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Talk 1: Success
Talk 2: Significance
Talk 3: Spirituality
Big Day

(June 3)

Talk 1: Success
Make Your Work Your Worship

(First Preacher)


TODAY, I’d like to preach on the message, Make your work your worship to

We live in a world where being a workaholic is a status symbol. People

wear it as a badge of honor. Qualifier: I work very hard. So much so that
some people think I’m a workaholic. But I’m not.

Some make their job their god. And on the altar of this fake deity,
they sacrifice everything—their marriage, their health, their integrity, even
their identity. They have become their job title. So when the title is
removed from them, they die.

On the other spectrum are those who hate their job like poison. They
drag their feet to work every single day.

Is there another path? A happier one? A healthier one?

The answer is yes.

Welcome to our powerful brand new series, WorkaHolyc. In the next

four weeks, we’ll dive into Scripture and find out what God thinks about our
jobs. We’ll also look at how God’s Temple was built— from Moses’
Tabernacle in Sinai, to the First Temple of Solomon, to the Second Temple of
Ezra. Why? Because all human work should build God’s House.

Your Work Is Your Worship

When I was a young missionary doing “full-time” work for God and
who saw all earthly considerations like jobs, money, and even family as
“lesser things”, I read the Bible with religious eyes. And so I only saw
spiritual topics like God’s Love, Faith, Salvation, Prayer, Hope, Eternal Life...

Because we see what we want to see. When I hit 30 and became an

entrepreneur, I took off my religious eyeglasses, and lo and behold, I
discovered that the Bible talks a lot about our secular life.

Let me give you a concrete example. How many times do you think
does the Bible talk about human work? 10 times? 25 times? 50 times?

Answer: The Bible talks about human work 869 times.

Newsflash: God is very interested in your work!

Is There a Difference Between Secular and Sacred Work?

I saw this when I read about the people who built the first Temple of
God in Israel. But it wasn’t a Temple. It was a Tent. It was a portable
Tabernacle that the Israelites brought with them while they were travelling
on the desert.

The Book of Exodus says that God chose specific skilled people to build
this Tabernacle. Warning: The passage you’ll read will shatter our false
division between sacred work and secular work.

Then the LORD said to Moses, 2 “See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri,
the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, 3 and I have filled him with the
Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and
with all kinds of skills— 4 to make artistic designs for work in gold,
silver and bronze, 5 to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to
engage in all kinds of crafts. (Exodus 31:1-5 NIV)

Some people think that only preachers and priests and pastors are
filled with the Holy Spirit. Because they do spiritual work. This verse blasts
that idea. Because in this passage, God also fills carpenters, stonecutters,
designers, and artists with the Holy Spirit.

Are you an entrepreneur? Accountant? Salesperson? Programmer?

God wants to fill you with wisdom, knowledge, and skill. Are you good at
numbers? Are you good with your hands? Are you good in sales? Are you
good in art? Your talents come from God. He gave them to you. Use it for
In 842 BC, when King Solomon built the first Temple, he needed a
huge number of skilled workers. The Bible says Solomon hired 70,000
laborers, 80,000 stonecutters, and 3,300 foremen. (See 1 Kings 5:15-17

Announcement: God needs secular workers to build His House on


I don’t know what your job is. You could be a janitor sweeping the
floor or surgeon performing a liver transplant. It doesn’t matter. Make your
work your worship. You’re building God’s House. You’re building His

Through this powerful series, you’ll bless your job. You’ll find your
voice. You’ll harness your gift. You’ll anoint your career. You’ll prosper
your business. You’ll elevate your results. You’ll sanctify your Monday to
Friday. And you’ll be able to say, “My work is my worship.”

Let’s pray…

(Second Preacher)

God Is a Worker

SOME people think God is only interested in your Sundays. As long as you
go to church, you’ve done your duty.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but God wants to be also present in your
Monday to Saturday. I repeat: He’s very interested in your work.

How do I know?

Go back to the very beginning and check Genesis.

What do you find? God Himself is a Worker. In the first chapter, God
created the entire universe. That was a lot of work. And when He created
man, the Bible says God dirtied His hands.

Here’s the interesting thing. God created us in His image. And He

made us a Worker too. That elevates our work: We work not just to get
paid or to put food on the table. We work because that’s our God-Identity.
Work is our calling. Work is our Divine imprint.
God designed you to work. If you don’t work, a part of you dies.

I said this in one talk, and a woman came up to me after and said,
“But Bo, I’m just a housewife. I stay at home for the kids. Does this mean I
should get a job?”
I told her, “First, we should ban the word just every time we say
housewife. Second, making a home and raising kids is the most amazing
and challenging job in the world.”

According to Fr. Mike Schmitz, Genesis says God designed you for
three things: You’re created for Labor, Leisure, and Love.

