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Central Test, L'art de l'évaluation

The art of Assessment

.: Recruit prospective employees and evaluate current ones

The concept of testing primarily existed in military recruitments in the English speaking countries but has
gained popularity among HR professionals across the globe. The tests are specially designed to evaluate and
facilitate decision making. They give an objective analysis of the candidate or employee in the recruitment
process, skills assessment, career management and personal development.

Apart from skills assessment, the tests reveal the personality, strengths, dominant traits and motivations of the
individual. They also make interviews more effective, which helps to identify the right candidate and reduce the
risk of hiring mistakes, which are often very expensive.

.: Who are we ?
Founded in 2002, Central Test develops and provides online psychometric tests to help you evaluate your
candidates and employees.
Central Test meets the needs of HR consultants, business organisations, schools and public institutions in the
area of assessment. Central Test has a wide range of tests which are high in quality, relevance and innovation.
The tools are highly reliable.

Our tools are widely used in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany ...), in
Africa (Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, Kenya ...), in North America & Latin America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile,
Argentina ...), Asia (India, China ...), in Australia and the Middle East (UAE, Jordan ...)

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


.: Why choose our tests ?

 Our tests cater to all the needs of Human Resources: recruitment, career management, skills
assessment, evaluation, team and personal development.

 We provide professional tests which are validated by cross-cultural psychometric standards.

 Reports and results are pragmatic and understandable to all users.

 Our tests are multilingual (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch ...). You can assess your
candidates and / or view reports of results in the language of your choice.

 The questionnaires and results are instantly accessible from a simple Internet connection.
Everything is centralized on the same interface.

 Our HR solution is cost effective: no training required, no hidden fees, no annual license, etc..
You only pay for the tests that you use.

 We offer packages according to your usage.

 Several personalisation options are available: your client account can be personalised with your
company logo and the colors of your choice, setting your job references, creation of groups of
candidates, import of contacts, etc..

.: Central Test, at your service 24X7

Customer Care Service

Our customer service representatives are at your disposal whenever you need them. After
evaluating your goals, our consultants will suggest the most suitable tests for you.

R&D Department

Our psychologists are available for all issues relating to the development, validation and test

Technical Service

Our technical team is always available to resolve any difficulty accessing our online services.

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010

Product Information
Explore our range of tests

Theme 1 : Personality and Career Tests

▪ Recruitment Personality Test-corporate*

▪ BF-5 Personality Test*

▪ Career Orientation Test

▪ Recruitment Personality Test

▪ CTPI-Pro*

Theme 2 : Function Specific Tests

▪ Sales Profile*

▪ Management Skills Test

Theme 3 : Abilities Test

▪ Reasoning Test*

▪ Business English Test *

▪ EQ Test-Corporate Version

▪ French Language Test*

* Reserved exclusively for HR professionals.

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010

Theme 1 : Personality Tests
Recruitment Personality Test-Corporate
.: An analysis of personality and professional profiles

Sample Questions

1/ Indicate the statement that

would best describe you...:
Objective The Recruitment Personality Test – corporate version
analyzes a candidate’s core disposition and main • I prefer reading to
professional aspirations. This test is useful conversation
for recruitment as well as for internal mobility and
career development. • I meticulously organise
Target Groups Employees, job seekers, graduates 2/ Indicate the adjective that
would best describe you...:
Questionnaire 98 questions.
12 to 15 minutes. • Devoted
Key Features  A comprehensive and dynamic personality
• Pragmatic
 Control on social desirability
 Available in English, French, Spanish,
German, Dutch, Romanian and Italian

Dimensions: Presentation of the report

.: A dynamic approach to personality with 12 evaluated dimensions : • Graphs and detailed tables
• Need for objectivity vs Persuasiveness • Customized comments
• Firmness vs Empathy/Flexibility • Strengths, weaknesses and
• Sensitivity vs Resistance to stress areas to improve
• Introversion vs Extroversion • Summary of profile
• Method/Organization vs Adaptation/Improvisation • Comparison to 58 groups
• Intuition vs Rationalism of professions
• Detachment vs Involvement at work • Profile matching with
• Need for supervision vs Desire for power positions within the
• Long term-view vs Need for action organization
• Humility vs Ambition
• Group feeling vs Need for autonomy
• Individualism vs Altruism
.: Comparison with 9 personality profiles :
• Combative
• Conscientious
• Cooperative
• Dedicated
• Dynamic
• Emotionally engaged
• Intuitive
• Independent
• Judicious

