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prepares you for high-wage,
high-demand careers!

CTAE Pathway completers 22 CTAE End of Pathway

in Henry County have a Assessments qualify for
97.4% graduation rate! college credit!

Upon completion, 13 11 CTAE courses qualify as

CTAE pathways lead to the required Fourth
nationally recognized Science Course upon
industry certification. completion.

CTSOs - A Perfect Fit for Everyone!

The Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) opportunities for its members to be involved in
Division of the Georgia Department of Education is community initiatives.
responsible for the career and leadership development  
of students in middle and high schools across the state. In addition, each CTSO celebrates a National CTSO
By using a co-curricular format, the CTAE department Week with various activities designed to honor
works with the Career, Technical Student Organizations members, teachers and administrators. Students love to
(CTSO) to enrich the curriculum in the CTAE Pathways. get involved during this week of activities, field trips,
Hands-on, real world learning experiences offered socials, contests, breakfasts, and guest speakers.
through participation in CTSOs greatly enhance the
rigorous curriculum provided by the traditional CTSOs provide an excellent way for all students in CTAE
classroom experience.  courses to expand the knowledge and skills learned in
class as well as develop leadership and community
Henry County’s CTSOs strive to help students lay the awareness skills needed for their future success in the
foundation and build the skills necessary for chapters to workplace.
achieve success. Each CTSO is full of interesting and
exciting programs in which to get involved at the local, Check out the Georgia website for all CTSOs:
state, and national levels. Fall, State, and National
Leadership Conferences provide opportunities for
students to learn leadership skills, network with other Georgia DECA –
students, and participate and excel in knowledge and Georgia FFA –
skill performances. Georgia FBLA –
Georgia FCCLA –
Our CTSOs also strongly encourage and support Georgia HOSA –
community service activities which provide Georgia SkillsUSA –
Georgia TSA –
Table of Contents
Career Pathways.................................................1 Human Services.............................................12
Information Technology..................................13
CAREER CLUSTERS: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security....14
Agriculture........................................................2 Manufacturing................................................15
Architecture & Construction.............................3 Marketing.......................................................16
Arts, Audio-Video Technology Science, Technology, Engineering
& Communication.............................................4 & Mathematics...............................................17
Business Management & Administration.........5 Transportation, Distribution & Logistics..........18
Education & Training........................................6 Work-Based Learning....................................19
Energy Systems...............................................7 Academy for Advanced Studies.....................19
Finance............................................................8 Dual Enrollment......................................20
Government & Public Administration...............9
Health Science...............................................10 Pathways at a Glance..............Inside Back Cover
Hospitality & Tourism.....................................11

Career Pathways

Career pathways are state-approved career enhancement programs defined as a coherent, articulated sequence of
rigorous academic and career related courses usually commencing in the ninth grade and leading to an associate
degree, an industry-recognized certificate or licensure, and/or a baccalaureate degree and beyond.

Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) provides all Georgia students with the opportunity to select at
least three sequenced electives in a career pathway, along with recommended academic course work, to prepare
them to continue their education at any level or to enter the world of work.

Selection of a pathway will be based on self-awareness and the investigation of occupations plus related educational
levels aligned with the pathway. Most high-demand, high-skilled, high-wage occupations in all concentrations still
do require education beyond high school. Implementation of career pathways is a collaborative effort between the
local system, the Technical College System of Georgia and the University System of Georgia.


Agriculture, Food, and Natural
Resources Career Cluster
Agriculture Education (Ag Ed) nurtures leaders in every field
imaginable. While some Ag Ed students come from farm families, the
vast majority do not. Over 98% of pathway completers go on to work
or study in a nonfarm, agriculture-related career.

There are three interrelated components to the program: classroom Course Titles:
and laboratory experiences, the Supervised Agricultural Experience 2542 Basic Agriculture Science*
Program (SAEP), and FFA. The Ag Ed program combines agricultural 2560 Animal Science and Biotechnology*
2540 Plant Sciences and Biotechnology*
technical skills with rigorous coursework, leadership training, an
2520 Biotechnology
exploration of the ethical and philosophical issues related to genetic
engineering, the impact of agriculture on the environment, and other COMPANION ANIMAL SYSTEMS
current agricultural topics. PATHWAY

The opportunities for students with solid Ag Ed skills are booming in

fields such as agriscience, animal science, biotechnology, turf Course Titles:
management, landscaping, food science, forestry, environmental 2542 Basic Agriculture Science*
2560 Animal Science and Biotechnology*
science, agricultural engineering, agribusiness management, and
2554 Small Animal Care*
veterinary medicine.


