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General Special or Limited Original Exclusive and Original Appellate

RTC is a court of Section 23. Special The RTC shall exercise A. Under BP 129: Sec.22 of BP 129
general jurisdiction jurisdiction to try special original jurisdiction over (1) In all civil actions in which the subject of the provides:
because all cases, the cases. – The Supreme the following cases, to litigation is incapable of pecuniary estimation; RTC shall exercise appellate
jurisdiction of which is Court may designate wit: jurisdiction over all cases
not specifically certain branches of the a. Actions involving (2) In all civil actions which involve the title to, decided by METC, MTC, and
provided by law to be Regional Trial Courts to ambassadors, public or possession of, real property, or any interest MCTC in their respective
within the jurisdiction handle exclusively ministers, and therein, where the assessed value of the property territorial jurisdictions.
of any other court criminal cases, juvenile consuls; involved exceeds Twenty thousand pesos
falls within the and domestic relations (Concurrent Juris with (P20,000.00) or for civil actions in Metro Manila, Such cases shall be decided
jurisdiction of the cases, agrarian cases, SC) where such the value exceeds Fifty thousand pesos on the basis of the entire
RTC. urban land reform cases (50,000.00) except actions for forcible entry into and record of the proceedings
which do not fall under b. Over petition for unlawful detainer of lands or buildings, original had in the court of origin
RTC Specific provision: the jurisdiction of quasi- c,p,m,qw,hc, writ of jurisdiction over which is conferred upon Metropolitan such memoranda and/or
“Sec.19(6)In all cases judicial bodies and amparo, hd, and writ Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts, and Municipal briefs as may be submitted
not within the agencies, and/or such of Kalikasan, writ of Circuit Trial Courts; by the parties or required
exclusive jurisdiction other special cases as the continuing mandamus by the RTCs.
of any court, tribunal, Supreme Court may and injunctions; (3) In all actions in admiralty and maritime
person or body determine in the interest (C.Juris w/ SC, jurisdiction where he demand or claim exceeds One The decisions of the RTC in
exercising jurisdiction of a speedy and efficient CA,&SB) hundred thousand pesos (P300,000.00) or , in Metro such cases shall be
or any court, tribunal, administration of justice. Manila, where such demand or claim exceeds Two appealable by petition for
person or body hundred thousand pesos (400,000.00); review to the CA which
exercising judicial or - RTC and MeTC/MTCs may give it due course only
quasi-judicial exercises special (4) In all matters of probate, both testate and when the petition shows
functions jurisdiction. intestate, where the gross value of the estate prima facie that the lc has
xxx” exceeds One hundred thousand pesos (P300,000.00) committed an error of fact
or, in probate matters in Metro Manila, where such or law that will warrant a
gross value exceeds Two hundred thousand pesos reversal or modification of
(400,000.00); the decision or judgment
sought to be reviewed.
(5) In all actions involving the contract of
marriage and marital relations; (within FC)

(6) In all cases not within the exclusive jurisdiction
of any court, tribunal, person or body exercising
jurisdiction or any court, tribunal, person or body
exercising judicial or quasi-judicial functions;
(General Jurisdiction of the RTC)

(7)In all civil actions and special proceedings falling
within the exclusive original jurisdiction of a Juvenile
and Domestic Relations Court and of the Courts

exclusive of interest. or a possesses sufficient property to cover all debts but foresees the impossibility of meeting them when they respectively fall due or in case where the c. trustees. or a has no sufficient assets to cover liabilities.c.2 of the SEC: a) Cases involving devices and schemes employed by or any acts of the board of directors.p. (as amended by R. C. but is under the management of the Rehabilitation Receiver or Management Committee. and costs or the value of the property in controversy exceeds One hundred thousand pesos (300. d) Petitions of corporations.000.p. in that . b) Controversies arising out of intra-corporate or partnership relations. c) Controversies in the elections and appointments of directors.00). members of associations.00) or.of Agrarian Relations as now provided by law(FC na ito). partnership or associations to be declared in the state of suspension of payments in case where the c. 7691*) B. amounting to fraud or misrepresentation which may be detrimental to the interest of the public. organizations registered with the Commission. litigation expenses. attorney's fees. RTC acting as Special Agrarian Court for a province has the original and exclusive jurisdiction over all petitions for the determination of j. No. in such other abovementioned items exceeds Two hundred thousand pesos (400. Over cases involving intra-corporate controversies under the provisions of S5.A. and/or of the stockholders. its officers or partnership. partnerships. partners.000. members or association and the state insofar as it concerns their individual franchise or right to exist as such entity. damages of whatever kind. business associations. officers. between any or all of them and the corporation or partnership or association of which they are stockholders. and (8) In all other cases in which the demand. or managers of such corporations. or associations.

