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Name : Ranti Harvi Rahimi

Nim : 0203516041
PPS Reguler Rombel 2
Discourse Analysis

1. What contribution that the mini research that you conducted before to the teaching
learning in SMP / SMA ?

The previous research was about analyzing the points in a casual conversation based

on Thornbury’s book. Turned out from 6 points that mentioned in that book, there were

so many things that could be analyzed. These things directly help to build a natural good

conversation. Since this conversation was unplanned, so there would be some points that

need to look at, even the smallest one such as filled pauses, chunks, questions or

backchanneling. Students need to pay more attention to that, whether junior high or senior

high school because it could help each other to understand the context of the conversation

and also it could help them to express their personal feeling towards the other speaker.

Since Indonesia is an English foreign language, it means that students don't use English

very often and most of them find it difficult to make a conversation in English even

though a simple one.

They could be smart in writing or in listening or any other subjects, but to make a

natural conversation in English like the native could be a big problem if they don't know

the points that consist within a good natural conversation. The teacher could teach them

these points not only how to make a conversation but also know things inside it too. The

goal is to make them understand the whole conversation and could use it properly in their

daily life conversation.