Supervisors of Landscaping & Course Titles:

Lawn Service Workers 2542 Basic Agriculture Science*
2560 Animal Science and Biotechnology*
Veterinary Technicians 2554 Small Animal Care*
2550 Veterinary Science*
Pet Nutrition Specialists
* Required for Pathway Completion
Landscape Irrigation Specialists
See the legend on page 1 for the names of schools
Landscape Architects abbreviated in the charts.

Wildlife Removal Specialists

Architecture and Construction
Career Cluster
Using leading-edge tools and techniques, students in Architecture ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING AND
and Construction will research, design, and build innovative DESIGN PATHWAY
structures, models, and machines. Students use advanced math and
science skills to complete a rigorous, hands-on, project based
curriculum. Course Titles:
2624 Introduction to Drafting and Design*
2214 Architectural Drawing and Design I*
Emphasis in Architectural Drawing and Design is placed on house
2224 Architectural Drawing and Design II*
designs, floor plans, roof designs, elevations (interior and exterior),
schedules, and foundations. Students in advanced courses will learn
to illustrate more complex objects using the Computer-Aided Drafting Course Titles:
(CAD) system and develop skills in dimensioning, tolerancing, 2758 Construction Industry Fundamentals
pictorials, sections, auxiliary views, and intersection and and Occupational Safety*
developments. 2950 Introduction to Construction*
2760 Carpentry*
Students in Construction pathways will gain knowledge in all areas of
safety, the State of Georgia Building Codes, and gain skills needed for
carpentry, electrical, masonry, and plumbing.
Course Titles:
2758 Construction Industry Fundamentals
Welding students will learn basic knowledge and safe operating skills and Occupational Safety*
needed to demonstrate proper use of equipment in oxyfuel and 2950 Introduction to Construction*
shielded metal arc welding according to the American Welding 2762 Electrical*
Society and the National Center for Construction Education and
Research Center.

Hot Jobs
Course Titles:
2758 Construction Industry Fundamentals
and Occupational Safety*
2950 Introduction to Construction*
Construction Managers 2764 Masonry*

Mechanical Engineers

Civil Engineers
Course Titles:
2758 Construction Industry Fundamentals
and Occupational Safety*
2950 Introduction to Construction*
2766 Plumbing*
Plumbers, Pipefitters &
Steam Fitters
Welders Course Titles:
2774 Welding Industry Fundamentals and
Occupational Safety*
* Required for Pathway Completion 2768 Introduction to Metals*
2770 Welding I*
See the legend on page 1 for the names of
schools abbreviated in the charts.

Arts, Audio-Video Technology and
Communications Career Cluster
The Arts, Audio-Video Technology & Communication career cluster AUDIO-VIDEO TECHNOLOGY AND
allows students to work with their hands and collaborate on fun,
interactive projects. Using state of the art technology, students in the
Audio-Video Technology and Film pathway will complete projects in
designing, writing, producing, editing, and filming. Students in
Graphic Production or Graphic Design pathways will be involved in Course Titles:
the technologies of printing, publishing, packaging, and electronic 0478 Audio-Video Technology and Film I*
3175 Audio-Video Technology and Film II*
imaging; developing skills in typography, visual arts, and page layout.
3177 Audio-Video Technology and Film III*
All students will develop business and effective communication skills
as they learn to interact with clients and customers. AUDIO-VIDEO TECHNOLOGY AND
Students entering the fast-paced industry of broadcasting will be on
the cutting edge of production and programming, set production, AAS LGH OH WH
lighting, recording and editing. Many will meet with live clients and Course Titles:
produce professional quality programs and videos to meet the 0478 Audio-Video Technology and Film I*
needs of business and industry. 3175 Audio-Video Technology and Film II*
0475 Broadcast Video Production
Graphics students will meet with real clients to plan, develop, and
implement designs for advertising, product promotion, and
electronic communication. The professional equipment in the lab
Course Titles:
will provide students the opportunity to follow a project from 3179 Introduction to Graphics & Design*
inception to final print. Many items from the students in this 3181 Graphic Design & Production*
pathway will be displayed and promoted through an on-site school 3185 Advanced Graphic Design*
Course Titles:

Hot Jobs 3179 Introduction to Graphics & Design*

3181 Graphic Design & Production*
3183 Advanced Graphic Output Processes*
Set Construction Assistants
* Required for Pathway Completion
Hair & Makeup Assistants See the legend on page 1 for the names of
schools abbreviated in the charts.
Visual Effects Technicians

Cameras & Lighting Technicians

Casting Directors

Location Scouts

Email Marketing Designers

Presentation Specialists

Business Management & Administration
Career Cluster
The Business Management and Administration cluster helps prepare ENTREPRENEURSHIP PATHWAY
students to become successful participants in any field that conducts
business in today’s society as well as transition into post-secondary
settings or the work force. Students in this concentration learn about
legal operations of business, international business, entrepreneurship,
business operations, as well as human resources management. Course Titles:
0200 Introduction to Business
Business-focused students may have the opportunity to start and run & Technology*
a school-based enterprise, such as a school store, as part of their 0202 Legal Environment of Business*
2684 Entrepreneurship*
coursework. Students will learn firsthand how to create and implement
a successful business plan and manage people, products, and
budgets. * Required for Pathway Completion

See the legend on page 1 for the names of

Hot Jobs
schools abbreviated in the charts.

Administrative Service Managers

Human Resource Specialists

Management Analysts

Meeting, Convention, & Event


Public Relations Specialists

Education and Training Career Cluster

The Education Program concentration in Career, Technical, and EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND
Agricultural Education is designed for students who are interested in EDUCATION PATHWAY
pursuing a career in the education field.

The Early Childhood Education pathway focuses on teaching children

ages birth to seven years. Students will address preschool care and
Course Titles:
education and development issues that include guiding the physical, 2480 Early Childhood Education I*
cognitive, creative, social, emotional, and moral development of 2717 Early Childhood Education II*
young children. This course of study includes planning and guiding 2719 Early Childhood Education III*
developmentally appropriate practices for working with young
children through the operation of an on-site preschool program, EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND
based on guidance from Bright from the Start. EDUCATION PATHWAY (AAS OPTION)

Teaching as a Profession focuses on teaching children in grades K

through 12. Students will study, apply, and practice the following: Course Titles:
2480 Early Childhood Education I*
current technology, effective teaching and learning strategies,
2717 Early Childhood Education II*
effective learning environments for diverse learners and students with 2721 Early Childhood Education
special needs, and instruction based on knowledge of subject matter, Practicum*
students, community and curriculum performance standards.

Course Titles:
0011 Examining the Teaching Profession*

Hot Jobs 0014 Contemporary Issues in Education*

0016 Teaching as a Profession Practicum*
* Required for Pathway Completion

K-12 EDUCATION PRESCHOOL EDUCATION See the legend on page 1 for the names of schools
abbreviated in the charts.
Elementary Day Care Supervisors
School Teachers
Certified Day Care
Middle School Teachers Teachers
High School Math & Nutrition Specialists
Science Teachers
Art, Music, & Dance
Coaches Teachers
Special Education Early Intervention
Teachers Specialists
Education Administrators
Kindergarten Teachers
Guidance Counselors

Energy Career Cluster

Courses in the Energy Cluster prepare students for careers in

planning, managing, and providing support and technical services TRANSMISSION AND
related to the generation, transmission and distribution of various DISTRIBUTION PATHWAY
types of energy along with the engineering design, construction,
maintenance and repair of these systems.
Course Titles:
Students in the Energy and Power pathway will learn the key 3191 Foundation of Energy Technologies*
concepts and methods of energy systems, applications, and 2946 Energy & Power: Generation,
Transmission, & Distribution*
efficiency. They will also explore how energy is converted into useful
2948 Energy Systems Applications*
services and the role of increased efficiency in providing those
services with less energy. * Required for Pathway Completion

See the legend on page 1 for the names of

This career cluster has been implemented in the state of Georgia as a schools abbreviated in the charts.
direct result of the demand for qualified, skilled, trained employees
to work in the rapidly changing energy industry. Fueled by Georgia’s
nuclear energy plants, hydraulic systems, and alternative energy
experimentation, students choosing this career field will be ready to
address the problems of tomorrow by immediately entering the
world of work or furthering their education at technical or two- or
four-year colleges.

