Time and depth based plots sources such as wireline logs, MWD, cores and well tests. Identify drilling breaks and for-
mation changes, tight hole problems, formation characteristics, lost circulation zones, bit
One-second data sample rate High-resolution record of drilling events
Automatic pipe tally Eliminates manual strapping of pipe
EDMS (Electronic Depth Measurement
Accurate depth information at all times, automatic bit tracking
ROP gas / lag gas Accurate analysis of drilling breaks and gas in drilling fluid
Data extraction Share well information with other analysis programs, third parties
Data archiving Convenient and accurate history for well planning, analysis
Facilitates communication with other wellsite personnel and acts as a scheduled task re-
Messaging / scheduled message
Sample Tracking / Messaging Assists wellsite personnel and geologists in tracking samples
Analytical and engineering software applications can be added to suit the needs of the
Wireless / fiber optic network allows operator displays and workstations installed virtually
Multiple displays and workstations
anywhere, providing consistent, high quality information to all wellsite personnel
214 Windows NT platform Robust, reliable operating system
Accepts input from multiple data sources, System designed for easy integration with third party service providers and supports
e.g. WITS, OPC WITS level 0 I/O
Remote troubleshooting capability Reduced costs through remote dial-up for system maintenance and troubleshooting
Remote dial-up capability Access real-time wellsite data from any remote location
Instrumentation and Controls

Data Acquisition — Warehousing

Data Acquisition — Warehousing

Data Warehousing with satellite communication

dish installed on location

M/D Totco clients using the advanced RigSenseTM data

acquisition system now have more options than ever.
By utilizing our VSAT satellite communication system,
they can have all their data and reports sent into a cen-
tral data warehouse repository. RigSense data and
reports can be uploaded on a regular schedule starting
with 1-hour intervals.
The application, located at http://, allows Operators and Contractors
the ability to store and view RigSense data as well as
reports regarding the wells and rigs pertaining to their
particular operations. Clients’ data and reports are eas-
ily accessible through our secure web site via any 215
Internet connection using standard web browsers and
password protected login techniques. The application
also allows clients to share this data in a concise and
organized manner with other users within or without
their organization.
Instrumentation and Controls

Data Acquisition — Reporting

Data Acquisition — Reporting

Managers no longer have to wait to find out the status As a user, you create your own profile
of their wells or rigs. Anytime, day or night, you can that defines which reports you want to see. As reports
log into and view the latest RigSense data are completed at the rig site, they are uploaded to
to find out the exact status of your rigs’ current oper- from where they are e-mailed to you at
216 ations, as well as the Hole Depth, Hookload, Pump your office automatically. You even have a choice of
Pressure, Rotary Torque, Rotary RPM, or any parame- PDF or ASCII file formats. In addition to the satellite
ter that you want monitored. You have the comfort of communication package, we provide e-mail service to
knowing that each morning you no longer have to wait Rig Managers and Company Men so that they may
on your reports to be faxed into your office. Electronic more easily stay in touch with their office or other ser-
versions of the approved IADC report as well as vice providers.
morning reports, payroll reports, mud reports and
safety reports, among others, are available through
Instrumentation and Controls

Data Acquisition and Display

Mud Watch™
Data Acquisition and Display

Large-scale liquid crystal displays present drilling M/D Totco’s standard mud monitoring system provides
parameter data in both digital and analog formats. accurate, up-to-the-second information on critical drill-
This highly efficient, space-saving alternative to con- ing fluid parameters during drilling, tripping, and other
ventional analog hydraulic and electronic display sys- mud-sensitive rig activities.
tems is certified EEX ia IIB T4 for hazardous area use Mud Watch supplies rig personnel with important cir-
and can be configured to meet numerous input culation system values and relative alarm point set-
parameter requirements. tings in a rugged, compact display unit designed for
use on the rig floor. The system’s large-scale LCDs
allow easy viewing of information in all light condi-
tions. Using the integral keypad, alarm points, alarm
acknowledgment, and display operation parameters,
such as active pits and pumps, can be easily set or
modified when drilling conditions or rig operations
Mud Watch replaces conventional MVC, MFC, TTC, and
E-Mud systems. It saves space, reduces rig-up
expense and eliminates the need for complicated,
costly purging equipment.
Mud Watch monitors mud tank volume and deviation,
trip tank volume, return flow, mud pump SPM, and
total strokes from a variety of sensor input types
Spectrum technology offers complete integration of
all important drilling parameters into a compact (including voltage, current, and pulse).
driller’s display panel

Flexibility is designed into the Spectrum display sys-

tem. Should changes in operating conditions necessi-
tate a change in the mix of monitored parameters, a
simple lens change and software upgrade enable the
display to accommodate different sensor data received
from the DAQ data acquisition unit. The driller has full
control over all alarm setpoints as well as channel scal-
ing through the numeric keypad. Displays can be spec-
ified with backlighting should operating conditions
■ Large LCD displays easily viewed in direct sunlight
■ Optional backlighting available for nighttime view- Standard backlighting offers superior visibility in
ing all conditions
■ Display certified EEX ia IIB T4 for hazardous area
Mud Watch signals are processed by the TOTAL Data
Acquisition Unit (DAQ), then transmitted through a
Compatible with all standard sensor inputs

■ Audible and visual alarms
communication network to the display. Information 217
can be interfaced to PCs for remote display, archiving,
■ Operator inputs from integral keypad
and printing.
■ Ideal for system retrofits
Mud Watch supplies a user-definable channel and the
ability to activate audible alarms and drive chart
Instrumentation and Controls

Data Acquisition and Display

Drill Watch™ of sensor input types, including voltage, current, and

M/D Totco’s Drill Watch System provides accurate pulse. Signals are processed by a TOTAL DAQ data
information on critical drilling and fluid parameters acquisition unit and transmitted on the communication
during drilling, tripping, and other sensitive rig activi- network to the display. If desired, information can be
ties. Utilizing large- scale, easily readable liquid crystal interfaced to a personal computer for remote display,
displays, Drill Watch supplies rig personnel with impor- archiving, and printing.
tant drilling and circulation system values and relative The compact size of the Drill Watch display panel
alarm point settings in a rugged, compact, stainless makes it ideal for use as an entry-level TOTAL product
steel display unit designed for use on the rig floor. and can easily be integrated into a console or panel
Backlighted LCDs allow easy viewing of information in containing other instrumentation or control systems.
all light conditions. Using the integral keypad, alarm
■ Compact system displays all the primary drilling
points, alarm acknowledgment, and display operation
parameters such as active tanks, lines strung, gain/
■ Simple operator interface
loss, top drive/rotary table gear select, trip mode, and
■ Full audio and visual alarm points set by
ROP status can easily be set or modified when drilling
conditions or rig operations change.
■ Large LCD displays with backlighting for all viewing
Drill Watch monitors hook load and bit weight, stand- conditions
pipe pressure, RPM and torque, depth of hole, total ■ Display certified EEX ia IIB T4 for hazardous area
active mud volume, gain/loss, individual and totalized use
SPM from three pumps, and return flow from a variety


Data Watch panels are easily integrated to Driller’s console designs

Instrumentation and Controls

Data Acquisition — System 2000

Data Acquisition — System 2000

System 2000 from M/D Totco is a line of special

application field programmable data acquisition sys-
tems, adaptable to numerous monitoring needs. Sys-
tems are designed for high reliability in difficult and
hazardous environments.
Various analog bar graph and digital display screens
are available and configured by the customer. Analog
bar graphs are horizontal with adjustable scales.