Petition for adoption of children and revocation of adoption. Petition for construction of family home. or proceeds representing involving. or relating to an unlawful activity. or neglected children. dependent. G. or child caring agency or individual. or commitment of disabled child. F. Petition for custody of minor. MTC. . or removal of custody against child placement. H. K. custody of minor.Petition for support and/or acknowledgment.province. and dissolution of conjugal partnership of gains. Petition for civil forfeiture of monetary instrument. or to a money laundering offenses. hc in relation to minor. L. Summary Judicial Proceedings brought under the provision of EO 209. Petition for declaration of status of children as abandoned. property. It has eoj over two categories of cases: (1) all petitions for the determination of j. D. E. O. Civil cases for Infringement of Copyright and Unfair Competition under the provisions of the IP Code. M. J. Complaints for annulment of marriage and declaration of nullity of marriage and those relating to marital status and property relations of h&w or those living together under different status and agreements. (2) the prosecution of all criminal offenses under RA 6657. Over petition for annulment of judgment over decision and final orders of the MeTC.. RTC acting as Family Court has jurisdiction over petitions for guardianship. MCTC. Petition for involuntary commitment of a child. hc in relation to the latter.c. I. N.

attorney's by the SC. c.00) exclusive of interest damages of whatever kind. b.000. testate and intestate. The decision does not exceed Fifty thousand pesos (P50. All other cases. the amount of the demand shall be the totality of the claims in all the causes the: province or city where of action. transactions. All cases of forcible entry and unlawful detainer. Special Exclusive and Original Delegated Jurisdiction In the absence of all the A. Exclusive original jurisdiction in all civil actions which involve title to. the amount of which must be specifically alleged: Provided. in such cases. For money owed under any of the following: Contract of Lease. irrespective of the amount of damages or unpaid rentals sought to be recovered. C. That value of such property shall be cases.P.Section 2 of 2016 RRoP for SC Cases provides that said Rules shall govern the procedure in actions before the MeTCs.00. including the grant of provisional remedies in proper cases. litigation expenses. or amount of the demand does not exceed Two not exceed P100k. Exclusive original jurisdiction over cases of forcible entry and unlawful detainer: Provided. Hence. the MTC. or possession of. That c. Cases under Rules on Summary Procedure: 1.00) exclusive of interest. estate. therefore. . or Mortgage. MTCCs.000.000. and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts shall exercise: jurisdiction in cadastral and land a province or city. question of possession cannot be resolved without deciding the issue of ownership. the defendant raises the question of ownership in his pleadings and the of the real property. where the total amount of plaintiff’s claim does not exceed P100. No. the same shall not exceed P20. 129: 1. Municipal Trial Courts.000. any 1.00 in Metropolitan Manila. and costs.The value of the lot shall be ascertained by in criminal cases in the in the same complaint. from the corresponding tax declaration when. 417 of RA 7160 (LGC). acting or any interest therein where the assessed value of the property or interest therein does not exceed under its delegated jurisdiction. shall be appealable to the determined by the assessed value of the adjacent lots.00) or.This Rule shall in all actions that are purely in all actions that are purely civil in nature where the claim or relief prayed for by the plaintiff is solely for payment or reimbursement of sum of money.000.00 or P200.000.00) or. Where attorney’s fees are awarded. where such assessed value deemed to be acting as a RTC. embodied . 7691) CA following the procedure in Rule 41. decision of the RTC. For liquidated damages arising from contracts. Exclusive original jurisdiction over civil actions and probate proceedings. Sale.The decision of the MTC shall be appealable in the same manner as the 3. writ of habeas corpus fees. except probate proceedings. Loan. agreement of the respective claimants if MTC/ there are more than one. or amount of the demand does not exceed One hundred thousand pesos (P300. may be Twenty thousand pesos (P20. The MTC also exercises delegated Regional Trial Judges in Metropolitan Trial Courts. exclusive of interest and costs. . the issue of ownership shall be resolved only to determine the issue of possession. damages of whatever kind. MTCs and MCTC for payment of money where the value of the claim does not exceed P200. B. registration cases covering lots where Metropolitan Trial Judge. 2. as may be delegated decide petitions for a hundred thousand pesos (P400.A. Blg. of the MTC in cadastral and land registration attorney's fees. there is no controversy or opposition. . b. The claim or demand may be: a. real property.000. or MTCC 2.00 exclusive of interest and costs. irrespective of whether the causes of action arose out of the same or different a. That or applications for bail where there are several claims or causes of action between the same or different parties. litigation expenses and costs: Provided. Under B. estate. Services.000. Small Claims Cases . in civil actions in Metro Manila. affidavit of the claimant. (as amended by R. or Municipal Trial Judge. The enforcement of barangay amicable settlement or an arbitration award involving a money claim covered by this Rule pursuant to Sec. or METC/ the absent RT Judge sit. in contested lots the value of which dies MCT Judge may hear and Metro Manila where such personal property. where the value of the personal property.

