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To: Central Maine Healthcare Community

From: Deb Dunlap Avasthi, Chair

Central Maine Healthcare Board of Directors

Date: August 1, 2018

Re: CMH Board Notice

On behalf of the Central Maine Healthcare Board of Directors, I want to communicate to the entire
CMH community that we have heard the frustrations and concerns voiced by our Medical Staff. We
recognize that this has been a time of turmoil and that our Medical Staff has spoken out of a deep
commitment to CMH and each of our hospitals. We respect the opinions as well as the hard work of
everyone throughout the organization and know that you have the best interest of our patients at

At the Board meeting held last night, July 31, 2018, the Central Maine Healthcare Board of Trustees
adopted a plan to address these concerns. The plan has two primary components. First, we voted
to affirm our support of Jeff Brickman as CEO, and of the strategic vision and plan that he and the
leadership team have put in place to guide the future of CMH. And second, we have voted to
amend the CMH bylaws to provide an increased role for the medical staff in governance. Taken
together, we believe that these are the best way to move CMH forward on the right path.

The board’s action is guided by our fiduciary responsibility to CMH and its mission, meaning that it
is our responsibility as Board members to act in the best long-term interests of CMH including
ensuring that it remains financially viable.

We have spent the last several weeks soliciting and receiving feedback from the medical staff as
well as administrative staff and caregivers. We have heard the concerns and frustration voiced by
some; we recognize that this has been a tumultuous time. We know that these concerns are voiced
out of dedication to your work, your patients and your hospital. We also recognize that it is a
difficult time in health care, particularly for community hospitals. We must adapt to ensure the
long term viability of the system and that means change – sometimes difficult change.

Jeff Brickman shares our concerns about healing the institution and has committed to doing his best
to leading an effort to heal. To best address the concerns of the medical staff, the Board voted to
amend the CMH bylaws as follows:
 The Chiefs of Staff of each hospital (CMMC, BH and RH) are now serving as ex officio
Directors on the CMH Board.
 We will work actively to fill two additional physician openings on the Board, for a total
of three voting physicians serving as Directors.

300 Main Street, Lewiston, ME 04240 Phone: 207.795.0111

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 We will create a Joint Council, with representation of Medical Staff from each hospital,
the CMH Board and CMH Senior Leadership, tasked with improving lines of
communication between these key groups on important matters.

We believe these are significant changes providing the Medical Staff substantial input into
governance of the system. In addition, the Board will continue our engagement with an
independent consulting physician to monitor and update the Board on physician feedback.

Thanks to your efforts, we have already accomplished a great deal. We remain committed to our
continued progress as we work to improve trust across the System.

Thank you for all you do for our patients, communities and one another.

300 Main Street, Lewiston, ME 04240 Phone: 207.795.0111

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