LM-2000 Line Monitor System

Typical Applications:
■ BT-2000 Bulk Tank Load Indicator
Monitor up to four tanks, depending upon tank de-
sign, using load pins or compression load cells
■ CI-2000 Crane Load Indicator
Measures and displays load, boom angle, and ra- All sytems are available with extreme environment
stainless steel enclosures
dius of up to three falls
■ LM-2000 Line Monitor Standard Features include:
Measures tension, footage, and speed in any on-
shore or offshore winching application, including ■ UL Certified, Class I, Division 2
oceanographic winches, seismic streamer and gun ■ NEMA 4 Panel Mount, Dash Mount
arrays, towed mine sweepers, and others ■ 4 Current Analog Inputs or 4 Strain Gage Inputs
■ MV-2000 Mud Volume Monitor ■ 1 Pulse Sensor Input
Monitors and displays individual and total mud vol- ■ Operator selectable engineering units from pre-
umes in up to four mud tanks defined list
■ PI-2000 Pressure Indicator ■ Networking — up to 16 nodes per network
Monitors pressure, volume and rate on pumping ■ Operator selectable screens
units ■ Reset and Preset functions for counters
■ TM-2000 Ton Mile Indicator ■ Bar graph scaling
Configurable screens
Calculates and displays accumulated ton miles ■
■ 4 alarm setpoints per input channel
■ WL-2000 Wireline Monitor
Measures and displays weight, depth and speed ■ Any alarms source can be assigned to any or all 4
for electric wireline winches relays
■ Analog and / or serial output modules available
■ Diagnostics.
Instrumentation and Controls

Data Acquisition — System 2000

Display: Sensor excitation:

■ Graphic LCD (240 x 128 pixels) ■ 24 V supply available for each current loop input
■ Backlight color (red/green), backlight brightness, and each analog output (max.170 mA total for all
LCD contrast are adjustable via front panel combined)
■ Field scalable (full floating point), -999999 to ■ Aux. power supply of 5-24 V at 100 mA
9999999 (maximum 7 characters ■ 2.5, 5, and 10 VDC excitation (available on strain
including “-” and “.”) gage only)
■ Engineering units are field selectable from pre- Output options: (4 total)
defined list ■ Non-isolated 4-20 mA sourced (1 kW max. load)
■ Display resolution 1, 10, 100, 1000, 0.1, 0.01,
■ Non-isolated +/-10 VDC (5 mA max.)
0.001, 0.0001 (field selectable) ■ Ground isolated 2-wire 4-20 mA transmitter
■ Tri-color alarms status LED (green, amber, red)
Analog input: ■ Non-isolated RS232 or RS485 auxiliary communi-
■ Four each, 4-20 mA or strain gage cation (half-duplex)
■ Update Rate: 4 Hz, digitally filtered Alarms:
■ Resolution:
■ Four alarm setpoints (2 high, 2 low) for each dis-
Current Loop: 40,000 counts minimum played parameter
Strain Gage:100,000 counts typical ■ Industry standard plug-in relays
■ Accuracy: 0.01% FS typical (1 part in 10,000) at
■ Various contact configurations and ratings avail-
25º C able
■ Drift: 10-15 ppm/º C typical
■ Solid state or dry contacts
■ Input impedence:
■ Latching or non-latching (front panel programma-
Current Loop: 100 W (0.4 to 2.0 V loop drop) ble)
Strain Gage: Input current <10 nA ■ Failsafe or de-energized operations
Additional analog inputs available for custom appli-
■ More detailed specifications available upon request ■ Operating: -20º C to +55º C ambient (+70º C
Pulse input (counter):
■ Storage: -30º C to 80º C
■ One each quadrature input, activated by:
Input Power:
■ Switch closure pulling to ground (<3 V)
■ External voltage applied (12-24 V) ■ 12-24 VDC (10 W typical; 20 W max)
■ NAMUR proximity sensor Enclosure / Weight:
■ Bandwidth 10 KHz ■ Panel mount NEMA 4 / 3.5 lbs
■ Optional NEMA 4X dashmount kit/ 5 lbs
■ Optional stainless steel for extreme environments
/ 13 lbs

Instrumentation and Controls

Data Acquisition — Gas Monitoring

Data Acquisition — Gas Monitoring
Hydrocarbon gases absorb certain wavelengths of
infrared light. By comparing the levels of absorbed
and non-absorbed infrared beams reflected through
the sample, the microprocessor computes hydrocar-
bon concentrations within the sample and outputs a 4-
20 mA signal, corresponding to display values of 0-
5,000 units of total gas. There are no chemical reac-
tions involved — no possibility of sensor poisoning as
with other measurement techniques.
■ Highly accurate, full range infrared sensing tech-
■ Simple to install, setup, and maintain
■ Sensor pre-calibrated at factory — no tweaking
Gas Watch Sensing System ■ No chemical reaction in the sensor — no possibility
of sensor poisoning
Gas Watch™
A dependable and proven total gas sensing system, Specifications:
Gas Watch exploits the latest infrared technology to Dimensions
provide drillers with reliable combustible gas measure- ■ Control Unit: 14.1” W x 14.1” H x 5.8” D
ment information. Functioning as a primary sensor,
Gas Watch is easily added to all existing M/D Totco
data acquisition systems. ■ Control Unit: 20 lb

