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TNEA 2018 - Academic On-line Counselling

Round 1 : Schedule and Instructions

TNEA eligible Applicants with Aggregate (cut-off) Marks upto 190
Applicants should complete the following Activities during the specified duration as per the instructions
S.No Activity Instructions Important
1 Payment 21.07.2018 to Payment of initial deposit  Payments (including DD payments) have to be done during the
24.07.2018  Payment can be made online through TNEA portal as time specified.
done during application registration (or) Payment can be  DD payments have to be done at the nearest TFCs
made through Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favour of  Late payments will not be accepted for Round 1.
“The Secretary, Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions  Candidates who do not make payment during the specified time in
Anna University”, payable at Chennai on or after the current round will be allowed to make payment only in the
01.07.2018 next round of counselling (if available) and such candidates will
 General Candidates should pay Rs. 5000/- and Tamilnadu have to participate for the prevailing vacancies at that round of
SC/SCA/ST candidates should pay Rs.1000/- counselling.
2 Choice 25.07.2018 to A) Entering the prepared choice list in the TNEA portal  Applicants have no limitation on the number of choices that can be
Entry and 27.07.2018 entered in the TNEA portal. Hence, enter as many as possible that
locking of (5.00 pm) B) Lock the entered choice list on the TNEA portal before you could order by preference.
Choice list 27.07.2018 5.00 p.m  After locking the choices, it can not be unlocked. Therefore, check
the choice list carefully before locking
 System will lock the choice list after the specified time if the
applicant fails to lock the list on time
3 Tentative 28.07.2018 to A) Tentative allotment based on rank and choice list will be  Applicants who fail to submit the allotment option ( or confirm or
allotment 29.07.2018 published on 28.07.2018 decline the tentative allotment) shall have to forgo the tentative
confirmation (5.00 pm) B) Applicants can view the tentative allotment details allotment. Such applicants can participate in the next round (if
and option through their respective TNEA login available) for the prevailing vacancies at that round of counselling.
submission C) Applicants need to submit a allotment option before Such candidates need to enter the choices in that round again as
29.07.2018 5.00 pm to confirm the tentative allotment well.

