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2. Backgrounds of the literature in Region IV-A (Laguna)

Gerry Alanguilan
As a young man, Alanguilan studied to become an architect, but decided to turn his hobby of comic book
illustration into a career in order to be with his then-girlfriend. At first, much of Alanguilan's work in
comic was on conventional American superhero titles. His first self-written comic was Wasted.
Alanguilan at first intended the comic to be for himself and his friends to read, and was embarrassed by
the large amounts of violence and profanity in the title. Eventually Alanguilan allowed Wasted to be
published in the Philippines, and from there its popularity spread to the United States and put
Alanguilan on the independent comics map.
After Wasted, Alanguilan created several other titles which were published in several Filipino
publications, such as Johnny Balbona, Humanis Rex!, ELMER, Timawa and Where Bold Stars go to Die. He
also contributed to anthologies like Siglo: Freedom, Siglo: Passion and Filipino Komiks, all published in
the Philippines. His self-created titles have also attracted a fanbase all over the world, including comic
creators Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis.
-Have you seen this Girl
Denny began writing stories at the age of 13. Her book, Diary ng Panget (Diary of an Ugly) has been a
commercial success and widely followed in Wattpad. The book has been adapted into a film. She also
wrote She Died, a manga series that also has been published on Wattpad. Her other works include
Voiceless, that became popular because of the book's theme song "Hear Me", Waiting for the Train
(under the GOLD Manga Series), Steps to You, That Girl, One Bad Move, I Met A Jerk Whose Name Is
Seven and 10 Signatures To Bargain With God.
-Frank G Rivera
Tuhog-tuhog (2005)
Jose Rizal: iba’t ibang Pananaw (2005)
Halik sa Kampilan (2005)
Makata sa Cellphone (2005)
TAO: Isang Tagulaylay Sa Ikadalawampu’t Isang Siglo (2004)
Oyayi, Ang Zarzuela (2004)
Darna, Etc. (2003)
Sining Kambayoka's Mga Kuwentong Maranao (2003)
Ambon, Ulan, Baha: Sarsuwelang Pinoy (2003)
Gothic Telemovies (2002)
MULAT: Mga Isyung Panlipunan sa mga Dulang Pantelebisyon (2002)
Mga Dula sa Magkakaibang Midyum (1982)
Ama at iba pa, Sari-saring Dula (1982)
-Jose Rizal
Novels and essays
-Noli Me Tángere, novel, 1887 (literally Latin for 'touch me not', from John 20:17)
-El Filibusterismo, (novel, 1891), sequel to Noli Me Tángere
-Alin Mang Lahi ("Whate'er the Race"), a Kundiman attributed to Dr. José Rizal
-The Friars and the Filipinos (Unfinished)
-Toast to Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo (Speech, 1884), given at Restaurante Ingles, Madrid
-The Diaries of José Rizal
-Rizal's Letters is a compendium of Dr. Jose Rizal's letters to his family members, Blumentritt, Fr. Pablo
Pastells and other reformers
-"Come se gobiernan las Filipinas" (Governing the Philippine islands)
-Filipinas dentro de cien años essay, 1889–90 (The Philippines a Century Hence)
-La Indolencia de los Filipinos, essay, 1890 (The indolence of Filipinos)
-Makamisa unfinished novel
-Sa Mga Kababaihang Taga Malolos, essay, 1889, To the Young Women of Malolos
-Annotations to Antonio de Moragas, Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (essay, 1889, Events in the Philippine
Edgar Calabia Samar
-"Si Janus Sílang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon" (Adarna House, 2014)
-"Eight Muses of the Fall" (Anvil Publishing, 2013)
-"Halos Isang Búhay: Ang Manananggal sa Pagsusulat ng Nobela" (UST Publishing House, 2012)
-"Sa Kasunod ng 909" (UST Publishing House, 2012)
-Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog (Anvil Publishing, 2009)
-Pag-aabang sa Kundiman: Isang Tulambuhay (ADMU Office of Research and Publications, 2006)
-Isa na Namang Pagtingala sa Buwan (National Commission for Culture and the Arts, 2005)
-Uuwi na ang Nanay Kong si Darna! (Adarna House, 2002)
Gregorio F. Zaide
Zaide was a prolific writer and historian writing about 67 books, which were adopted as textbooks for
high schools and colleges. He also authored more than 500 articles in history published in both national
and international newspapers and academic journals.