Fast, accurate entrained gas information is essential to Enclosure

well control and proper identification of production ■ 304 CRES, NEMA 4X (IP66)
zones. A sample rate of approximately 15 SCFH pro- Temperature
vides drillers with rapid identification of gas shows in ■ Operating -18º to +60º C
the return mud flow. A warning light at the sensor plus ■ Non-Operating -40º to +71º C
an indication on the NT TracerTM alert personnel if the Internal Humidity
sample flow is interrupted.
■ Operating 0-95% relative, non-condensing
Unlike conventional catalytic gas detectors, Gas Watch
requires no calibration and is not susceptible to poi-
■ Control Unit 108 - 132 VAC, 1 A max, 47 - 63 Hz
soning by contaminants. Source and detector aging is
■ Gas Trap Assembly w/ Electric Motor 120/240 VAC,
automatically compensated along with compensation
for the accumulation of dirt in the optical path. 60 Hz
The Gas Watch system continually extracts gaseous
samples from the drilling mud via a Gas Trap — a cylin- ■ Glycol Pot: 1 gallon
drical agitation chamber mounted at the mud tank. Infrared Sensor Assembly
One end of the trap is immersed in the mud to an opti- ■ Gases detected: Hydrocarbons C1 through C7
mum level, and the swirling motion of the internal ■ Range (C1): 0-100% by volume
mechanism draws mud through the chamber where a ■ Repeatability (C1): +/- 3% 221
slight vacuum provided by the control unit and ■ Zero Drift (C1): +/- 5% Non-accumulating
mechanical agitation releases entrained gases. Sam- ■ Span Drift (C1): +/- 5% Non-accumulating
ple gas is drawn from the trap through a glycol pot to ■ Output Signal: 4-20 mA into 800 ohm max
remove moisture. Within the Control Unit, it passes ■ Start-up delay: 30 Seconds
through an activated carbon purifier to absorb vapors, ■ Sample Flow Rate: 12 SCFM
aerosols, trace moisture, and particles larger than 0.5 ■ Response Time: T90 12 Seconds
micron before going into the infrared sensing module.
Instrumentation and Controls

Weight Indicator Systems

Standard features
Weight Indicator Systems

Anchor Type Weight Indicators

Accurate and reliable indications of hook load and ■ Unique friction-free diaphragm-type hydraulic load
weight on bit are essential to drillers for the efficient cell withstands the toughest drilling and environ-
control of ROP and hole direction. The hydraulic dead- mental conditions
line anchor type weight indicator is a standard of the ■ Complete with high pressure hose assembly and
industry, and M/D Totco weight indicators set the stan- disconnect fittings
dards for quality, accuracy, and reliability against which ■ Needle-type dampers to eliminate hydraulic shock
all others are judged. loads and extreme pointer oscillation during rough
M/D Totco has weight indicator models designed to drilling or jarring operations
■ 4:1 vernier movement for sensitive bit weight indi-
work in conjunction with all industry-standard deadline
anchors using either tension or compression hydraulic cations
load cells. Indicator systems are supplied as either
portable box-mount instrument systems or panel-
mounted as part of a driller’s console.
Each system accurately senses tension in the deadline
and uses this to indicate hook load and weight on bit.
Many models have separate pointers for both hook
load and weight on bit. In addition, integral circular
hydraulic recorders are also offered on several models.
Type 200, AWE-Series
■ For deadline loads to 200,000 lb
■ 10, 12, 14, and 16 lines strung,
■ E551 compression load cell,
■ 16” indicator
Type 150, AWE-Series
■ For deadline loads to 150,000 lb
■ 10, 12, 14, and 16 lines strung, Type EB Weight Indicator
■ E551 compression load cell, Type D, AW-Series
■ 16” dial indicator ■ For deadline loads to 50,000 lb
Type 125, AWE-Series ■ 6, 8, 10, and 12 lines strung,
■ For deadline loads to 125,000 lb ■ E543 compression load cell or
■ 10, 12, 14, and 16 lines strung, E80 Sensater tension load cell
■ E551 compression load cell, ■ 16” dial indicator
■ 16” dial indicator Type FS, AWA-Series
Type EB, AWE-Series ■ For deadline loads to 40,000 lb
■ For deadline loads to 100,000 lb ■ 4, 6, 8, and 10 lines strung,
■ 8, 10, 12, and 14 lines strung, ■ E542 compression load cell or
■ E551 compression load cell or E160A Sensater tension load cell,
E80 Sensater tension load cell, ■ 12” dial indicator with actual bit weight pointer or

222 ■ 16” dial indicator 8” fluid filled indicator with target pointer for bit
Type E, AWE-Series weight
■ For deadline loads to 75,000 lb
Type G, AWG-Series
■ 6, 8, 10, and 12 lines strung, ■ For deadline loads to 30,000 lb
■ E551 compression load cell or ■ 4, 6, and 8 lines strung,
E80 Sensater tension load cell, ■ E190A compression load cell,
■ 16” dial indicator ■ 12” dial indicator with target pointer
Instrumentation and Controls

Weight Indicator Systems

SUM-R-IZER™ Weight Indicator

Weight Indicator Systems

Deflection Type Weight Indicators

Clipper Sealtite Production Model AA15-Series AWT-Series
For simplified indication of total hook load on portable
■ Designed for small rigs or well service units
■ Portable unit can be set up near well operator or
mounted on mast or derrick ■ Pad type load cells detect mast loading under mast
■ Equipped with 10 different dials calibrated for jack screws independent of reeving configuration
number and size of lines strung in pounds, kilo- ■ Ideal for workover or double drum well service rigs
grams, or decaNewtons ■ 8 1/2” totalizer indicator available in capacities from
■ Completely calibrated and factory sealed for im- 120,000 to 360,000 pounds or metric equivalent
mediate installation and operation ■ Sum-R-Izer totalizer indicator uses M/D Totco’s
■ Adjustable dampers allow you to regulate the sen- unique Coaxial-Link assembly for better precision
sitivity of the pointer movements and reliability
■ Instrument has a vernier pointer with a 6:1 ratio, ■ Two pressure gauges monitor mast weight distri-
an important aid for such jobs as fishing bution for quick, accurate system installation
■ Load sensor diaphragm attaches easily to deadline ■ Indicator is fluid filled to diminish effects of shock
and accommodates 7/8” to 1 1/4” wire rope loads, pulsation, and vibrations
■ 48,000-pound maximum single line load with 1” ■ Adjustable target pointer can be used to pull to or
cable act as a reference to total load
■ 25-foot hose length is standard ■ Single cell systems available for gin pole

