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Fu ll A u to m a tic C o m m on R a il Tes t B en c h
C R -N T8 1 5
Ins truc tion m an u a l
Nanyang NanTai Experimental Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in Nanyang

high-tech zone of Henan provinance,and is a specialized test equipment

manufacturer with a capability of research,design,production,sale and


Regarding quality as the core, innovation as the driving force and

transcendence as the goal, we has accurately grasped the development

trend of the industry and has increased investment on technology. Nantai

has researched and developed the high-pressure common rail diesel fuel

injection system independently, such as test bench CRI-NT816CR-NT819

and Supporting Bosch KTS series fault diagnosis, which are widely used in

various domestic and international diesel engine fuel injection system

testing and maintenance. We has awarded ISO9001:2008 quality

authentication and CE certificates,Our sales achievement are always the

leader for several years in this line,and our products are popular in Asia,

Africa, Europe and many other countries.

• B rie f In tro d u c tion

• Ins ta lla tion ins truc tion

• C o m pu te r sy ste m

• O pe ra tion & A tten tions

• D e fau lts d iag n o s tic a nd rep a ir

• W a rran ty an d m a in ten a nc e
1. . Fu n c
tion s:

CR-NT815 is a full-automatic common rail test bench designed and

developed by Nanyang Nantai, with following functions:

1.1 Test application : BOSCH.DENSO.DELPHI.SIEMENS injectors and


1.2. Industrial computer controls the operation high precisely, measure the

fuel delivery and display on computer automatically, test the sealing of

injectors, test fuel injected and return quantity under different working

conditions: full-loaded, idling, pilot injection. Equipped with original BOSCH

flow sensor for monitoring fuel delivery, judge the single and whole function

of the injector.

Industrialized computer with linux XP system and 19’LCD, humanized

handling system to enable easy operation. The data can be added by

users, and printed and saved, with 19’LCD.

1.3. Full-automatically detect common rail pumps, injection volume, return

volume, pump chamber pressure, oil supply pressure, sealing performance,

measuring unit ZME and DRV valve performance, pursuant to initial data,

judge whether single index and overall property are qualified or not.

1.4. Equipped with original Bosch CP3 pumps, Bosch rail pipe with DRV to

make sure the rail pressure precision ±5bar.

1.5. Diverse electronic high pressure oil pump such as VP37 VP44 can be

tested by installation of additional system.

1.6. Constant temperature equipment used, setting the oil to be 40±2

degree,make sure the test precision。

1.7. Self-protection: over-heated, oil mist, over-pressure, insufficiency oil

volume are all alarmed by indicator light, to avoid any accidents.

1.8. Compact universal test bench and various fixture for different pumps

are used together to make the efficient maintenance.

1.9. Remote control and multi-networked is convenient for service and

software upgrading.

2. . Ins ta lla
tio n

2.1. Environment

A. Test bench must be placed in the draught, dry room being far away from

corrosive gas, temperature is between 5-35℃.

B. Test bench must placed on solid and plane ground, level test are

required, put shock-absorbing rubber on the foursquare.

2.2. Electricity power distribution requirement

A. 4*6mm 2 four core cable is needed for 11KW, null line protection for

outer shell.

B. Test bench must be connected with specialized circuit, connecting with

domestic load is forbidden. The distance between switchboard and test

bench should not exceed 5 meters, remove the unnecessary electric wire,

coiling them is forbidden.

C. voltage standard: three phase 380V±10%, imbalance ≤3%, the

regulated power supply should be connected if voltage fluctuation is largely,

and keep design margin.

2.3. Wiring steps

Make sure the power is cut off, open the switchboard, drill the compatible

three phases four wire from the bottom of test bench, find unconnected

four terminals of R, S, T,O below the right wiring terminal on the

switchboard, R, S, T are live wire, O is naught wire, make sure correct

connection, tight the bolt with the necessary tool.

2.4. Grounding protection (option):

The power supply is three phases four wires, If electric leakage exists

when power supply is properly connected, this certifies the naught is not

good or not connect into ground. Naught protection is needed then. Steps

as follows:

A. Be away 1.5 meter of test bench, find a moist place indoor or outdoor,

embed the ground connector (steel rod, steel angle, flat steel, iron angle)

into the earth, 1.5-2 meter under the earth ground.