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


BF5 Personality Test

.: Measures the 5 traits of personality

Sample Question
Definition The test measures what psychologists and organizational
practitioners consider to be the five fundamental
dimensions of personality. Recruitment agencies and 1/ To what extent does each of the
institutions find it useful for getting a general idea about following sentences describe you? (rate
a candidate relative to other prospective employees and from 1 to 4)
the rest of the population.
Objective To identify general personality by assessing relative
strength of each of the five major traits.
Target Group All job categories and levels.
Questionnaire 15 sets of 4 statements
Estimated time: 5 to 7 minutes.
Key Features :  Can be taken in 7-10 minutes
 Instant generation of results
 Control of social desirability
 Available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch

Dimensions : Presentation of the report

.: The analysis is based on the following factors : • Description of
candidate’s dominant
Openness / Imagination • Graphs/Charts
Appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity, • Customized comments
and variety of experience. • Summary table
• Matching the candidate’s
Meticulousness (Conscientiousness) : profile with various job
Tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement; planned positions
rather than spontaneous behavior.

Sociability/Dynamism (Extraversion):
Energy, positive emotions, and tendency to seek stimulation and the company of

Conscious of Others (Agreeableness)

Tendency to be compassionate and cooperative rather than being suspicious and
antagonistic towards others.

Emotional Balance (Neuroticism):

Tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily, such as anger, anxiety,
depression, or vulnerability; sometimes referred to as emotional instability.

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


Career Orientation Test

.: Serves as a guide for career choice or change

Sample Question
Definition The Career Orientation Test is like a compass.
Whether an individual is choosing or changing
careers, this test is a great first step in the right 1/ You would like, whether or not in a
direction. professional context... :

Objective To confirm a candidate/trainee's job orientation and • To do scientific research

professional goals (scale from 1 to 4)

Target Group Students, Job seekers, Employees... 2/ Generally, to solve a problem :

Questionnaire 72 questions • you deal with it point by point

Estimated time to complete the questionnaire - 10 in a linear manner
minutes • you identify the problem

Presentation of the report

Dimensions : • Graph (12 main factors)
This test is based on 12 main areas of interest : • Customized comments
Presentation of the results
• General profile (Holland's
 Social dedication • model)
Description of
• Matching
candidate’s dominant
the profile with
clusters (80 standard
 Literary • groups)
 Manual • Customized comments
 Expertise / Investigative • Summary table
 Action / Nature • Matching of the
 Technical candidate’s profile with
 People Skills various job positions
 Enterprising spirit
 Team organization

Profiles in reference to Holland's typology:


© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


Recruitment Personality Test

.: Determine your employees’ qualifications

Sample Question
Definition Recruitment Profile examines 14 behavioral
dimensions to determine the strengths and 1/ Choose the sentence that best
weaknesses of a candidate. Easy to interpret, this tool describes you...
is used by operational managers as well as HR
consultants. • I prefer to plan ahead before
taking action.
Objective To evaluate the potential of the candidate, their
strengths and weaknesses in terms of their abilities, • I know how to delegate tasks.
emotional qualities and professional aspirations
Target Group Job seekers, Recent Graduates, Executives, Engineers...
Questionnaire 91 pairs of statements
10 to 12 minutes
 Easy to understand results
Key Features
 Control of social desirability
 Test available in English and French

Dimensions : Presentation of the report

. : Analysis of the report is based on 14 dimensions structured in 3 groups • Graph (14 main factors)
• Customized comments
Work qualities: • General profile (Holland's
Organization, Dynamism, Anticipation, Adaptability, Tenacity model)
• Matching the profile with job
Social and emotional skills: clusters (58 standard groups)
Enthusiasm, Leadership, Eloquence, Diplomacy, Self-control

Aspirations and values:

Need for autonomy, Respect to commitments, Ambition, Sense of service.
. : Compatibility with the following 7 standard profiles :
 Executive manager

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


CTPI-Pro (Central Test Personality Inventory for Professionals)

.: A Comprehensive assessment of work-personality

Sample Question
Introduction The CTPI-Pro provides a comprehensive assessment of work In close relationships, my
related personality traits that play a crucial role in work decisions are influenced by
performance. This tool assesses work personality on 20 distinct my emotions.
dimensions identified as predictors of performance in a variety of
jobs. It is rasch calibrated for its accuracy and scientifically • Frequently.
designed to be used by HR managers and Psychologists alike. It • Sometimes.
also has a motivational distortion scale to identify any attempt of • Rarely.
faking on the part of the candidate. • Never. I have never
Objective To provide a comprehensive assessment of work-personality and been influenced by
competencies, leadership style, team role profile and then match emotions.
the results with the requirements for a variety of jobs.
I am ready to help others
Target Group Working professionals at all levels... without much deliberation.
Questionnaire 160 questions in multiple choice format 25 to 30 minutes (1=hardly ever, 7=almost
 Jargon free report
 Detailed assessment of work personality 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Key Features
 Identification of any attempts to fake the results.
 Fully customizable report with competencies, leadership
style, role in a team, negotiation style etc.