Clipper Sealtite Production Model AA15-Series

SUM-R-IZER Weight Indicator

Instrumentation and Controls

Specialty Sensors

Electronic Deadline Sensor

Specialty Sensors

Drilling success depends on dependable, consistent TCE-Series Line Tension Transducer
information from your rig sensors. That’s why it makes ■ 100,000 lb (45,360 kg) capacity
sense to use sensors from M/D Totco. With over 70 ■ Accurate strain gage measurement achieves 0.2%
years experience, M/D Totco’s sensors and transducers repeatability
are the best in the business for detecting wellsite ■ Designed for all deadline tension electronic sens-
pressures, rates and volumes. You can count on ing applications
M/D Totco sensors to perform in the toughest rig envi- ■ Simple clamp on design requires no deadline an-
ronments providing you with accurate, reliable infor- chor
mation. From mud pit probes to strain gage based ■ Operating temperature -40° to +180° F (-40° to
sensors, M/D Totco has a sensor for every application. 82° C)
From traditional hydraulic to the latest in electronic ■ Temperature compensated to within .01% per
sensors, M/D Totco manufactures sensors to fit the degree Fahrenheit
needs of every rig. M/D sensors are the right choice ■ Easy to use, weighs only 17 pounds
when success depends on accurate information and ■ Installs on wire rope sizes 7/8” through 2” diameter
data. without modification
■ Standard 4-20 mA output, two wire loop powered
■ Electronics are protected against surges and re-
verse wire hook up
■ Replaceable wear parts made of 316 CRES


Deadline Sensor
Instrumentation and Controls

Specialty Sensors

Ultrasonic Mud Tank Level Electronic Pit Level Probe Assembly

Sensor Assembly ■ Rugged stainless steel contruction
Intrinsically safe ultrasonic pit level sensor with built in ■ Chemical resistant epoxy float
temperature compensation. ■ Available in four standard lengths:
■ 08 ft (2.4 m),
■ 10 ft (3.04 m),
■ 15 ft (4.6 m),
■ 20 ft (6.1 m)
■ Custom lengths to 25 ft (7.64 m) available
■ 5 VDC operation

Measurement Range:
■ 9.6 in to 16 ft, 4.8 in
(.25 to 5 m)
Included Angle of Sonic Beam:
■ 10 degrees at -3 dB boundary
Electric Flow Line Sensor
■ 12-28 VDC ■ Available in four pipe diameters:
Output: ■ 8” - 10”
■ 4-20 mA ■ 10” - 12”
Resolution: ■ 12” - 14”
■ 16” - 18”
■ 0.125 inches (3 mm)
■ Rated for flow line pressures to 150 psig
Temperature: ■ Simple to install and calibrate
■ -40° to +140° F (-40° to +60° C) ■ 5 VDC operation
■ Tefzel® (flouropolymer)
Enclosure Rating:
■ Type 4X, NEMA 4X/IP65
■ 2 inch NPT
■ 2 Optional Flanges (standard application and high 225
corrosion application)
■ CSA, IS for Class I, Div 1, Groups A,B,C,&D
■ UL for Class I, Div 1, Group C & D (when connect-
ed to UL approved system)
Instrumentation and Controls

Specialty Sensors

Electronic Pressure Transducer ■ Robust, time proven design allows easy field repair
Accurate and reliable strain gage and maintenance
technology ■ Available in flanged, threaded, and weld on female
sub configurations
■ Certified models available

■ Available in flanged, threaded, or weld on sub con-

■ Available in sourgas confirgurations E17-Series Diaphragm Protector
■ Calibration certificates provided P10038A-Series 1:1 Piston Separator
Specifications: ■ One-to-one piston separates working fluid gauge
Maximum Working Pressure: fluid, transmitting no-lag linear signal to gauge.
■ 15,000 psi
■ Features temperature compensating device to as-
sure true pressure readings for differences in am-
bient temperatures of to 100° F
■ 150% of capacity without damage, 300% without ■ Available with either weld-on or threaded female
burst rupture failure sub
Output: ■ Simple design allows field overhaul and seal re-
■ 4-20 mA, loop powered placement
Excitation: ■ High fluid capacity compensates for hose expan-
sion associated with extended high pressure runs,
■ 13-28 VDC
maintaining accuracy up to 140’
Calibraton error:
■ <±0.75% of full capacity (nominal), including hys-
terisis, repeatability and non-linearity; based on
straignt line fit
Temperature range:
■ -30°to 130° F operating, -40 to 180° F storage
Temperature effects:
■ <±0.01% of capacity sensitivity shift per °F
226 Hydraulic Pressure Transmitter
E17-Series Diaphragm Protector
■ Protects measuring or recording device from work-
ing fluid while transmitting no-lag, linear pressure
■ Rugged workhorse sensor found in every corner of
P10038A-Series 1:1 Piston Separator
the world doing every conceiveable pressure sens-
ing job
Instrumentation and Controls

Pressure Indicating Systems

Pressure Indicating Systems

Single Pointer Indicators
■ Provides quick, accurate check on mud pump op-
eration; helps detect washed out drill pipe or bit
nozzle problems
■ Indicator gauges can be mounted in the weight in-
dicator box, driller’s console, or locally on the mud
■ Full 360° dial calibration for maximum pointer
movement; shows the smallest pressure changes
■ Fluid-filled gauge has large easy-to-read 6” dial
face and high-pressure damper adjust
■ Rugged E17-152 Diaphragm Protector mounts
with 2” NPT sub Standard Capacities include:
■ Hose lengths to 50 feet are standard; longer ■ 3,000, 5,000, 6,000, 10,000, and 15,000 psi
lengths available in some pressure ranges ■ 210, 350, 420, 700, and 1,000 kg/cm2
■ 21, 35, 42, 70, 100 MPa
■ 210, 350, 420, 700, 1000 BAR

Compound Pointer Indicators
■ Used primarily for checking pump pressures on
service trucks engaged in cementing, high-pres-
sure hydraulic fracturing operations, or acidizing
operations involving stimulation of oil pay forma-
■ Primary pointer makes one full 360° revolution to
Standard Capacities include:
full scale capacity
■ 3,000, 5,000, 6,000, 10,000, and 15,000 psi ■ Secondary pointer offers 4:1 resolution for indicat-
■ 210, 350, 420, 700, and 1,000 kg/cm2 ing small pressure changes, making four revolu-
■ 10K, 21K, 42K, 70K, 80K tions for full capacity of gauge
■ 21, 35, 42, 70, 100 MPa ■ Rugged E17-152 Diaphragm Protector mounts
GM1006A-Series with 2” NPT sub
Single Pointer Indicators with 1:1 Piston
■ Accurate reading up to 140 ft – twice the distance
of other pressure systems.
■ Separator features either weld-on or threaded fe-
male sub
■ Lower pressure limits apply to threaded type fe-
male thread or to sour gas applications
■ Special seals withstand either granular or acidic
pressure conditions
■ Suitable for separation of pressurized gases in-
cluding nitrogen and CO2 in scouring applications
Standard Capacities include:
■ 4,000, 8,000, 12,000, and 16,000 psi
■ 400 and 800 kg/cm2
■ 40 and 80 MPa
Instrumentation and Controls

Pressure Indicating Systems

DBS107A-Series, bracket mount

DBS112A-Series, panel mount
Pressure Debooster Systems
■ Systems use DB1004A debooster, proof tested to
22,500 psi, for working pressures to 15,000 psi
■ Systems use DB1006A debooster, proof tested to
30,000 psi, for working pressure to 20,000 psi
■ Actual pressure at specially calibrated gauge is
only 25% of indicated value
■ Reduced output pressures allow longer hose
lengths and operator distance from high pressure
Standard Capacities include:
■ 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 psi
■ Equivalent values in kg/cm2, MPa, BAR
Available with optional API type 6BX 2 1/16” - 10 M flange
mount case design for special applications.

