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From Status Updates to Strategy

FIO Partners, LLC –

September 29, 2010

Strategy Framework:




Understanding Social Media
• The Cluetrain Manifesto:
• Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

Using Facebook:
• - for new features and updates
• Facebook Getting Started Guide:
• Guide for Using Pages:

Social Media and Nonprofits

• We Are Media:
• The Networked Nonprofit
• Beth Kanter’s Blog

Additional Questions to Address when considering Social Media

Source: We Are Media -
1) Technology Infrastructure
• Are your computers networked and able to access the Internet?
• Is your website easy to maintain (or CMS based), regularly updated, engaging and interactive?
• Do you have email access beyond organizational walls? (e.g., when traveling, mobile?)
2) Staff/ Volunteer Resources
• Do you have a staff member responsible for maintaining your online presence?
• In what ways are you/staff currently participating online? Is there a web presence in common to
build on?
• Does anyone at the organization WANT to do it? Are they interested and eager and willing to put
themselves on the line responsibly?
• Who has the responsibility of representing your brand/identity elsewhere?
• How will the roles of your organization change?
• Assuming that the use of social media is to build community, who is responsible for listening to
members and what are they listening for?
• To what degree is your organization already functioning as a network or community building?
• What barriers do you regularly encounter that keep you from participating online?
3) Comparing Value of Social Media to other initiatives
• What might our organization do better? What strategies or tools might help with this? Are those
social media tools?
• What "next steps" are available for relationships forged online? Do they help you meet your overall
organizational goals?
• Do you have clear goals for your organization’s foray into social media?
• How will your brand be represented in other environments?
• How do we track and quantify our efforts? What will you or your organization do with the
information you get? Who is responsible for making recommendations using this information?
4) Audience
• Where are your customers already engaged online? (or are they?) Does it make sense to join
them there?
• What information or communication request/wish do you most often hear from staff or customers?
• What audiences are you trying to reach? Are web 2.0 tools a good way to reach them?
• How is your org engaging communities? Are you doing all you can to communicate/collaborate?
Do you need to do more?