or operation of pds. application. and RTC in a petition for hd (S19 of AM No. writ of d. the provisions of Rules 46.A question of law exists when there is doubt or controversy as g. law. of judges of lower courts. to the truth or falsity of the alleged facts. All cases in which the jurisdiction of any lower court is in are required to be heard en b. returns. All cases in which only an error or question of law is involved. CA.p. RTC. d. fo. A8) following: d.&SB) e. (ibid) f. and mandamus against the: question of fact exists when the doubt or controversy arises as qualifications of the President a. RTC under Rule 45. All cases involving the amparo.qw. All cases which. constitutionality of a treaty. final orders. On the other hand. Other qj agencies. Actions involving prohibition. October 24. proclamation. COA. writ of b. Sb under PD 1606 as amended by RA 7975 and RA 8294 in when the required number in cases for c. 2007). & to what law is on a certain state of facts. Gen. minsters. surrounding circumstances. All criminal cases in which the penalty imposed is rp or higher. or law.As a general rule. relation to rule 45. and RTC in petition for writ of Amparo (S19. jurisdiction over judgments and orders of lower courts in: of Hierarchy of Courts) petition for a. . international or executive ambassadors.&hc. CA. ordinance. or regulation is in question. CTA. or any penalty imposed in relation thereto. instruction. a election. SB. 51. Constitution. public mandamus against order. modify. Rule 45 of the 1997 Rules of Civil Procedure by way of Petition for f. 7) c. RoC) review on Certiorari. AM No. b. injunctions. The CA under Rule 45. and resolution of the above decision rendered en banc or c. and international or executive agreement. other regulations. SC banc. shallbein accordance with the c. e. Over petition for following: issue. All cases involving the certiorari. 2008). and or toll.hc. judgment. orig. as the law or the RoC may provide. a.p. The SC shall exercise original The SC has SC has the power to review. last par. (ibid) c. Cases involving a modification a. pd. (S4. (ibid) 48. February 2. question of fact necessarily involves a calibration of the evidence. a. and situations. the existence and the relevance of Assessment Appeals. e. final b.The procedure in original Criminal Cases. previously by the SC in a laws. and . resolutions of the following courts: instructions. CSC. to wit: (subject to Doct. (S4[2].. agreement. or affirm on the following cases should be jurisdiction over the following exclusive original appeal or certiorari. SB.m. A8) (C. c. All cases in which the constitutionality or validity of any treaty. and consuls. Kalikasan. and 52 (S2. (S4[3]. CA. and (C.A8) Con. SC has appellate jurisdiction over judgment. Art. COMELEC. b. b. Contests relating to the CA in petitions for c. assessment. constitutionality. All cases involving the legality of any tax. 08-1-16- principle of law laid down b.m. applicable provisions of the 07-9-12-SC. or reversal of a doctrine or Constitution. SB. impost. and proclamations. mentioned courts are based on pure questions of law under by a division. under the RoC resolutions of the c. the decision. Central Board of the credibility of the witnesses.Juris with RTC) order. d. final heard by the SC en banc: cases.p. continuing mandamus and c. Cases heard by a division .qw. hd. (S11. jurisdiction with the . NLRC. Cases involving the discipline Rule 56. orders. ordinances. The resolution of a or VP (sitting as PET). applicable provisions of SC. 49. the division is not obtained. revise. CA. e. Ombudsman in a. and writ of a. and the probability of specific d.Juris w/ RTC. e. reverse. Decided En Banc Original Exclusive and Appellate Original Under the 1987 Phil.