GM14-Series Unitized Pressure Gauge
Here is the only mud pressure gauge that can be read
easily from 75 feet and more away.
2” male NPT threaded connection and gauge case flats
■ Rugged, yet precise bourdon tube and movement
for easy mounting
indicator offers unmatched performance for stand-
pipe and local pressure manifold applications Designed for easy service on location with replaceable
■ Valuable for blowout preventers and cementing, diaphragm cup and check valve for fluid loading.
fracturing, acidizing, and gravel- packing trucks
Standard Capacities include:
■ Integral adjustable damper for eliminating pointer
oscillations ■ 0-1,000 psi
■ Fluid-filled case for movement lubrication and ■ 0-3,000 psi
228 pointer dampening ■ 0-5,000 psi
■ 0-6,000 psi
■ 0-10,000 psi
■ 0-15,000 psi
■ and metric equivalents in kg/cm2, KPa, MPa, and
BAR units of measure
Instrumentation and Controls

Torque Indicating Systems

Torque Indicating Systems

ERT’s split core transducer senses motor current draw

Electric Rotary Torque (ERT) Features:

Essential Equipment for all Electric ■ Simple, no moving parts to wear out
Motor-Driven Rotary Tables ■ Split core transducer measuring electrical current
The M/D Totco solution to measuring rotary torque on to the motor clamps around power cable; no
electric rigs is accurate, simple, and reliable, proving shunts or direct electrical connections required
itself over the years in hundreds of installations world- ■ Signal conditioner unit provides outputs to meters,
wide. The M/D Totco system displays torque on a rug- recorders, and other data acquisition devices
ged panel or box-mounted meter calibrated in either ■ Multi-scaled meter provides readings for different
foot pounds or metric equivalents. gear selections
Installation is simple. The split core transducer is
clamped around the power cable that leads to your
rig’s electric motor. This will enable the transducer to
sense the current the motor draws, which is propor-
tionate to that required by the rotary table, and trans-
mit the signal to the dual output signal conditioner. The 229
conditioner will then convert this signal to an accurate
reading on the electric meter. This dual output signal
conditioner will also drive a M/D Totco drilling recorder
or data acquisition system.
Instrumentation and Controls

Torque Indicating Systems

Hydro-Mech Rotary Torque By indicating stress on the drill pipe, the Hydro-Mech
FA9-Series warns driller of:
Providing reliable and sensitive relative rotary torque ■ Potential twist offs
indication, the Hydro-Mech assembly is suitable for all ■ Locked cones on the bit
mechanical rigs utilizing a chain driven rotary table. ■ Bit trouble
The idler assembly is installed under the rotary drive ■ Gage loss or out-of-gage holes
chain, typically within the oil bath environment of the ■ Formation changes
chain guard, where it senses changes in the tightness The Hydro-Mech is a self contained assembly with fluid
of the chain that indicate changes in torque. filled gauge for long, trouble free service. The unit
■ 6” fluid-filled indicator has dial-adjust mechanism includes idler with 2 ft hose and gauge with 15 ft hose;
to “zero out” drill string for monitoring “torque at the hoses are connected by a self sealing coupling.
the bit” Idler wheels are available for 1 1/2 through 4.063 inch
■ Gauge dampener minimizes pointer oscillations single chain and 1 1/2 through 3.125 double chain.
caused by rough drilling and movments in the drill
The Hydro-Mech is easily connected to any
M/D Totco drilling recorder where torque trends can be
■ Helps determine hole conditions and torque pattr-
easily detected.
erns, giving the driller an indication of when to
change bits


FA9-1 Hydro-Mech comes complete with idler assembly,

indicating gauge and hoses
Instrumentation and Controls

Torque Indicating Systems

H6E-Series Tong Line Pull Indicator and Load Cell

Tong Torque H6E-Series H29-Series

Universal Tong Line Pull Assembly is a necessity Tong Torque Assembly for all power tong
for maximum drill string life applications
■ Provides an accurate check on critical make- up or ■ Each model designed and calibrated for a specific
break-out torque for all tool joints, drill collars, and make and model of power tong
drill string components ■ Both tension and compression hydraulic load cell
■ 6” fluid-filled indicator reads directly in line pull assemblies are offered to accommodate any tong
■ Target pointer is set to a line pull value corre- design
sponding to the desired torque, taking into account ■ Assures uniform and proper make-up of the string
tong handle length and place of load cell attach- by indicating precise torque applied to each joint
ment when running pipe or casing with power tongs
■ Models and capacities to work with all manual ■ Capacities to 120,000 ft lbs or metric equivalents
tongs ■ Many models are available with dual scales for
■ Permanent installation models for box or console added versatility
include 25 ft hose assembly, portable installation ■ Rugged, yet simple load cell designs offer extend-
models with 5 ft hose mount indicator and cylinder ed life and ease of service
directly on tong handle 231
■ Capacities to 25,000 pounds line pull with metric
equivalents available
■ Some models offer combination dials
Instrumentation and Controls

Tachometer Systems

Tachometer Systems
Tachometer Systems

The Advanced Alternative in RPM and SPM


SPM Pump Speed Indicator

■ Measures pump speed, shows pump or hole trou-
ble at a glance, information not indicated on mud
pressure gauge
■ System self powered by generator (supplied),
which can operate any number of meters
■ Needs no outside power or batteries
■ Generators have explosion proof ratings
■ Generators easily mounted with direct connection
to pump pinion shaft, piston rod oiler, or as an idler
RATEMASTER Signal Conditioner with proximity and
wheel to the V-belt driving the oiler
magentic sensors
■ Available in capacities from 0-100 to 0-500 SPM
The M/D Totco RATEMASTER represents a significant
advancement over traditional methods of measuring
rotary table RPM and pump SPM. Since there are no
generators required to create a signal, there are no
moving parts. All SPM sensing is done by permanently
mounted oil-tight proximity switches. The RPM sensor
is a magnetically activated probe mounted next to the
rotary table or adjacent to an object that rotates in
proportion to the table. The microprocessor control
box outputs both pulse and analog signals that can be
utilized by devices such as:
■ Electric Meters
■ Drilling Recorders Tachometer Generator
■ Electronic Circular Recorders
■ Dual Digital Pump Stroke Counters RPM Rotary Speed Indicator
■ Battery Operated Pump Stroke Counters ■ Provides an accurate indication of rotary speed
232 ■ Helps driller select optimum speed for faster pen-
■ Generator can be directly coupled to any shaft
turning in direct proportion to the rotary table or
V-belt driven
■ Systems available for either panel or box-mounted
Instrumentation and Controls

