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RE: Status Request
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 9:32 AM

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"Copyright Information" <>

Your work is currently in process.

The current time for processing registrations filed through our online (eCO) system is an
average of 7 months. However, it can take up to 11 months. Once a registration is approved
the case will be closed, a registration number will be assigned to the work, and a certificate will
be issued shortly thereafter. Also, a catalog entry of the registration information will be added to
our public catalog.

Although the processing time may take up to 11 months, the effective date of a registration is
established when we receive a completed registration. Assuming you met these statutory
requirements, the date on the certificate you receive will be the same of your submission.

U.S. Copyright Office
Attn: Public Information Office-LM401
101 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, DC 20559-6000
Phone: 877-476-0778 (toll free) or 202-707-5959
Fax: 202-252-2041

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Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2018 10:26 AM
To: Copyright Information
Subject: Status Request

Status of Application Request

Title #1

Title: Numeric Principleness Quantum Acquired Kinetic

Claimant Name: Mark Hilbert

Payment Method: Money Order

Date of Application: 6/7/2018

Delivery Confirmation?: yes

Service Request Number: 1-6536894681

Additional Comments: edith 1-6536894681 Case # Case # Sort ascending Case # Sort descending
Status Status Sort ascending Status Sort descending Opened Opened Sort ascending Opened Sort
descending Title Title Sort ascending Title Sort descending Vol/ Num/Issue Vol/ Num/Issue Sort
ascending Vol/ Num/Issue Sort descending Month Year <center>Month <br> Year</center> Sort
ascending <center>Month <br> Year</center> Sort descending Type of Case Type of Case Sort
ascending Type of Case Sort descending Appl. Format Appl. Format Sort ascending Appl. Format Sort
descending Appl. Form Appl. Form Sort ascending Appl. Form Sort descending Fee Paid Closed Closed
Sort ascending Closed Sort descending Amendment Requested Amendment Requested Sort ascending
Amendment Requested Sort descending 1-6536894681 Open 6/7/2018 Numeric Principleness Quantum
Acquired Kinetic Mas... Literary Work Standard 130.00 N Please send
premature N, if it is, and I think it is, to Edith Flores. Please. Morning,

Name: Mark Hilbert


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