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e-STUDIO 281c/351c/451c Electrical Troubleshooting

Use the following pages to isolate the problem down to a board or component when you are experiencing
symptoms such as locked up control panel, dead machine, etc.. Each step builds on the previous step. If
you do not get the symptom associated with the step you are on, the problem is associated with the board
or components that were just added.

To Begin Troubleshooting
Disconnect all Connectors from the ACC except the AC input CN460 (power supply board), LGC (main
board), SYS (system board), and SLG (scanner logic board). Measure the voltage on CN464, if voltage is
correct carry on to next step, if some or all voltages are not present check all fuses.

Note: The “B” line voltages will not be present until (ACC) CN464 and (SYS) CN117 have been added.
(ie, 3.3VB, 5.1VB, 12VB)

Troubleshooting Steps

Connectors added Symptom when MFP is working


Connect only the following connectors Display locks on splash screen

(ACC) CN464 After a few minutes:
(SYS) CN117, CN103 “HDD mount failed”

Add (SYS) CN114, CN118, F110 error code

Add (SYS) CN100, CN113 C960

Add (ACC) CN465, CN466, CN467
Add (SLG) CN10, CN18
Add (LGC) CN335, CN346, CN350, CN357

Add (LGC) CN331, CN343, CN356 CE50

Add (LGC) CN333 C280

Add (SLG) CN13, CN15 E030

Add (LGC) CN334, CN338, CN340 CF50

Add (LGC) CN332 C020

Add (LGC) CN337 C010

Connectors added Symptom when MFP is working

Add (LGC) CN336 C260

Add (SLG) CN19, CN21, Install Platen Glass C360

Add (LGC) CN339 CA10 (approx. 45 sec.)

Add (LGC) CN342, CN345 Add Paper is displayed

Remove and re-install all paper cassettes, make sure they have
paper in them

Add (LGC) CN341 Good copy produced

Continue to add remaining connectors one at a time until problem is isolated or until machine is fully