Drilling Recorders

Includes chart box

Drilling Recorders

The most widely used drilling ■

recorder ever ■ Service available around the world
No other recorder can come RF8 Rig Floor Recorder
close to this level of accep- The RF8 recorder from M/D Totco is designed specifi-
tance, excelling in accuracy, cally to avoid the usual wireline problems with its
durability, reliability, and sim- unique ROP sensor, and does away with the traditional
plicity. In today’s drilling wireline retriever. Wireline problems like broken and
world, an accurate correlation snagged wire, along with their associated high mainte-
of drilling conditions related to nance costs, are completely eliminated.
time is essential to efficient
The M/D Totco Rig Floor Recorder can make drilling
operations. Our Drilling
safer, more efficient, and more cost effective. It pro-
Recorders give you duplicate
vides up to 12-hour viewing of a 24-hour tractor-feed
12-or 24- hour strip charts
chart, and has both hydraulic and pneumatic logic sys-
that are available in English,
tems. Measurement inputs can be a combination of
metric, or SI metric measure-
electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic for all your rig record-
ing needs.
Recorders are available in 2-
The Rig Floor Recorder records up to eight functions:
4- 6- and 8-pen configurations. All recorders include
drill string weight, penetration weight, and other Channel 1 — Hook Weight
parameters of your choice: Channel 2 — Rate of Penetration (ROP)
Weight - This measurement is sensitive enough to Channel 3 — Mud Pump Pressure (or any other
detect downhole problems such as tight hole or cave- hydraulic function)
ins as they occur. Channels 4-8 — Options
Penetration - This parameter is indicated on the ranging from all pneumatic
English chart by a short mark for each foot drilled and to three pneumatic and two
a longer mark for each five feet. On metric charts, indi- hydraulic. In addition, Chan-
cations are at 1/4 and full meters. nel 8 can provide a hydraulic
Rotary RPM - Indicates the revolutions per minute of dual pressure totalizing
the rotary table, an important function for optimum function.
penetration. ■ The Rig Floor
Torque - Shows electric or hydraulic rotary torque Recorder consists of
changes during drilling that inform the driller of forma- three main components
tion transitions, worn bit, and tight or out-of-gauge including the new ROP sensing device, an auxiliary
holes. air package (to increase system life and efficien-
cy), and the recorder assembly
Pump Rate SPM - Permits accurate calculations of
■ Recorders and charts are available in
fluid volume pumped into the circulating system. Com-
English, metric, and SI metric units
parison of pump rate, fluid pressure, pit level, and flow
■ Choice of up to 8 pens (Hook Weight and ROP are
could help predict kick areas for offset wells.
Fluid Pressure - Provides an accurate record of fluid ■ Eliminates wireline and retriever problems inher-
system pressure. Changes in pressure indicate poten- ent in other recorders 233
tial washouts, kicks, plugged bits, or numerous other ■ Mechanical drill depth counter
downhole problems. ■ 24-hour time charts with up to 12 hours
■ Uses the same sensors as your primary drilling in- visible
strumentation ■ Duplicate carbon charts
■ Rugged, simple design is easy to maintain ■ Wall mount installs up and out of the way
■ Wall or floor mount configurations
Instrumentation and Controls

Drift Recorders
Drift Recorders

Controlled Vertical Drift Indicators (CVD)

Setting the Standard
Commonly known as a ‘TOTCO”, the double-recording drift indicator is the most dependable and practical method
of mechanically determining the deviation from vertical in a wellbore.
Non-vertical wellbores take a toll on the drill string in
terms of greatly increased stress and friction. Bits do
not cut as efficiently. More power is needed to rotate
and pull out of a crooked hole. Fishing jobs become
more frequent. Redrilling and mechanical hole-
straightening devices become necessary.
M/D Totco’s Drift Indicators can help you drill a verti-
cal hole. They provide the driller with extremely
accurate information at frequent intervals, so he can
maintain a controlled, vertical course.
So simple to operate, virtually any member of the
crew can operate the instrument, and he can read
the charts with ease. Everything is mechanical so no
liquid or electrical equipment is required.
The heart of the Drift Indicator System is the Double
Recorder, which consists of two main parts: an angle
indicator and a timing device. Both are sealed in a
stainless steel case.
The recorder produces a permanent record of hole
inclination by perforating a small circular chart close
to the center of the chart if you’re drilling true verti-
cal; or off-center in a concentric circle to show you the degree of deviation. Then it repeats this process a few sec-
onds later. Two perforations with the same deviation indicate an accurate record.
Instruments and charts are available in 0-7°, 8°, 14°, 16°, 21°, 24°, and 90° values.

Very little equipment is needed to accomplish the A variety of Go-Devil assemblies are available depend-
recording procedure: A Double Recorder; the Go-Devil ing upon the desired method of running the tool, from
assembly that protects it against shock, pressure, and free-dropping to sandlines to core barrel adapters.
fluid; and a selection of various centralizing equipment. ■ Standard units operate in wellbores up to 200°F
■ Hot Well units operate in wellbores up to 500°F

Instrumentation and Controls

Pressure Recorders
Pressure Recorders

Circular Hydraulic Recorders for Every

Well Servicing Need

M365-Series Recorder with integral pressure

gauges accepts dual inputs
M252A-Series Recorder for sinlge input applications
M/D Totco pressure recorders have been under
extreme pressure for years, and we like it that way. Models include:
Designed and built to withstand the harshest oilfield ■ M530-Series
operating conditions, a full line of circular hydraulic Truck Mount Recorder with 6” gauge, single input,
pressure recorders are available in configurations to low and high range, capacities to 15,000 psi
suit virtually any situation. Truck-mounted units come ■ M350-Series
shock mounted within their own steel enclosures for Truck Mount Recorder, single and dual pressure
installation on pump or service trucks. Portable units inputs, capacities to 15,000 psi
are freestanding and can easily be transported by car ■ M351-Series
or pickup truck. All recorders have 24-hour wind and Truck Mount Recorder, single input, low and high
4-hour rotation chart drives with either single or dual range, capacities to 15,000 psi
pens. Dual pen recorders accommodate either two ■ M252A-Series
pressure inputs or are dual range from a single input. Portable Recorder, single and dual inputs, capaci-
ties to 15,000 psi
■ M253-Series
Portable Recorder, single input, low and high
range, capacities to 15,000 psi
■ M365-Series
Portable Recorder with integral 5” pressure
gauge(s), single or dual inputs, capacities to
15,000 psi
■ M366-Series
Portable Recorder with integral 5” pressure gauge,
single input, low and high range,
capacities to 15,000 psi 235
Instrumentation and Controls

