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FOG HORN Aug 2018

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Howard Leight Impact Sport BOLT

Hearing Protection

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Howard Leight Impact Sport BOLT

Howard Leight Impact Sport BOLT The BOLT retains the low profile cups of the
original Impact Sport along with the features
By: Sal Palma enumerated below:

1. Automatic 4 hour shut-off increases

battery life.
2. AUX jack connects to MP3 players and
3. Automatically clamps loud impulse
noise to a safe 82dB.
4. Amplification of voice and other low
ambient sounds.
5. A single power on and volume control.
6. Sensitive microphones (one per ear
Howard Leight hearing protection products 7. Same two AAA battery power source,
have enjoyed wide acceptance among shooters accessible from the outside of the ear
worldwide. Their low profile cups are cup.
accommodating to rifle buttstocks so shooters
don’t have to adjust how they mounted their
long gun. The company recently introduced an
electronic headset featuring fast digital noise
suppression and low level ambient sound

Late June 2018, Howard Leight introduced a

new and improved Impact Sport model
marketed as the Howard Leight Sport Bolt.

So, what’s new and exciting - the electronics

package, which outperforms the original Impact
Sport. Howard Leight, now a Honeywell
company, revved up ambient sound
amplification while keeping the impulse noise
to a maximum of 82db. Sound suppression is
still 22NRR but the digital circuit attack time is
now .5 milliseconds; therefore, impulse noise
attenuation occurs much faster than in the

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Howard Leight Impact Sport BOLT
original Impact Sport; eliminating its
characteristic initial loud impulse. BOLTS’ noise
suppression is noticeably faster

One of the benefits of a digital circuitry design is

that audio dynamic range is far superior to an
analog circuit. I was not able to determine if
audio goes through an analog to digital
conversion process using a PCM1 codec in the
BOLT, but audio is discernibly clearer with
greater dynamic range.

Succinctly stated, BOLT delivers fast impulse I was firing in lane 6 and I was able to clearly
attenuation and excellent audio dynamic range. hear the conversation that lane 1 shooters were
The BOLT fit and comfort is outstanding. I have
large ears, which make prolonged wear Sound amplification is significantly greater than
uncomfortable with compact ear cups, like my the Impact Sport and you’ll want to keep your
MSA Sordin. That was never an issue with the volume control down so you won’t be picking
Impact Sport or BOLT headsets, they’re both up machinery sounds, like ventilation system
extremely comfortable. vents and other air handler sounds common in
an indoor setting. Start with a low volume
My initial test procedure was sitting for a setting and work your way up; even in an
couple of hours watching MSNBC, which I outdoor setting.
successfully attenuated. All kidding aside, the
Howard Leight Impulse Sport BOLT hearing My only improvement recommendation to
protection headset is comfortable with superb Honeywell is explore the feasibility of using a
audio clarity. bandpass filter in the range of 900 Hz.-2,000 Hz.
to help mitigate “white noise” artifacts; yet
No hearing protection evaluation is complete keep enough high frequency components to
without range time and no range time is more retain directional accuracy.
challenging for hearing protection than indoor
ranges. It seems that regardless the degree of I’ll wrap things up by saying that Honeywell has
acoustic treatment, gunshot impulse noise is a hit on their hands. The Honeywell site has the
often reinforced by in phase surface echoes. Impact Sport BOLT at an M.S.R.P. of $116.95. At
M.S.R.P. the Howard Leight Impact Sport BOLT
The range session proved the Howard Leight is a great value. However, they are selling at
Impulse Sport BOLT to be worthy of 4.5 stars. $77.95, so BOLT at the chance to snag a great
Sound suppression was noticeably faster than pair of earmuffs for range time or your next
the original Impact Sport. hunt.
Pulse Code Modulation is a technique used to -SP
convert an analog signal, your voice for example to a
binary digital stream.

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