Hot Jobs
Operations Engineer

Maintenance Technicians

Electrical Engineers

Transmission Planning Engineers

Line Workers

Telecommunications Equipment
Installers & Technicians

Finance Career Cluster

The Finance Career Cluster helps prepare students to enter the ADVANCED BANKING PATHWAY
exciting and demanding field of finance. Banking, Investing,
Insurance, Accounting, and Auditing are but a few of the fields in the
increasingly automated and international industry. Course Titles:
0200 Introduction to Business
Through a wide range of courses, students will learn about sole & Technology*
0189 Financial Literacy*
proprietorships and partnerships, the stock market, interest rates,
0104 Accounting and Banking*
actuary science, annuities, and the volatile world of currency and 0105 Accounting and Investing*
foreign exchange. Students may also have the opportunity to
participate in a school-based enterprise or intern with a local credit FINANCIAL SERVICES PATHWAY

Every current and future business, both local and international, will Course Titles:
need employees who are trained and experienced in the world of 0200 Introduction to Business
finance. It is the key to realizing a profit and securing a future. & Technology*
0189 Financial Literacy*
2670 Banking, Investing, and Insurance*


Auditors Course Titles:
0200 Introduction to Business
Financial Analysts & Technology*
0189 Financial Literacy*
Personal Financial 0102 Accounting I*
* Required for Pathway Completion
Investment Banking
Associates See the legend on page 1 for the names of schools
abbreviated in the charts.

Government and Public
Administration Career Cluster
Students in any of the CTAE program concentrations who want to
enhance their leadership skills, improve their physical and mental
fitness, and be part of an elite team can choose to participate in
Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC).
Course Titles:
Henry County Schools offer both Navy and Air Force JROTC 5092 JROTC Air Force I*
programs. JROTC cadets are not obligated to commit to military 5112 JROTC Air Force II*
service. However, many cadets find that they enjoy military discipline 5132 JROTC Air Force III*
and structure because it brings out their best and allows them to 5152 JROTC Air Force IV*
excel. Some win appointments to one of the military academies, and
those who enlist can enter military service at a higher rank and pay
JROTC training improves the ability to study, take tests, set goals, and
better focus on academics. These are the tools every student needs to
improve grades and to better prepare to attend college. Course Titles:
5012 JROTC Navy I*
Many programs have Color Guard, Orienteerings, Academic Teams, 5032 JROTC Navy II*
5052 JROTC Navy III*
and Drill teams. Others offer an Air Rifle team – which is a Georgia
5072 JROTC Navy IV*
High School Association varsity athletic sport.

Hot Jobs
* Required for Pathway Completion

See the legend on page 1 for the names of schools

abbreviated in the charts.

Aircraft Mechanics

Mechanical Engineers

Healthcare Technicians

Cybersecurity Specialists

Health Science Career Cluster

If you are interested in a future in any medical-related field, a

Healthcare Science concentration provides challenging academic
courses, relevant on-the-job experience, and specialized technical
skills that will prepare you for a future in this high-paced, high-
demand career field.
Course Titles:
8572 Introduction to Healthcare*
Through Healthcare Science courses, students learn basic concepts 2692 Essentials of Healthcare*
of health, wellness, and preventative care; medical terminology; 2696 Allied Health & Medicine*
microbiology; life-support skills; and the ethical and legal
responsibilities of today’s healthcare provider. The Health IT field is EMERGENCY MEDICAL
becoming increasingly vital in the medical field. Maintenance of RESPONDER PATHWAY
Course Titles:
health records in hospitals, clinics, health departments, insurance
8572 Introduction to Healthcare*
companies, governmental agencies, and other settings must ensure 2692 Essentials of Healthcare*
that gathered information is accurate and secure. 2934 Emergency Medical Responder*

Students enrolled in Healthcare Science will have many opportunities HEALTH IT PATHWAY
to put classroom knowledge and skills into practice through various Course Titles:
clinical experiences and internships. 8572 Introduction to Healthcare*
2938 Essentials of Healthcare IT*

