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PVC Rolling Up Door Quotation

To: Mr.Nataniel Fernandes Date: 2018-7-11
Attn: Sales:William Wen
Payment Term: 100% T/T deposit Price Term: EX-W price

NO. Item Qty.(set) Unit Price(USD) EX-W Price(USD) Remark

1 6 5.5 1 $4,550.00 $4,550.00

PVC Rolling Up Door
2 4 3 1 $2,135.00 $2,135.00

3 Wooden box package price 2 $140.00 $280.00

In total EX-W price $6,965.00

1. Door composition: antioxidant industrial aluminum alloy door frame, door curtain, motor, stainless steel roller cover, motor cover,
sealing brush(Horizonal and vertical), anti-collision column, photocell, radar, safety edge, remote control, control box and so on.

2. Door curtain: high strength industrial hot melt fabric(France brand), thickness 0.9 mm,the connecting part of door curtain setup
segmented reinforced aluminum alloy windproof rib strips, with wind and curtain segmented and replacement functions.

3. Door curtain color: Whole transparent,red,blue,orange,yellow.

4. Curtain welding: Using the latest high-frequency welding technology, automatic stitching forming in first time, seam neatly, no
wrinkles, no knife scraping traces, the splice surface is smooth, will never open.
5.Electrical motor : Italian SEJ motor, 220V, 1.5KW/2.2KW, with brake release function.

6. Electric control system: use c102 dual core dual cpu frequency conversion control system of Danfoss; Power Supply: 220V, high
performance, high reliability, high stability, high precision positioning and so on. At the same time, use frequency conversion control
technology, soft start, slow stop function to ensure the door operate smoothly and increase service life.
7.Safety devices: mounting a couple of infrared photoelectric protection switch in the lower of doorframe, when people or objects
stays below the door, the door does not fall, complete with crash column. Equip safety edge in the bottom beam, when encounter
obstacles will rise in reverse. The control panel with emergency stop button, in case of emergency, press this button so that the door
immediately stop running, prohibit the door to receive new instructions until the emergency release, reset the button door normal
8. Opening and closing speed of -120cm / sec -60cm / sec (adjustable speed), high-frequency open (1000 -1500 times / day);

9. Control mode: push button, double - sided radar, remote control;

10. Emergency power outage: when the power brake, press the brake light shake the tail, can easily open the door;

11. Limit switch: use professional high speed door dedicated absolute encoder, positioning accuracy, once in place;

12. Fault recovery function, turn off the power 10 seconds after power, the system automatically restore the factory state, restart;

13. Package: Wooden box package.

14. Delivery time: 25 days after receive the deposit.

15. Warranty time: one year.