4 Final 30.07.2018 A) Final allotment based on rank, choice list and submitted
Allotment allotment option will be published on 30.07.2018
B) Applicants can download the allotment order (if allotted)
from their respective TNEA login
5 Report for 03.08.2018 Report to the allotted college for admission on or before
Admission 03.08.2018
SMS notifications will be sent to applicants’ registered mobile regarding commencement of activities. Check your registered mobile for such alerts regularly. All established 42
TNEA Facilitations Centres will provide assistance for choice entry and option submission as done during application registration. All TNEA related activities should be performed
only at only. Visit the same for regular updates about the TNEA counselling. Read the Instruction to candidates document for more information about procedures.
Candidates who got admission to medical counseling should submit their medical allotment before confirmation of tentative allotment.
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Rw;W 1 : fhy ml;ltiz Fwpj;j jfty;fs;
Rw;W 1 – y; Cut-off kjpg;ngz; 190 tiu jFjp ngw;w tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; gq;F ngWth;
tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; Fwpg;gpl;l fhy mtfhrj;jpw;Fs; fPo;fhZk; nray;ghLfis topKiwfspd;gb epiwT nra;jy; Ntz;Lk;;
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 Kd;itg;Gj; njhifia Md;iydpy; (online) TNEA ,izajsk; mr;Rw;wpd; tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; njhifia nrYj;j Ntz;Lk;. fhy jhkjkhd
topahf mjhtJ tpz;zg;gk; gjpT nra;Ak; NghJ nrYj;jpaJ fl;lzq;fs; mr;Rw;wpy; Vw;Wf;nfhs;sg;gl khl;lhJ.
fy;Y}hp 21.07.2018 Nghy; nrYj;j Ntz;Lk; (m) tiuNthiyahf “The Secretary, Tamil
Kd;itg;Gj; Kjy;  Fwpj;j fhyj;jpw;Fs; Kd;itg;Gj; njhifia nrYj;j jtwpa
1 Nadu Engineering Admissions, Anna University”, payable at Chennai. tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; mLj;j Rw;W ,Uf;Fk; gl;rj;jpy;> mLj;j Rw;wpy; fl;lzk;
njhif fl;lzk; 24.07.2018 vd;w ngahpy; 01.07.2018 md;Nwh (m) mjd; gpd;Ngh vLf;f Ntz;Lk;.
nrYj;Jjy; nrYj;jyhk; vdpDk;> mt;thW nrYj;JNthh;fs; mr;Rw;wpd; fhyp
 nghJg;gphpT Rs.5000/Kk;> jkpo;ehL SC/SCA/ST tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; ,lq;fisNa Njh;T nra;a ,aYk;.
Rs.1000/-Kk; nrYj;j Ntz;Lk;.  tiuNthiy %ykhf nrYj;j tpUk;GNthh; mUfpy; cs;s TFC-f;F Fwpj;j
fhyj;jpw;Fs; nrd;W nrYj;j Ntz;Lk;.
 vj;jid fy;Y}hp - ghlg;gphpT Ntz;LkhdhYk; tpUg;g thpir gl;baypy;
cs;splyhk;. vdNt> jq;fspd; tpUg;gj;jij thpirg;gLj;jp mjpf
tpUg;g thpir 25.07.2018 tpUg;gq;fis cs;spLtJ ey;yJ.
tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; 25.07.2018 Kjy; 27.07.2018 md;W khiy 5 kzpf;Fs;
gl;bay; Kjy;  xU Kiw tpUg;g thpir gl;baiy ,Wjp (Lock) nra;jgpd; NkYk; mjpy;
jahh; nra;j tpUg;g thpirg; gl;baiy TNEA ,iza jsj;jpy; cs;sl P ;L khw;wk; nra;a ,ayhJ. vdNt> cWjp nra;tjw;F Kd; kpfTk; ftdkhf
2. cs;spLjy; 27.07.2018
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kw;Wk; ,Wjp khiy 5 tpUg;g gl;baiy rhpg;ghh;j;j gpd; cWjp (Lock) nra;aTk;.
nra;jy; kzp tiu  tpUg;gq;fis thpifahf cs;spl;lgpd; Fwpj;j Neuj;jpw;Fs; cWjp nra;a
(Lock) jtwpath;fspd; tpUg;g gl;baiy System jhdhfNt Lock nra;J
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jw;fhypf option-Ak; rkh;gpf;f jtwpdhy;> xJf;fg;gl;l ,lk; juthpirg;gb mLj;j
28.07.2018 TNEA ,izajsj;jpy 28.07.2018 md;W ntspaplg;gLk;.
xJf;fPl;il tpz;zg;gjhuh;fSf;F kW xJf;fPL nra;ag;gLk;.
Kjy; B) TNEA cs;EioT (login) topahf tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; jq;fspd;
cWjp nra;jy;
3 29.07.2018 jw;fhypf xJf;fPl;il fhzyhk;.  jw;fhypf xJf;fPl;il cWjp nra;a option-I rkh;gpf;f jtwpath;fs;
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tpUg;gj;ij C) tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; 29.07.2018 md;W khiy 5 kzpf;Fs; xJf;fPl;il
tiu ,lq;fSf;Nfw;g Gjp;jhf tpUg;g thpir gl;baiy mr;Rw;wpy; cs;spl;L
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jw;fhypf xJf;fPL rkh;g;gpj;j option-d; gb nra;agl;L 30.07.2018
4 ,Wjp xJf;fPL 30.07.2018 md;W ntspaplg;gLk;.
B) tpz;zg;gjhuh; jdJ xJf;fPl;L Mizia TNEA ,izajsj;jpd;
cs;EioT (login) topahf gjptpwf;fk; nra;J nfhs;syhk;.

03.08.2018-Mk; Njjp md;Nwh (m) Kd;ghfNth xJf;fPL ngw;w fy;Y}hpf;Fr;

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tpz;zg;gjhuh;fSf;F gjpT nra;j ifg;Ngrp vz;zpw;F FWQ;nra;jp (SMS) mwpf;if Rw;wpd; xt;nthU epiyapYk; mDg;gg;gLk;. vdNt> gjpT nra;j ifg;Ngrpapy; TNEA SMS-I njhlh;e;J ftdpj;J
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nfhs;sTk; NkYk; jfty;fSf;F Instructions to candidates Mtzj;ij ftdkhf gbj;J njhpe;J nfhs;sTk; kUj;Jtg; gbg;gpw;fhd fye;jha;tpy; fye;J nfhz;l tpz;zg;gjhuh;fs; jq;fsJ kUj;Jt
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