Hot Jobs
2940 Applications of Health IT*

Course Titles:
Dental Hygienists 8572 Introduction to Healthcare*
Radiologic Technicians 2692 Essentials of Healthcare*
2700 Pharmacy Operations
Registered Nurses & Fundamentals*
Clinical Psychologists
Pharmacists Course Titles:
8572 Introduction to Healthcare*
Physical Therapists 2692 Essentials of Healthcare*
Physician Assistants 2698 Diagnostics Phlebotomy*
Nurse Practitioners
Course Titles:
8572 Introduction to Healthcare*
2692 Essentials of Healthcare*
2704 Sports Medicine*

* Required for Pathway Completion
Course Titles:
See the legend on page 1 for the names of 8572 Introduction to Healthcare*
schools abbreviated in the charts. 2692 Essentials of Healthcare*
2936 Surgical Technician I*

Hospitality and Tourism
Career Cluster
Culinary Arts is a fast growing and popular program in high schools CULINARY ARTS PATHWAY
across Georgia. This program is designed for those wanting to learn
the “art” and science involved in the preparation of food and for
those wanting to continue in the Culinary Arts field in any of the many Course Titles:
diverse opportunities: Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Kitchen Manager, 2420 Introduction to Culinary Arts*
Garde Manger, Banquet Chef, or a Restaurant Entrepreneur. 2422 Culinary Arts I*
2424 Culinary Arts II*
Opportunities in the culinary field are in high demand, offer high
wages, and require advanced skills. Individuals in this field gain * Required for Pathway Completion
knowledge in diet, nutrition, food preparation, cost and budgets, See the legend on page 1 for the names of
and the science of food. schools abbreviated in the charts.

Hot Jobs
Production Chefs

Food Service Directors

Restaurant Managers

Sous Chefs

Pastry Chefs

Food Safety Specialists

Line Cooks

Human Services Career Cluster

If you like interacting with people and want to build a career that HOUSING AND COMMUNITY
enables you to help others, then Human Services may be for you. MANAGEMENT PATHWAY
Through relevant coursework, community projects, student
organizations, and working with live clients, students develop the
Course Titles:
essential skills they need to become responsible citizens and
8920 Introduction to Consumer Relations*
leaders in the community. 2430 Housing & Community Management*
2431 Managing Diverse Property Types*
As a Nutrition and Food Science student, you will learn to manage
resources to meet the essential needs of individuals and families; to
promote optimal nutrition and wellness through every stage of life; NUTRITION AND FOOD SCIENCE
and to accept responsibility for your actions and success in family PATHWAY
and work life.

Cosmetology students learn anatomy, physiology, hygiene, infection Course Titles:

control, and chemistry before embarking into the world of hair- 2493 Foods, Nutrition & Wellness*
2709 Food for Life*
styling, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, hair color, scalp
2497 Food Science*
treatments, and manicuring or pedicuring.


Property Managers
Community Association Course Titles:
Managers 8174 Introduction to Personal Care
Real Estate Sales Agents Services*
3187 Cosmetology Services II*
Salon Managers 3189 Cosmetology Services III*
Hair & Makeup Artists
* Required for Pathway Completion
Nutrition & Food Service
Managers See the legend on page 1 for the names of
schools abbreviated in the charts.
Fitness Managers

Information Technology
Career Cluster
The Information Technology Career Cluster builds connections in IT PATHWAY
occupations for entry level, technical, and professional careers Course Titles:
related to the design, development, support, and management of 2592 Introduction to Digital Technology*
hardware, software, and multimedia, and systems integration 2628 Computer Science Principles*
services. 4890 AP Computer Science*

Careers in Programming and Software Development involve the design,
Course Titles:
development, implementation, and maintenance of computer systems 2592 Introduction to Digital Technology*
and software, requiring knowledge of computer operating systems, 2640 Introduction to Cybersecurity*
programming languages, and software development. People with 2641 Advanced Cybersecurity*
expertise in programming and software development are in high
demand, doing work such as creating the software that launches and GAME DESIGN PATHWAY
runs NASA space shuttles. Course Titles:
2592 Introduction to Digital Technology*
2628 Computer Science Principles*
People with expertise in Information Support and Services or 2688 Game Design: Animation &
Networking are doing work such as integrating multiple databases at a Simulation*
global investment company or creating and maintaining the
infrastructure in medical facilities that enables multiple doctors to view INFORMATION SUPPORT AND
the same patient’s X-rays in real-time to determine diagnosis and best SERVICES PATHWAY
treatment. Course Titles:
2592 Introduction to Digital Technology*
2662 IT Essentials*
2664 IT Support*