Line Monitors

Line Monitors

Single Line Weight Indicator

The load sensor is provided with two connections; one
at the top to attach to the floor block, and the other at
the bottom to attach to the christmas tree or derrick
floor, forming a pull at 90°. The system is calibrated to
this right angle pull. Accuracy will be slightly affected if
this angle is not true, but the sensitivity of the system
is always maintained.
The gauge reads directly from the load on the line. The
dial can be rotated for tare adjustments by moving the
knurled knob provided at the upper right hand side of
the gauge.
WS9-4-50 Single Line Weight Indicator ■ Light-weight aluminum tension load cell for easy
For All Heel Block or Floor Block ■ Capacity – 2,000 pounds, or metric equivalent
Applications ■ Hose length – 50, 75, and 100 ft standard
The WS-Series Single Line Weight Indicator provides WS14-Series
wireline service trucks with a sensitive, accurate device ■ Steel tension load cell for heavier loads
for measuring loads; helps prevent loss of valuable ■ Capacity – 5,000 pounds, or metric equivalent
down hole tools. ■ Hose length – 50, 75, and 100 ft standard
■ Sensitive to smallest loads
■ Built for rough oilfield conditions
■ Accurate to 1/2 of 1% of full rated capacity
■ Completely hydraulic, no power required
■ Integral damper to regulate pointer sensitivity
The Single Line Weight Indicator is used primarily on
wireline service trucks for measuring the amount of
tension on wireline when logging tools, perforating
guns, downhole explosives, or when survey tools are
lowered or pulled out of the hole. The intricate opera-
tions of wireline service trucks require sensitive instru-
mentation of this caliber. In this application, the
indicating gauge is normally installed in the truck,
either panel mounted or mounted separately. This sys-
tem is also rugged enough for other standard oilfield
service applications.
The dial indicator reads either in pounds, kilos, or
decanewtons on a single wireline, usually 3/8” cable.
236 Normally used on wireline service trucks on land, this
system is also used on skid mounted wireline units off-
Instrumentation and Controls

Line Monitors
Line Monitors

Dyna-Line Tensiometer
M/D Totco’s compact, reliable Dyna-Line Tensiometer
provides a continuous, accurate readout of line ten-
sion on both moving and static wirelines.
Available in models for both general use and marine
applications, the unit consists of a deflection-type
force frame combined with a reliable hydraulic load
cell. As the line passes through the Dyna-Line, it is
deflected by three sheaves against the load cell which
transmits hydraulic pressure to a local or remote fluid-
filled indicator calibrated in tons or kilograms. Because
the system is hydraulically actuated, no outside power
source is required.
■ Ideal for monitoring tension in mooring and posi-
tioning applications
■ Easily attached to a wireline built into wireline ma-
■ Applicable for all construction projects to monitor
tension on lifting cables or to test piling strength
■ Can be used in various tug-related functions, i.e.,
engine thrust tests, towing cable tension and ship
docking lines D616A-Series Dynaline Element
■ Can be equipped with recorder to provide perma-
nent records The general service model Dyna-Line is received from
The force frame assembly is freely suspended on four the factory with either ball bearings or sleeve bearings
flexures, thus eliminating bearing or friction points, in the sheaves. Although it is suitable for either perma-
and thereby allowing for an extremely accurate mea- nent or semi-permanent installation, the scope of its
surement of wireline tension. use is generally for relatively short term use in applica-
The marine Dyna-Line is equipped with sleeve bear- tions such as tower erection, cable pulling, towing and
ings in the sheaves and is designed for use as a multi- the like.
unit system with either permanent or semi-permanent
installation for applications including ship anchor lines,
shipboard winches, and trawl lines. The marine sys-
tem normally requires internal plumbing or wiring in
the vessel hull and commonly includes recorders. If
recorders are used with the system, a separate source
of power is required.

Instrumentation and Controls

Line Monitors

Line Monitors
Wire Ropesize Element Indicator Indicator Volume Tie Bar
Model tion
Range Part Numbers Series Bracket Chamber Attachments
UD12-6 1 GA102 A1457
11/2 in – 21/2 in UD12-8 D612B-81, -83 1 GD26 A1478
F296-1 N/A
(38 mm – 64 mm) UD12M6 D512A-61,-81,-83 1 GA102 A1457
UD12M8 1 GD26 A1478
UD14-6 1 GA102 A1457
D641C-101, -111, 121, -123, -125,
1 in – 11/2 in UD14-8 1 GD26 A1478 F285-
-91 A1436A-1
(25 mm – 38 mm) UD14M6 D614C-101, -111, -123, -91
1 GA102 A1457 series
UD14M8 1 GD26 A1478
UD16 (6T) 2 GA84 A1457
11/2 in – 21/4 in UD16 (8T) D603A-12, -14, -16, -18 2 GD18 A1478 F285-
(38 mm – 5 7 mm) UD16 (6TF) D616A-12-4, -16-4 2 GA84 A1457 series
UD16 (8TF) 2 GD18 A1478
UD16 (6T) D516D-121, -131, -161, -171, -181, 1 GA84 A1457
11/2 in – 21/2 in UD16 (8T) -191, -201 1 GD18 A1478 F285-
(39 mm – 64 mm) UD16 (6TF) D606-121-5, -161-4, -161P, -162-5, 1 GA84 A1457 series
UD16 (8TF) -181-4 1 GD18 A1478
UD18 (6T) 1, 2 GA84 A1457
23/4 in – 3 in UD18 (8T) D6028-1, -16, -18, -21, -22, -24 1, 2 GD18 A1478 F285-
(70 mm – 76 mm) UD18 (6TF) D607B-22-3, -24-2 1, 2 GA84 A1457 series
UD18 (8TF) 1, 2 GD18 A1478
UD20 (6T) 1, 2 GA84 A1457
3 in – 31/2 in UD20 (8T) D620-28 1,2 GD18 A1478 F285-
(76 mm – 90 mm) UD20 (6TF) D604-1 1,2 GA84 A1457 series
UD20 (8TF) 1,2 GD18 A1478
11/2 in – 2 in F285-
UD16RU-16 D516RU-16 3 GD18 A1478 A1329-2
(38 mm – 51 mm) series
2 in – 21/2 in F285-
UD16RU-20 D516RU-20 3 GD18 A1478 A1329-2
(51 mm – 64 mm) series
21/2 in – 3 in F285-
UD18RU-24 D602RU-24, -24A 3 GD18 A1478 A1454A-1
(64 mm – 76 mm) series
3 in – 31/2 in F285-
UD20RU-28 D620RU-28 3 GD18 A1478 A3454A-1
(76 mm – 90 mm) series