Dimensions : Presentation of the
. : The analysis of the report is based on 20 dimensions belonging to 4 clusters report
• Graph (20 factors)
People Management Task Management Self Management Change Management
• Customized
Controlling Conscientious Self-assured Foresighted
Rule-conscious interpretation of each
Affiliative Relaxed Experimental
Lively Imaginative
Emotionally stable
Adaptable factor score
Diplomatic Achievement - Optimistic Idea - oriented • Competency scores on
Assertive oriented Sensitive
21 workplace
• Profile matching with
Workplace Competencies: selected job profiles
There are 82 competencies mapped in this test. The Standard report shows the • Assessment of
results on 21 competencies. The remaining competencies may be configured upon Leadership style,
demand depending on the applicability and relevance of each competency for the Negotiation style, team
candidate or client. role profile

Behavioural Styles:
This tool assesses Leadership styles, Negotiation styles, Subordination styles, Leader-
subordinate interaction styles, and the candidate’s role in a team.

Profile Matching:
The report can also to be customised to compare the candidate’s profile (on a scale
from 0% to 100%) to a desired profile for a current and/or future role.

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010

Theme 2 : Function Specific Test

Sales Profile,
.: Select the best sales force

Sample Question
Definition The Sales Profile determines whether or not a
candidate or employee has a natural flair for sales 1/ At the theatre, I would
by measuring his/her persuasive abilities. probably be :

Objective To select qualified candidates and eliminate • An actor in "a one-

unsuitable ones. man show"
• The director of "a
Target Group Sales executives, Telemarketers, Sales managers, Greek tragedy"
Graduates, Business school students, etc….

Questionnaire 70 short questions about daily life and work

Estimated time: 12-15 minutes
Key Features  Sales score
 Social Desirability indicator
 Personalized analysis
 Available in English, French, Spanish and

Dimensions :
Presentation of the report
.: 9 sales-related behavioral traits grouped into 3 key dimensions :
• Indicators (sale potential
score, social desirability)
"Field sales" Client prospection, Sales acumen and Closing
• General profile
• Comparison with norms
"Business Development" Building business networks, Strategic • Graph /charts
negotiations and Charisma • Customized comments
“Customer Relations” Sense of service, Self-control and Technical • Summary of the profile
expertise • Matching of candidate's
profile with different sales
positions and functions.
• Matching of profile with the
.: Compares the results to 8 business tasks : positions of the company

• B2B sales force

• B2C sales force
• Telemarketing
• Bank/Insurance agent
• Client support/service
• Business development (major accounts/SME)
• Shop assistant/store manager (retail sales)
• Technical sales engineer

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


Management Skills Test

.: To Assess Management and Leadership skills

Sample Question
Definition Management Skills Test assesses aptitude and 1/ To you, an effective manager:
management and leadership styles. It is based on 7
dimensions of management and compares the candidate • should consider carefully
with the ideal profile of typical roles. Management Skills the technical aspects and
Test is used not only for recruitment but also for training issues involved
and development. • basically evaluates the
Objective Recognize inherent leadership qualities and develop overall scope of a project
management style.
2/ Which adjective describes you
Target Group Team leaders, managers, entrepreneurs best:
Questionnaire 49 questions
8 -10 minutes • enthusiastic
• focused
Key Features  Highlights strengths of the candidate and areas
for improvement
 Identifies management style
 Test available in English, French and Spanish

Dimensions : Presentation of the report

• Graphs
. : The test relies on 7 dimensions related to management : • Personalized Comments
• Detailed table of factors
 Expertise vs. Global approach with relative scores
 Pragmatic vs. Ideas & Concepts • Compatibility of the
 Spontaneity vs. Self-Analysis profile with management
 Discretion/Reserve vs. Recognition styles
 Delegation vs. Managerial intervention
 Productivity vs. Social conscience
 Conservatism vs. Innovation

. : Comparison of profile with 7 management roles:

 Chief executive
 Project manager

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010

Theme 3 : Intelligence & Aptitude Tests

Reasoning Test,
.: Assesses reasoning skills on logical, numerical and
verbal abilities

Sample Question
Definition Intelligence relates to a range of differing capabilities,
such as the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, 1/ Your father walks faster than
think abstractly, understand ideas and language, and you. Your neighbor walks
learn. slower than your father. Who
The Reasoning Test evaluates the general intelligence walks faster, you or your
(IQ) of the candidate and his/her specific logical, neighbor?
verbal and numerical reasoning capacities.
2/ Complete the following
Objective To evaluate reasoning skills on logical, numerical and
verbal abilities
3 - 7 - 19 - 55 - ? - 487

Target Groups Employees, graduates, students.

Questionnaire 42 questions. 35 minutes (Timed).

Key Features  Evaluates the general intelligence of the
 Exclusive test items
 Detailed solutions to the questions
 Available in English, French, Spanish and

Dimensions :
Presentation of the Report
• Scores : IQ, logical,
.: The candidate receives an overall calibrated rating (mean 100, standard
numerical and verbal
deviation: 15) and detailed results by a factor:
Logical Intelligence: • General description of
Logical intelligence is the ability to discover an existing relationship between a set the evaluated factors
of complexities. • Detailed results with the
solutions of the test
Numerical Intelligence :
Numerical intelligence is the ability to comprehend numerical data with
precision, mental calculations, accounting, interpretation of data, etc...

Verbal Intelligence:
Verbal intelligence is the ability to understand the subtleties of a language and
handle verbal information with accuracy in reporting, public speaking or writing.

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


Business English Test,

.: Assesses the level of English language proficiency

 Sample Questions
Definition Business English Test is used in the context of
1/ Complete the sentence:
recruitment, training or business schools to assess the
Research in the work place
English language proficiency.
reveals that people work for
Objective To assess the level of proficiency in Business English many reasons ___________
Target Group All profiles
• Money beside
Questionnaire 60 questions.
35 minutes (Timed). • Money besides

• Over money
Key Features  Efficient and practical assessment of Business
English • Besides money
 Norm based reporting on a scale of 0 to 20
 Triple factor assessment on reading 2/ Fill in the blank:
comprehension, grammar and vocabulary "I'm a person ___ technical
 Detailed description of scores knowledge of computer will
impress anyone."
 Scientifically designed and validated on diverse
• Who
• Whom
• Which
• Whose

Dimensions :  Presentation of the report

.: The candidate receives an overall rating out of 20 and a score for each factor:
• Overall score on a scale
of 0 to 20
Reading : Assesses the ability to read and comprehend the information provided • Graphs/charts
in the written passage • Score on each dimension

Vocabulary : Assesses knowledge of words essential to understanding and

communication in an international environment

Grammar : Evaluates knowledge of which is essential to communication

Coming Soon ! Test of Listening Comprehension(English).

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


EQ Test-Corporate Version
.: Evaluates emotional intelligence in the workplace

Definition EQ Test - corporate version is a tool for assessing  Sample Questions

emotional intelligence, the ability to perceive, 1/ I do not easily accept my
understand and manage one’s own emotions and faults.
those of others.

Objective To measure the ability to perceive, understand and

manage emotions.

Target Group All Profiles. 2/ If a salesperson takes a lot of

time explaining a product to
Questionnaire 97 questions.
me, I find it very difficult to
15 to 20 minutes. leave without buying
Key Features  Provides norm based EQ scores (in the same
fashion as IQ)
 Social desirability indicator to assess validity of
the responses
 Summary of emotional profile with
developmental advice

Dimensions  Presentation of the report

.: Analysis of 4 main dimensions and 12 factors. • Desirability score
• EQ Score
Dimensions :
• Graphs/charts
• Intrapersonal Intelligence
• Scores per factors
• Relationship management
• Summary of the profile
• Flexibility
• Customized comment
• Self Assertion
Factors :

• Self-knowledge
• Self-control
• Self-motivation
• Adaptability
• Self-esteem
• Optimism
• Resilience
• Self-confidence
• Relational ease
• Assertiveness
• Empathy

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


French Language Test

.: Assess the level of French Language Proficiency

 Sample Questions
Definition 1/Choisissez l'ortographe
Identify candidate’s French language proficiency with
the French Language Test. This test, developed in
• Ennivrer
collaboration with the Alliance Française, evaluates the
• Enivrer
level of French proficiency of non - native French
speaking candidates
2/ Nous sommes du même avis
Objective To assess proficiency in grammar, vocabulary and : nous pensons...
spelling according to a scale created by the Common • Pareil
European Framework of Reference for Languages.. • Pareillement

Target Group Any person whose first language is not French wishing
to pursue a career in a French speaking company or

Questionnaire 60 multiple choice questions

12 minutes (timed)

Key Features  an overall score out of 20

 Score out of 10 for each factor: Grammar,
vocabulary, and spelling
 Positioning of the candidate on the Reference

 Presentation of the report

• Overall score out of 20.