Course Titles:
Database Architects 2592 Introduction to Digital Technology*
Database Administrators 2680 Networking Fundamentals*
2682 Networking Systems and Support*
Computer System Analysts
Digital Game Developers PROGRAMMING PATHWAY
Computer Use Support DH HH
Cybersecurity Specialists Course Titles:
Network Administrators 2592 Introduction to Digital Technology*
2628 Computer Science Principles*
Software Developers
2638 Programming, Games, Apps and


* Required for Pathway Completion PATHWAY
Course Titles:
See the legend on page 1 for the names of 2592 Introduction to Digital Technology*
schools abbreviated in the charts.
2628 Computer Science Principles*
2669 Web Development & Data

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
Career Cluster
Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education’s career pathway in
Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security provides students with FORENSIC SCIENCE PATHWAY
the basic technical skills and solid academic foundation required to
pursue a career in a broad range of fast-growing fields in the
public safety industry.

Developing a deep pool of talented law enforcement Course Titles:

professionals will enable not only Henry County but also the state 8527 Introduction to Law, Public Safety,
of Georgia to meet the demand of skilled workers needed to help Corrections and Security*
protect Georgia’s way of life. 2723 Criminal Justice Essentials*
2725 Criminal Investigations and
Forensic Science*
Students interested in the popular field of forensic science can
learn basic technical skills such as crime scene preservation and
* Required for Pathway Completion
methods of identifying, collecting, preserving, and processing
evidence. See the legend on page 1 for the names of
schools abbreviated in the charts.

Hot Jobs

Legal Assistants

Custom Protection Officers

Fraud Prevention

Loss Prevention Directors

Surveillance Investigators

Manufacturing Career Cluster

Advanced Manufacturing is a leading Georgia industry, especially in

Henry County. It involves planning, managing and performing the
processing of materials into intermediate or final products, and
related professional and technical support activities such as Course Titles:
production planning and control, maintenance, and manufacturing/ 2711 Introduction to Mechatronics*
process engineering. 2713 AC Theory, Electric Motors and
Hydraulic Systems*
The Mechatronics pathway is a pathway within the Manufacturing 2715 Semiconductors, Mechanical
Systems, Pump and Piping Systems*
Career Cluster. Mechatronics is a diverse field. It encompasses many
interrelated disciplines including: Electronics, Mechanics, Fluid
* Required for Pathway Completion
Power, Electrical Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers,
Computers, and Robotics. Mechatronics is a term which includes the See the legend on page 1 for the names of
schools abbreviated in the charts.
above disciplines and takes an integrated approach to their study.

Hot Jobs
Industrial Engineers

Industrial Maintenance

Operations Engineers

Material Mover

Mechanical Design

PLC Programmers

Marketing Career Cluster

Students in the Marketing concentration develop knowledge and

skills in the foundational (economics, human relations, and business PATHWAY
basics) and functional (product and service planning, marketing-
information managements, purchasing and pricing, selling and
promotion, risk management, financing, and distribution/logistics)
Course Titles:
areas of marketing. 3001 Marketing Principles*
2727 Marketing & Entrepreneurship*
In Georgia, the possibilities for a student with a Marketing 2729 Marketing and Management*
background are limitless. Retailers, manufacturers, entertainment and
hospitality industries, government agencies, hospitals, law and
medical offices, real estate and insurance companies, schools, and
churches are just a sampling of the employers who need individuals MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS
with these skills and experiences. AND PROMOTIONS PATHWAY

Hot Jobs Course Titles:

3001 Marketing Principles*
Marketing Research 2731 Promotion and Professional Sales*
Analysts 2942 Marketing Communications
Marketing Specialists
* Required for Pathway Completion
Marketing Managers
See the legend on page 1 for the names of schools
Wholesale & abbreviated in the charts.
Manufacturing Sales