Board of Investments. fo. instrumentalities.2Decision of the Sec. SS Commission.6Decision of the BLR on appeal over the order of j. GSIS. RTC. (d)EOJ over petition for annulment of judgment in p. 9(3) of BP 129 states that CA exercisesexclusive appellate jurisdiction c.hc. judgments. the Labor Code of the Philippines under Presidential Decree jurisdiction over decision. Philippine Atomic Energy Commission. b. Relations. Bureau of Patents Trademarks and Technology Transfer. cases .3Decision of the National Wage Productivity from awards. the Securities and Exchange Commission. Simplified: d. NTC. Employees Compensation Commission. Actions for annulment following offices. boards or commission. Regional Tripartite Wage Productivity Board. and resolution of the RTC. 2(a). t. of LE over a decision of its appeal. c. the Social Security Commission. Original Exclusive and Original Appellate a.qw. decided by the NLRC. of Labor and those falling within the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in accordance and kalikasan. as amended. and POEA r&r. National Electrification Administration. l. h.3(j) c. and k. Petition for freeze 1) RTC in the exercise of its oj under Sec. and of subparagraph (1) of the c. Insurance Commission.1. duly authorized rep. a. Agricultural Inventions Board. Petition for CA shall exercise eoj over petition for certiorari. including b. c. prohibition. cancellations of union registration. Rule 41 – by way of ordinary CA order on any monetary c. d. CSC. OP. and reso of the NLRC. Civil Aeronautics Board. Except continuing mandamus. the BLR over intra-labor dispute. r. Sec. in the exercise of its adjudicatory function in case of violation of the LC. a party desiring to appeal a decision of the RTC rendered in the instrument. DAR. Energy Regulatory Board. SEC. Among these agencies are the: amended by RA 9194. o. union registration by the RD or the Bureau of Labor g. or mandamus against: over all final judgements. resolutions. Petition for writ of (a)Decision. i. 2) Rule 43 of ROCP provides: unlawful activity as “This Rule shall apply to appeals from judgments or final orders of the CTA and defined under Sec. (governed by Rule 47).4Decision over direct and indirect contempt cases c. q.5Decision of the SLE on appeal in case of denial of f. final orders of the No. or involving any already final and executory.m. Employment in the exercise of its appellate with the Constitution. s. Land Registration Authority. to wit: third paragraph and subparagraph 4 of the fourth paragraph of Section 17 of the of judgment of the Judiciary Act of 1948. case of final and executory decision of the RTC. Construction Industry Arbitration Commission.7Decisions of the SLE on appeal over the order of m. Employees Compensation Commission and the Civil Service Commission. (b)Decisions. c. fo. Decision of the office of the Ombudsman in admin. property. the provisions of this Act.p. n. brought on appeal in case of exercise of its appellate jurisdiction may file a verified petition for review or proceeds relating to violation of apprenticeship agreement which is with the CA. e. final orders or resolutions of or authorized by any qja of RA 9160 as Commision on appeal over Wage order by the in the exercise of its qj functions. fo of the Sec. (c)Decisions. and c. orders or awards of Regional Trial Courts and quasi-judicial agencies. habeas data. the amparo.POEA adminis. Voluntary Arbitration. 442. c.

orders or resolutions of the RTCs in local taxes originally decided or b. Provided. charges. and 45. and the Secretary of Agriculture in the case of agricultural product. g. fees or other charges.P. The decisions of the Divisions of the CTA are now reviewed “under a procedure analogous to that provided for in Rule 43 of the 1997 RoCP with the CTA. EAJ in tax collection cases: assessments. It states that. and fines. (S9. . resolutions. Trials or hearings in the CA must be continuous and must be completed within three (3) months. refund of internal revenue taxes. fees or other money charges. MeTC. Decisions. fees or other charges. par. in the case of non-agricultural product. is less a. territorial jurisdiction. “The CA shall have the power to try cases and conduct hearings. EOJ in tax collection cases involving final and which shall hear the case en banc” and the latter by the SC on questions of law under Rule executory assessments for taxes. Decisions of the Central Board of Assessment Appeals in the exercise of its appellate jurisdiction over cases involving the assessment and taxation of real property originally decided by the provincial or city board of assessment appeals. resolutions. Inaction of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue in cases involving disputed 2. thereto. or other matters relating arising under the NIR or laws administered by the BIR. 2 of B. Over petitions for review of the judgments. case originally decided by the MeTCs. Decisions of Secretary of Finance on customs cases elevated to him automatically for review from decisions of the Commissioner of Customs which are adverse to the Government under S2315 of the Tariff and Customs Code.” Exclusive Appellate Jurisdiction Jurisdiction over tax collection cases CTA is co-equal with the CA. or other matters relating arising under the NIR or laws administered by the BIR or orders of the RTCs in tax collection cases where the NIRC provides for a specific period of action. of Trade and Industry. and RTC. That collection cases where the principal amount of taxes and fees. Decisionof theCommissioner of Internal Revenue in cases involving disputed than One million pesos (P1M) shall be tried by the assessments. Decisions of the Commissioner of Customs on cases involving liability for customs of their appellate jurisdiction over tax collection duties. MTC/MCTC issued based on their delegated jurisdiction in cadastral and land registration cases under Section 34 of B. in their respective jurisdictions. respectively. c. CTA The CTA has exclusive appellate jurisdiction over the following. penalties in relation proper MTC. unless extended by the CJ. 129. Over appeals from the judgments. 129 shall be appealable in the same manner as decisions of the RTCs. where either party may appeal the decision to impose or not to impose said duties. 1. resolved by them in their original or appellate jurisdiction. of the Tariff and Customs Code. f. refund of internal revenue taxes. Customs Law or other laws administered by the BoC. RA 9282. Original Exclusive and Original Appellate 3) Decisions of MeTC. to wit: exclusive of charges and penalties claimed. including the power to grant and conduct new trials or further proceedings. b. commodity or article. or other matters arising under the MCTCs. fees. . Blg. e. or orders of the RTCs in the exercise d. Decisions of the Sec. in their respective deemed a denial. thereto. seizure. however. involving dumping and countervailing duties under Secs. MTCs. detention or release of property affected. penalties in relation a. receive evidence and perform any and all acts necessary to resolve factual issues raised in cases falling within its original and appellate jurisdiction. in which case the inaction shall be originally decided by them. as amended) (CTA Division – CTA en banc – SC) penalties. provides for the power of the CA in exercising CA exclusive and appellate jurisdiction. and safeguard measures under RA 8800. 301 and 302.Section 9(3).P. commodity or article. forfeitures or other penalties in relation thereto.

(S17.D. Cases against minors cognizable under the Dangerous Drugs Act. Petitions for guardianship. 6. ibid). 2. cruelty. as amended. otherwise known as the “FC of the Philippines”. exploitation. and other forms of physical abuse such as battering or threats and coercion which violate a woman’s personhood. or neglected children.O. the suspension.Cases of domestic violence against: a. . 9. and petitions for dissolution of conjugal partnership of gains. Jurisdiction of Family Courts Under RA 8369. Summary judicial proceedings brought under the provisions of E. 8. Children – which include the commission of all forms of abuse. (S5. the FCs shall have exclusive original jurisdiction over the following civil cases: 1. If an act constitutes a criminal offense. sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women. If any question involving any of the above matters should arise as an incident in any case pending in the regular courts. declaration of nullity of marriage and those relating to status and property relations of husband and wife or those living together under different status and agreements. integrity and freedom movement. E. RA 8369) In areas where there are no FCs. 209. 3. Petitions for the constitution of the family home. or are likely to result in physical. discrimination and all other conditions prejudicial to their development. Petitions for declaration of status of children as abandoned. 5. and b. 10. 7. Women – which are acts of gender-based violence that results. neglect. the above enumerated cases shall be adjudicated by the RTC. termination or restoration of parental authority and other cases cognizable under P. the accused or batterer shall be subject to criminal proceedings and the corresponding penalties. 56 (series of 1986) and other related laws. petitions for voluntary or involuntary commitment of children. 603. 4.O. Violations of RA 7160. Petitions for adoption for children and the revocation thereof. dependent. Petitions for support and/or acknowledgement. custody of children and habeas corpus involving children. Complaints for annulment of marriage. violence. said incident shall be determined in that court.