.: The candidate receives an overall rating out of 20 and an individual score on • Graphical representation
each dimension: of the results

• Detail description of each

Reading : Evaluates the ability to read and comprehend the information provided
in the written passage
• Solutions explained (Can
Vocabulary : Assesses knowledge of words essential to understanding and be deactivated on
communication in a professional setting. request)

Grammar: Evaluates knowledge of grammar which is essential for


© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


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appropriate tool.

Test Batteries
1. Personality and Professional Profile 2.Function Specific Test

• Recruitment Personality-corporate* • Sales Profile Test*

• BF5* • Management Skills Test
• Career Orientation Test
• Recruitment Profile Test

3. Assessment of intellectual abilities 4. Managerial Assessment

• Reasoning Test* • Management Skills Test*

• Business English Test *

5. Personal Development

• EQ Test-Corporate Version

* Reserved exclusively for HR professionals

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010

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No training is needed to use Central Test tools, which are designed to be as clear as possible, leaving no
ambiguity in the interpretation of results.

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010

Our References
A Focus on our international dimension
A selection of our International clients by Industry Sector...

Major Organisations

▪ EDF Distribution ▪ Glaxosmithkline

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▪ BELL Canada ▪ Orange / France Telecom

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▪ Mc Donalds ▪ Serena Spa

▪ Sigmakalon ▪ Geneva Airport
▪ Hygena SA ▪ Atac Supermarkets
▪ Bangalore International Airport (India) ▪ Hotel Evasions Sarl

Recruitment Consultants, Assessment Centres

▪ CCLD Recrutement ▪ Elite Ressources Humaines

▪ International Management Services ▪ Acumen Recruitment (UK)
▪ Paris Partner Conseil ▪ Splash Recruitment (UK)
▪ Adéquation Sa, Switzerland ▪ SSL Consulting

Schools of commerce and engineereing,Business schools,Universities

▪ Warwick Business School ▪ Accendo Formation

▪ Université Paul Cézanne de Marseille ▪ American Business School
▪ GRETA ▪ École des Mines
▪ ESC LILLE ▪ ESC Rochelle

Government and Public Services

▪ ASSEDIC ▪ Mairie de Neuilly sur Seine

▪ Caisse Mutuelle Régionale de Lorraine ▪ Communauté urbaine de LILLE
▪ Conseil Général de l'Eure ▪ URSSAF
▪ Greater Manchester Transport Authority ▪ AFPA Martinique

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010

Your opinion matters to us

"This is the first time Michelin Tyre Ltd, based in Manchester, UK has used online psychometric testing to assess
potential candidates. I personally found the tests extremely useful to be able to make a decision on recruiting
candidates. I find that an interview does not always give you all the information you require about a candidate to
be able to make a decision. The Professional Profile test helped me to learn more about the candidate’s character
and allow me to assess how they would work within a team environment!"

Lucy Renham,
Contact Centre Manager, Michelin Tyre PLC - Manchester, United Kingdom

"Finally a recruitment tool that is simple, efficient, detailed and cost-effective. The results are displayed
instantaneously allowing a rapid decision, I would recommend Central Test to any employer!"

Marie-Josée Bertrand,
Divisional HR manager
BELL Canada - Montréal, Canada

"I find the CTI psychometric suite very interesting and insightful. We use the tests to hire staff on all
occupational levels within the company from managers to production workers. Having personally completed a
Professional profile test, I was pleasantly surprised about the standard of the way the results were presented!"

Graham de Koker,
HR Manager
OKE Plastic (PTY) Ltd - South Africa, Germany and China

"We are using your psychometric tests as a preliminary assessment of all prospective candidates. We have also
used this for evaluating our current employees to assess their growth potential. We are very satisfied and are
also recommending this in our business circles!"

Sunil Jain,
Rajoo Engineers Limited - New Delhi, India

© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


© Central Test – The art of assessment 2010


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