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Aim Methodologies:

We have

1. Definition phase

2. Operations analysis

3. Solution design

4. Build

5. Translation / UAT (User Authentication Test)

6. Go live / Post production

In Definition Phase

We prepare a RFP (request for proposal)

After that client and service provider will sign an agreement between them
known as SOW (Statement of Work)

After that client side (IT Team, delivery Manager) will have a meeting with our
team project manager, meeting called as KFF(kick off meeting).

Operations Analysis

In this phase the consultant work starts.

Here he needs to start his work and prepare documents for next phase.

1. He needs to study existing business practices of the client.

2. Requirement gathering for future modal.
3. Needs to prepare solution for future modal.
4. Requirement Mapping

Now consultant needs to prepare documentation for above information

he gathered
Through 1st point he needs to prepare AS-IS document/BP-40

Through 2nd point he needs to prepare RD-20 (Requirement Gathering)

Ver 1.0.doc

Through 3rd point he needs to prepare TO-BE doc/BP-80(Business


oc (BMD and GGS).doc

Through 4th point he needs to create a GAP/BP-10(high level GAP

analysis doc)

Example for GAP

If a client is having Petty cash account in existing practice.
Then we have two ways
1. Customization.
2. Work around.

Customization :

We need to prepare a / develop a component from the beginning.

Work around :

Here we give the client a work around.


Dr Expenses

Cr Petty cash

Dr petty cash

Cr cash
3. Solution design :
In This phase DBA team has to create a development instance (install
a server in client place)
After the server is installed consultant has to configure the setup

He needs to prepare configurations doc in this phase

BR-100 : Setup Configuration doc

BR-110: Security Matrix doc.

In this phase consultant will give a presentation to client side IT Team

and Key user Known as CRP session

This is The 1st CRP session so it’s called as CRP-1
In this session consultant discusses about the future modal and
details about the oracle ERP and gives a description about the GAP
which are analysed at operation analysis phase.

On giving the GAP preparation consultant has to prepare MD-50

which is solution for the GAP (MD-50: covers the functional solution,

Expenditure Items Update _Ver 1.0.doc.doc
how we are giving the solution).


1.In this phase the consultant has to prepare a conversion strategy

on_Requirements_and_Strategy Ver 1.0.doc
2. Needs to prepare CV-40 doc (supplier conversion, Invoice
conversion).we will give a template they have to fill the doc.

026_MD70_SDD OM
Trading User Resp.docx
4. Technical team will prepare MD-70

021_MD120SDD Sales
Dispatch report - Automail.doc
5. MD-120 – this is prepared my both functional/ technical
6. Consultant have to prepare doc for the changed setups which
have been made due to the GAP and MD-50 setting , those
changes will be in converting in document called DR-100.
7. Here the consultant have to make a test case for instance so he
need to prepare a doc called TE-40
8. After these consultants have to prepare a training material for the
client that doc is called KUT (key user training material).

KUT - Training
Evaluation Form (P2P).doc

9. CRP session has to be given by the consultant which is 2nd CRP

session called as CRP-2.(here we configure a new test instance to
client server to make the test cases work.) we also upgrade BR100
GAP customization ,Master DATA

We have different types of testing TE-40

1. Unit testing : we perform cases on specific
2. System integration testing :
integration between the modules Ap-AR,AP,GL,FA,CM
3. Performance testing :
4. Regression testing : if we apply any patches for the test
instance we do this testing
Transaction Phase:
Here consultant with the help of DBA develops a UAT instance
User acceptancy testing.
SOP (standard operating procedure)

Post production or Go live

Consultant will develop a “Production Instance” with the help of the
DBA team.
Reconcile uploaded data (through balance sheets/ trail balance.)
Release the system for business.
Production support
Project closer sign off.