1. Group 1 Applications: General Marine Service, including oceanographic vessels and crane ships
Group 2 Applications: Derrick Barge or other heavy duty service
Group 3 Applications: Universal and General Marine Service

Instrumentation and Controls

Line Monitors

Dyna-Line Specification Requirements for 3. Specify desired system full scale capacity
Configuration: 4. Specify indicator size, 6” or 8½”
1. Describe application and operating environment
5. Specify whether optional footage and speed indi-
2. Specify wire rope size(s) and construction(s) cation is desired
(Note: a specimen may be required for calibration
and testing)

Instrumentation and Controls

Hydraulic Load Cell Systems

Hydraulic Load Cell Systems

World’s most versatile single-point

weighing systems for almost any tension
or compression application
■ Ready for immediate use, indoors and out
■ Shipped fully calibrated, just unpack and use
■ Nothing to plug in, no power source
■ No need for specialized installation
■ Rugged, built to take shock loads without affecting
■ Designed for hostile environments and corrosive
■ Easy to field service by your own maintenance per-
■ Load sensing diaphragm is highly sensitive, ex-
tremely responsive to small pressure variations,
and friction free.
■ Self-aligning load cell is unaffected by angle
changes up to 4° SD-Series Tension Load Cell Systems
■ Built-in pressure snubber dampens out all shock
loading, eliminates damage to gauge, assures
Typical Load Cell Applications
smoother pointer action and more accurate read- ■ Meat Products Blender Weighing
ings ■ Chemical Ingredient Batching
■ Space saving, full 360° dial indicator is accurate to ■ Bakery Dough Weighing
0.2% of full scale ■ Bulk Tank Chemical Batching
■ Precision bearing movement in indicator provides ■ Fertilizer Hopper Weighing
greater sensitivity ■ Oilfield Tank Weighing
■ Paint Batching
■ Plywood Resin Hopper Weighing
■ Slings, Chains, Hoisting Gear Test
■ Charging Bucket Weighing
■ Liquid Fertilizer Batching
■ Concrete Mix Batching
■ Quality Control Spring Pressure Testing
■ Construction Guy-Wire Tensioning
■ Yacht Weighing
■ Aircraft Engine Removal
■ Aircraft Thrust Measurement
■ Shipping Crate Weighing
■ Yard Crane Weighing
■ Concrete Pipe Weighing
240 ■ On-Board Weighing
■ Sheet Lifter Weighing
■ Engine Power Development Measurement
■ Monorail Crane Weighing
■ “C” Hook Coil Lifter Weighing
■ Spreader Bar Weighing
■ Tension Pull Testing
SW-Series Compression Load Cell Systems
Instrumentation and Controls

Crane Load Indicators

Crane Load Indicators

Load Watch eye on all lifts, monitoring all critical crane functions to
The Load Watch is an intelligent, modular crane moni- keep load factors within preselected tolerances. Even
toring system featuring technologically advanced in offshore operations in rolling seas, the system con-
microprocessor electronics in a simple, easy-to-use stantly monitors conditions and warns through inter-
system. For example, the system’s Auto Fall Scanning mittent audible and visual alarms when the applied
feature follows the operator through fall selections load reaches a predetermined set point of between
automatically. The system locks into the fall with 80% and 95% of rated capacity. A continuous alarm
weight applied. The operator’s hands never leave the sounds when 100% to 110% capacity is reached.
controls to manually change a fall selector switch. This
The Load Watch System can easily fit into your current
keeps his eye on the lift and his hands on the controls.
operations. Its modular, lighter-weight electronics
The display will automatically show the maximum
makes Load Watch easy to install or retrofit regardless
allowable load for fall in use. Your operator stays on
of the application. And simple retrofit can give your lift-
top of the situation at all times. Result: Day in, day out,
ing equipment and operators new capabilities plus bet-
you’re assured of safety and continuity in operations
ter overall control of lifts. The Load Watch System is
with fewer interruptions and delays.
designed for lifting at dockside, in salvage operations,
The no-nonsense Load Watch assures the accurate on cranes on offshore drilling platforms, rigs and con-
and continuous monitoring of a wide range of vital struction barges, as well as most land-based crane
crane functions and loads in a variety of applications. requirements. Monitoring is factory preprogrammed to 241
Safe and efficient operations are assured, especially in given crane make and model and the varying combina-
extreme offshore operations. The Load Watch System tions of boom length and load block reeving. With all
can be custom-configured to meet almost any user monitoring functions programmed, the operator sim-
need: the system’s Limited Access feature includes a ply selects his fall with the push of a button or allows
key-operated selector switch in the data display for the Automatic Fall Scanning feature to select fall
customer programming of specific crane configuration changes automatically.
(boom length, parts line). Load Watch keeps a close
Instrumentation and Controls

Crane Load Indicators

Now see total weight of load —also load

radius and safe lifting capacity —
at a glance
■ Tough hydraulic instrumentation for gantry
(revolver, whirly), pedestal, derrick, barge, and lo-
comotive type cranes
■ Ideal for construction, dockside, offshore drilling,
material replenishment, and salvage operations
■ Helps prevent buckled booms, costly and danger-
ous crane accidents
■ Rugged construction for depenable day-in, day-
out service
SC8-Series Crane Load
■ Built to be accurate; stays accurate
■ Does not require time-consuming recalibration or
expensive service contracts
■ Simple to install, simple to maintain
■ Large 81/2” dial is as simple to read as a clock, no
time-consuming or distracting calculations to make
■ Dial can be mounted inside or outside of cab within
easy view of the crane operator
■ Dial capacities to 300,000 pounds
How to order:
Specify the following information
■ Crane make, model and serial number
■ Boom length (distance from center line of boom
foot pin to center of line of boom point hoist
sheave pin)
■ Number of parts of line supporting hook block
■ Wire rope size SB8-Series Crane Load & Radius
■ Capacity of crane at boom length and parts line
specified Load & Radius Indicator
■ Distance from boom foot pin to axis of rotation*
■ Radius and capacity data as shown on manufac- LoadCell
turer’s rating card*
* Required for SB-Series systems only High Pressure Hose
Load Hose

Radius Sensor
Dial Indicator

242 LoadCell

High Pressure Hose