1.You’re Created To Labor

The Bible says, The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden
of Eden to work it and take care of it. (Genesis 2:15 NIV) Hey, if you have a
garden at home, you don’t need me to explain this: A garden takes a lot of
insane work.

I’ve never cared for a garden, but I have a hunch how difficult it is.
Because one day, I bought a potted plant. A tiny one. I didn’t know what
crazy spirit possessed me, but I thought it would be nice to see something
green on my window ledge. And because I knew it was my first time, I
wanted something low-maintenance. So I bought a cactus. I figured that if
I forget to water it, it would survive.

Well, guess what. It didn’t. It died. But Adam was asked to take care
of the entire Garden of Eden. How’d he do it?

Answer: With a lot of hard work. From the very beginning, God wants
us to work. Because work is how we worship Him.

God’s Fingerprints

Your work declares the glory of God.

In the same way that the heavens shout out the glory of God and the
skies declare His handiwork (see Psalm 19:1), so also do our work proclaim
the glory of God. When people see your work, they should get a glimpse of
who God is.

If you’re a carpenter —or architect or songwriter— and you create

something beautiful, you proclaim the beauty of God.
If you’re a saleslady —or call center agent or messenger— and you
serve your customers with kindness, you proclaim the kindness of God.

If you’re an accountant —or engineer or programmer— and you

produce something excellent, you proclaim the excellence of God.

If you’re a teacher —or counselor or manager— and you help someone

become great, you proclaim the greatness of God.

That’s why all human work is equal. In the Kingdom of God, the work
of the manager and the work of the messenger has the same equal dignity.

Why? You made the work. Every person is Imago Dei. You’re a
Picture of God.

And in a very mystical way, we are His hands in the world. So when
we work with our hands, He works through our hands.

God’s fingerprints are all over your work.

Selflessness Is Contagious

One day, I was caught in traffic. And traffic is never fun. It’s one of
those joyless things you have to go through. But in the middle of the
intersection, I saw a cop directing traffic, and it appeared he was dancing
like Michael Jackson. (Sorry for my dated example.)

The guy was giving 200%, beyond and above what was required. He
made everyone laugh. For a few seconds, he transformed our world. He
was declaring the playfulness of God.

And I noticed his over-the-top performance had an effect on my day.

Because when I went to work, I too wanted to give 200%.

Fact: Selflessness is contagious. If you see someone elevate his

game, you’re inspired to elevate your game too.

2.We’re Created To Leisure

After six days of work, God rested on the seventh day, and calls us to
do the same by honoring the Sabbath.
Isn’t this mind-blowing? When you work, you participate in your being
Imago Dei. Your God-identity. But when you rest, you also participate in
your being a Picture of God.

And you thought taking a vacation was selfish.

I know some people who feel guilty when they rest.

Banish those thoughts from your mind.

God smiles when you rest.

Get your calendar. Mark it with vacations. Take Sabbaticals.

Remember that you work to live, not live to work.

But to rest, you need to do one important thing…

Rest and Trust Are Inseparable

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning already tired?

Here’s why: Because your body rested but your mind did not.

And from my experience of living on this planet for half a century, I’ve
realized the only way to rest your spirit is to trust God. Rest and trust are
inseparable. The biggest reason many persons can’t rest is they don’t trust
God enough.

Truth: A lot of persons work not as an act of worship but as an act of

worry. People can’t stop working because they can’t stop worrying.

Today, I invite you to surrender all your worries and fears to God.

Next time you rest, make this your prayer: Lord, I thank you that
while I rest, You’re preparing my blessings for the next day.

3.We’re Created To Love

God Himself is a Family.

He is a Community.

Because He is Father, Son, and Spirit.

In the same way, God created us to be with a family too. After God
made Adam, He said, “It is not good for man to live alone,” and He created
Eve (see Genesis 2:18).

The purpose of labor and leisure is love.

But that’s the story of the world. We cut off labor from love. We cut
off leisure from love.

That’s what happened in the third chapter of Genesis.

Sin Distorts the Blessing of Work

Adam and Eve fall into sin. And labor, leisure, and love get perverted.
Love becomes lust. Leisure becomes lack. Look around you. People do all
sorts of things to rest— from binging on videos to playing games, but at the
end, they don’t feel restored. (There’s nothing wrong with videos and
games—just ask yourself if you really are being refreshed.)

And labor becomes lifeless. Because of sin, the blessing of work

becomes a burden: Because of what you have done, the ground will be
under a curse. You will have to work hard all your life to make it produce
enough food for you. It will produce weeds and thorns, and you will have to
eat wild plants. (Genesis 3:17-18 GNT)

The Devil’s plan is to separate labor and leisure from love. That’s how
sin enters our life.

Go back to love!

Today, make a commitment to make your work your worship.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez