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This Safety Alert is to draw your attention to a significant personal safety incident that took place on the
morning of October 17th as part of a Walk-to-Work (W2W) operation.

A member of the offshore team was walking
from the W2W vessel to a Normally
Unmanned Installation (NUI) in the Southern
North Sea. The transferee encountered a
situation where both of his feet became
caught under the telescopic sliding element of
the gangway, of the Ampelmann A-type W2W

As a result, this team member sustained

serious, but not life threatening, injuries. The
Emergency Response was activated and the
employee was evacuated to a hospital.

Safety Stand-Down Instruction

 Safety Stand-down to be undertaken within 48 hours of receiving this Safety Alert
 The Operator is to discuss the contents and actions of this Safety Alert with vessel Captain, the
Project Lead (where applicable) and the HSE Officer on board
 The Operator is to show the Ampelmann Induction video again to all current transferees on board
 After the Induction video, the Operator is to discuss and highlight with transferees the importance
of being alert, and action to take when walking across the sliding step of the gangway
 Please reiterate that it very important to be fully aware of the sliding character of the gangway
 When transferring, people are required to be focussed on walking across, on holding the handrail
and on minding the sliding part of the gangway.
 Allow time for questions.

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