Social Media Coordinators

Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics Career Cluster
Today’s professionals in the engineering, technology, ELECTRONICS PATHWAY
manufacturing, and energy systems fields continue to revolutionize
the way we live and conduct business each and every day. The
STEM career cluster combines hands-on application and problem Course Titles:
solving projects with a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for 2650 Foundations of Electronics*
2652 Advanced AC and DC Circuits*
the most challenging postsecondary engineering and technology
2654 Digital Electronics*
degree programs. Students will learn to illustrate more complex
objects using the Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) system and
develop skills in dimensioning, tolerancing, pictorials, and 3D PATHWAY

Hot Jobs Course Titles:

2603 Foundations of Engineering
and Technology*
Field Service Technicians 2607 Engineering Concepts*
2611 Engineering Applications*
Electrical Engineers 2619 Research Design and Project
Mechanical Engineers

CAD Designers
Project Engineers
Course Titles:
Quality Control Managers
2602 Introduction to Mechanical Drafting
and Design*
2618 Survey of Engineering Graphics*
2622 3D Modeling and Analysis*

* Required for Pathway Completion

See the legend on page 1 for the names of

schools abbreviated in the charts.

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Career Cluster
The planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE
goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water and related professional and AND LIGHT REPAIR PATHWAY
technical support services such as transportation infrastructure planning Course Titles:
and management, logistics services, mobile equipment, and facility 2740 Basic Maintenance and Light Repair*
maintenance all come together to form the Transportation, Distribution 2742 Maintenance and Light Repair II*
and Logistics Career Cluster. 2744 Maintenance and Light Repair III*

On the Transportation side, students in Basic Maintenance and Light AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE
Repair and Automobile Service Technology will be exposed to courses in TECHNOLOGY PATHWAY
automotive preventative maintenance and servicing. Course Titles:
2746 Automobile Service Technology IV*
Students completing the Transportation pathways will have the 2748 Automobile Service Technology V*
opportunity to take exams offered by ASE/NATEF. 2750 Automobile Service Technology VI*

Distribution and Logistics pathway students will be prepared to enter

employment in the field of logistics and supply chain management.
Students in Diesel Mechanics will focus on servicing and maintaining
Course Titles:
large equipment. With Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the I-75 2706 Introduction to Diesel Mechanics*
and I-20 corridors, and the port in Savannah; Distribution and Logistics is 2707 Diesel I*
vital to the economic success of Georgia. 2708 Diesel II*


Course Titles:
Auto Appraiser 2752 Logistics Fundamentals*
2754 Logistics Operations*
Transportation Broker 2756 Materials Management*

Logistics Management * Required for Pathway Completion

See the legend on page 1 for the names of
Inventory Analyst schools abbreviated in the charts.

Diesel Mechanics

Warehouse Supervisor

Work-Based Learning
Work-Based Learning (WBL) represents the pinnacle of the Career- WORK-BASED LEARNING
Related Education experience.

Students must also have a defined pathway in order to participate in

the Work-Based component of Career-Related Education. This is
especially important for successful application of a student’s pathway See the legend on page 1 for the names of
schools abbreviated in the charts.
because each job placement is directly related to the curriculum of
the classes completed or in which the student is currently enrolled.
Work-Based Learning is not simply work release, but an extension of
the high school classroom learning in a non-traditional laboratory
setting. It is an opportunity to truly apply, in real world settings, what
the student has learned through a related program of study.

There are several opportunities for students to participate in Work-

Based Learning. These opportunities include Cooperative Education,
Internship, Youth Apprenticeship, and Clinical Experiences.

Academy for Advanced Studies

What does this mean for me?
It means you will take some of your classes at the
Academy and some of your classes at your home school.
You can also participate in all extra-curricular activities
(athletics, band, drama, clubs, etc.) at your home high

How is the Academy for Advanced

Studies different than other high
Partnerships with Clayton State University, Gordon State
Students from all Henry County high schools may College, and Southern Crescent Technical College
participate in this innovative program which is located have established the Academy as a satellite campus so
on the campus of Henry County High School. Students students can earn high school credit as well as college
will maintain enrollment at their home school while credit upon successful completion of each course.
participating in Academy for Advanced Studies programs Participation in these programs requires application and
on a “shared-time basis”. The state-of-the-art career/tech acceptance into the post-secondary institution.
programs of study offered at the Academy are not offered
through the home high schools. Henry County Schools How do I sign up?
will provide transportation to and from each of the home There is no application for participation. Contact your
high schools! school counselor for open house and registration

Dual Enrollment
What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual enrollment (DE) programs allow high school students to earn both high school and college credit for the same
course. Students may enroll in college courses full-time or part-time, and may take courses during or after regular school
hours on the college campus,online, or at the high school. These programs are designed to provide challenging
opportunities while allowing students to get an early start on college and ease the transition.

How does Dual Enrollment Work?

In order to participate in Dual Enrollment, students must apply and be accepted to a participating eligible post-secondary
institution. Students who attend DE courses through USG and TCSG will not pay any tuition or mandatory fees, and books
will be provided. Course-related fees, such as lab fees or supplies, will be the responsibility of the student. Courses taken
through DE will not impact HOPE Eligibility or the amount of HOPE money a student receives. Students enrolled in at least
12 semester hours or 15 quarter hours are considered full time DE students. Satisfactory academic progress is required to
continue participation in DE.

Who is eligible to participate?

DE students must be enrolled in an eligible high school. Georgia defines eligible high schools to include:  Georgia public
and private high schools and home study programs within the State of Georgia operated in accordance with O.C.G.A.
20-2-690(c). Students must apply and be accepted to the post-secondary institution they wish to attend. Students must
complete an annual Participation Agreement with their local high school.

What about transportation?

Through agreements with Southern Crescent Technical College, Gordon State College,
and Clayton State University, students can enroll in DE classes located on the Academy
for Advanced Studies campus with transportation provided twice daily to and from the
home high schools.  Transportation to other colleges or the main campuses of the
colleges listed above is the responsibility of the student.

How is credit awarded?

Students will receive high school and college credit simultaneously when attending
and passing approved college classes. Students may select only the
postsecondary credit hour courses listed in the DE Course Directory located

How do I get started?

Students interested in participating in Dual Enrollment should
contact their high school counselor in January of each year, as Dual
Enrollment and the post-secondary institutions have application
deadlines beginning in March.

2018-2019 Pathways at a Glance
Career Clusters Career Pathways AAS DH ELH EA HH HCH LGH LH OH SH UGH WH
Agriscience Systems ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Companion Animal Systems ▲
Veterinary Science ▲
Architectural Drawing and Design ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Carpentry ▲
Electrical ▲
Architecture and Construction
Masonry ▲
Plumbing ▲
Welding ▲
Audio-Video Technology and Film I ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Arts, Audio-Video Technology & Audio-Video Technology and Film II ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Communications Graphic Design ▲
Graphic Communication ▲
Business Management & Administration Entrepreneurship ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Early Childhood Care & Education ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Education and Training Early Childhood Care & Education (AAS) ▲
Teaching K-12 as a Profession ▲
Energy & Power: Generation, Transmission,
Energy Careers ▲
& Distribution
Financial Services ▲ ▲
Finance Careers Business Accounting ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Advanced Banking ▲
JROTC - Aerospace ▲ ▲
Government and Public Administration
JROTC - Naval Science ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Allied Health and Medicine ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Emergency Medical Responder ▲
Health IT ▲
Health Science Pharmacy ▲
Phlebotomy ▲
Sports Medicine ▲
Surgical Technology ▲
Hospitality and Tourism Culinary Arts ▲
Housing & Community Management ▲
Human Services Nutrition and Food Science ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Personal Care Services - Cosmetology ▲
Computer Science ▲ ▲
Cybersecurity ▲
Game Design ▲
Information Technology Information Support and Services ▲
Networking ▲
Programming ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Web Development and Data Mgmt ▲
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Law Enforcement Services - Forensic Sci. ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Manufacturing Mechatronics ▲
Marketing Communications & Promotions ▲
Marketing and Management ▲ ▲
Electronics ▲
Science, Technology, Engineering and
Engineering & Technology ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Mechanical Engineering & 3D Design ▲
Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair ▲
Automotive Service and Technology ▲
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Diesel Maintenance ▲
Supply Chain Management and Logistics ▲
Work-Based Learning ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲


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