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Embedded System Projects

Home and Industrial Power Management System with Auto-Energy Saver.

Automatic fire extinguisher with water sprayer by sensing fire zone.

Multi-sensor based earth quake analyzer and intimation system.

Automatic Hair Pin Bend Signal alert by sensing opposite coming vehicle in Hill

Integrated Drunken Driving Prevention System by sensing alcohol smell.

Automatic Water Tap and Hand Wash to Prevent Water Wastage / Conserve

Escalator automation in airports and shopping malls for power saving.

Auto-Farming water irrigation system using soil moisture sensor for agriculture.

Eye blink sensor based sleeping detection system in vehicle to alert driver.

Air Quality Monitoring in Living Areas with carbon-di-oxide Exhaust Control.

Android Smartphone App Based Door Access Control technology.

Electronic walking stick for visually impaired (blind) people with vibrator alert.

Automatic Railway Station Announcement system for passengers in Train (Voice

& Station name).

Identification of Hearing Loss in a person using audio signal injector with real time
report display.

Temperature based fan regulator with auto-speed control and display.

Development of Solar panel tracking system by detecting Sun position.

RFID based luggage and bag handling system for air-ports.

Bridge monitoring system with automatic stopping of overload vehicles.

Mini trolley for Railway track crack detection and display.

RTC based automatic college bell with Time Table display system.

Monitoring and controlling of auditorium by sensing human presence.

Automatic Head Light Dim and Bright control for vehicles to prevent accidents.

Power saving Conveyor belt mechanism for reducing electricity wastage in


Auto glowing street light by sensing human movement.

E-passport system using RFID to prevent duplicate passports.

Involuntary plant irrigation automation using humidity sensors.

Automatic Public Tap Control System Using IR Sensor to Prevent Wastage of


Bridge weight monitoring system with overload alert for vehicles.

Automatic gate open close mechanism and signaling for un-manned railway

Microcontroller Based Wind Speed Meter with hurricane warning system.

Luggage Tracking System for Airports using RFID.

Smart card based automated petrol bunk system.

Warning system for Landslide in hill areas during rainfall using soil weakness

Auto light intensity controller by sensing natural light in room area.

Solar power automated water irrigation system for plants.

Smart Car Parking systems with empty space availably display.

Automatic Highway Lights control by sensing vehicle movement.

Coin pay mobile phone charger system for use in public places.
Mobile phone based two-wheeler locking and self-starting system.

Automated room light controller with visitor controller for seminar halls.

Wireless Technology Projects

Involuntary automatic vehicle speed control for school and hospitals zones.

Wireless Heart Pulse Rate and body temperature monitoring using android phone.

Fire & gas monitoring with wireless alert system for petroleum and chemical

Wireless alarm alert for faint or falling down detection for older people and

Safety alarm for Child missing prevention in crowds using wireless tags.

Wireless patient monitoring using Bluetooth and android mobile phone.

Wireless system for Automatic Stopping of Vehicle during Red Traffic Signal.

Android Smartphone Based Home Appliances Control Using Bluetooth.

Wireless sensor based flood warning and dam water opening intimation system.

Automatic vehicle Accident Informer for Police Station using Wireless System.

Mobile phone based Agricultural pump motor control using GSM.

Automatic changing of Traffic light signal by sensing Ambulance and Fire Engine

Staff Localization / location identification in colleges and offices using Wireless

Sensor Network.

Collision Avoidance of vehicles on worker peoples in mines and industries using

Smart card based school / college attendance system with SMS intimation to

Wireless ECG system to monitor patients using android phone.

Flight Sensing Auto Response Runway Lights system for air-ports.

Recording of Traffic Violations and auto-intimation to police station via M-RFID

in vehicles.

Air Pollution Monitoring system for city traffic with display and warning alert.
Vehicle Immobilization System to stop vehicle during theft conditions using
wireless key.

Bus stop name display with voice announcement system for passengers.

Bio-Medical & Health Care Projects

Infant Baby Monitoring System in Hospitals using gas Sensors for low Oxygen

Visual health reminder to support elderly people

E-card system for Patient Medical report storage and display to doctors.

Eye-Blink Sensor Based Recovery Intimation for ICU Patients.

Biometric & Security System Projects

Robotics Projects

Android Phone Controlled Rescue Robot for Fire Fighters and Military

Finger print based biometric multipurpose security & door access control.

Hybrid technology for enhancing ATM’s security through Biometrics Finger Print

Tele-operated bomb detection and disposing robotic vehicle with arms.

Tele controlled robot vehicle with arm for material handling in chemical and
nuclear plants.
Landmine Detection Robot for military using Ground Penetrating Radar.

Hand movement controlled Robotic vehicle using smart gloves.

PIR Based Alive Human Detection Robot for Rescue Operations during earth
quakes and natural Disasters.

Electrical Projects

Remote Controller for Switch Board with Lights ON-OFF and Fan Speed
adjustment (4+1 Channel).

electrical power generation system using speed breaker