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Platts Dispatch

End-of-day price assessments

About Platts Platts assessments

Platts, a division of The McGraw-Hill Petroleum
Companies, Inc., is the world’s largest Crudes, products, lubes, postings, feed-
and most authoritative provider of stocks and blendstocks, bunkers, tankers,
energy information, research, and netbacks and yields, propane and LPG,
marketing services. North American petroleum swaps, European
petroleum swaps, Asian petroleum swaps
Platts Dispatch is most efficient and reliable
way to receive Platts' industry-standard Petrochemicals
benchmark assessments in data-point Aromatics, olefins, polymers, solvents,
format. Platts Dispatch will provide you intermediates The most efficient and
with our end-of-day assessments, correc-
tions, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day reliable way to receive
Natural Gas
historical database to help you reduce risk North American natural gas monthly and Platts' industry-standard
when making important trading decisions, daily assessments, North American natural
valuing positions, and analyzing data. gas daily forwards assessments, European
benchmark assessments
natural gas assessments, European gas in data-point format,
Why Platts Dispatch? exchange prices
You'll get the latest, most accurate price helping you reduce risk
assessments in a click of a mouse, allowing
you to react to market changes faster than
Electricity when making impor-
North American electricity weekly and
ever. Updated daily, our pricing information daily assessments, North American tant trading decisions
is available to you online 24 hours a day. daily electricity forwards assessments,
With 150 categories of assessments at North American and European spark
your fingertips, you'll save time by simply spreads, European electricity daily
selecting and retrieving the data that's assessments, European power
relevant to your business. exchange prices

Market coverage Coal

Platts Dispatch provides benchmark North American daily and weekly
assessments for coal, electricity, metals, assessments, international
natural gas, petrochemicals, and petroleum. daily assessments
Data categories within these markets can
be custom-packaged to suit your needs. Metals
Aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, tin,
ferroalloys, precious metals, light metals
For more information
or a demonstration contact the
Platts sales office nearest you.

Third-party data Flexible & easy delivery options

Platts Dispatch can be fully customized to
meet your needs. You may select groups of
Axxis branded, PADD 1, PADD 2, PADD3,
market-specific price assessments or larger SUPPORT@PLATTS.COM
bundled packages as well as the delivery
option that is most efficient for you and NORTH AMERICA
API (American Petroleum Institute): 1-800-PLATTS8
your organization.
Percent operation, refinery Platts Dispatch files are offered in AFRICA
input, refinery output, imports, stocks two formats: +44 (0)20-7176-6111
• Text files optimized for maintaining
• Locations: ASIA -P
back-office and analytical databases.
PADD 1, PADD 2, PADD 3, PADD 4, +65-6530-6430
PADD 5, Regional and Total U.S. • Comma-delimited (.csv) text files
compatible with Excel and other LATIN AMERICA
EIA (Energy Information Administration): desktop applications.
North American natural gas statistics
Dispatch files can either be:
Futures Exchanges: • Retrieved from a Platts FTP site
NYMEX (Outrights and Nearby's), IPE • Downloaded directly to your desktop
(Outright and Nearby's), LME from
• Delivered through a third-party software