B. To make sure the effect, the grounding connector should be with certain

mechanical hardness, and longer than 2 meter. It should have the hole

location or bolt on the end coming out of ground, for use of cable

connecting if needed.

C. Dismantle the short wires in the switchboard, from O position to the

wiring points of shell.

D. The grounding wire is ≥ 4 mm2 strand, one end should connect with the

earthing point of switchboard’s shell, and another end should be fixed the

grounding body with 6 --10 mm2 bolts.

E. The earth resistance is 4 ohms

3. . Inpu t o il in to
tan k.

To ensure the test precision and steadiness, input the DIN ISO04113 oil

which is specialized for testing to the oil tank, the volume should not be

less than two thirds of oil tank.

4. .C o m pu te r op e ra tion sy s te

4.1.After connecting power supply and inputting test oil, connect the

common rail wire properly, fix the oil pump and injector. Turn on the power

supply, The working light turns on and computer starts. Screen surface as


Notice: The motor begins to run now and the oil supply starts, observe the

oil supply pressure gauge, it is showing “≥0.03M”.

4.2.Click ‘system setup’,

4.3. Choose the testing pump code, then click “pump type” to confirm the

pump equipped, click 'Edit' to set up or add pump data,

4.3.1.Firstly set up the ZME to be full opened or closed according to the

pump type,all the data can be edited as per user request.

4.3.2.Choose the pump rotation direction: Forward or reverse.

4.3.3.Five steps needed for setting up pump parameter:

• Leak test Max. Value: -0.08MP, time is 15S.

• High pressure test 160Mar,Tolerance and test time can be edited.

• Fuel quantity is 0 when ZME fully closed, Tolerance and time can be

edited,Duty ratio is 350%-0 when fully open,duty ratio is 0-350% when

fully closed.
• Test the fuel quantity and tolerance when ZME fully opened, test time

can be edited,duty ratio is 350%-0 when ZME fully opened,0-350%

when ZME fully closed.

• Electric current can be set up to be 0-3000Ma when ZME rating test,

fuel quantity, tolerance, and test time can be edited.

4.3.4.Press"Exit" after editing and saving the data.

Motor rotation speed 1 is the rotation speed when pump testing


Motor rotation speed 2 is the rotation speed when testing injector at


Motor rotation speed 3 is the rotation speed when testing injector at idling


Motor rotation speed 4 is the rotation speed when testing injector when


Oil temperature range and tolerance can be set up.

Motor rotation direction (forward/reverse) can be selected.

Test results of the injector and pumps show on the computer or judge by

Testing unit can be added by users.

4.4.After checking the parameter, Click 'save' to be back to:

4.5.Click 'injector test', it comes to the following interface:

4.6.Click “injector type“ to choose the injector type:

Input the “injector type” in the “search” , and confirm, Please firstly choose

the manufactory if needed, then choose injector type.

Data setup: input injector the “injector type” , input parameter in the
“new parameter”, choose the high and low pressure, then click ”save”. If

need to delete the parameter, click “delete”.

4.7. After confirming the injector code, click “confirm”, entering the testing

surface as follows:

4.8. Click ”start”, the testing will be running by 5 steps, the results will be
showing step by step automatically.

Click “Print” and “save” to keep the results. Click “stop” to stop the system.

If single test are need, click “single test”, then choose the test step which

are needed, click"” to test 6 injectors at once.

Click"ON" to test the electromagnetic valve.

4.9.Click ”ESC” when finish.

4.10. Pump test:

Click ” pump test”

4.11.Click “start”,

The computer will be running and test results will be showing automatically,

print and save.

"Self-supply" is the simulation of the pump to self-feeding the fuel when

equipped on the vehicle.

"ZME"is pump measuring unit switch.

Click"ZME on" to clean ZME separately.

5.Te st B en c h M ain tenanc e

5.1 Fuel injection system maintenance.

A.Generally the test oil should be changed after running of 600 hours, or

after completion testing of 300 injectors, exactly based on oil quality.

B.Check the connector of pipe timely, to avoid oil leakage or air in.

C.Check the filter element and change timely;

5.2.Common rail pressure regulation valve DRV and ZME valve are the

main parts for common rail pressure, attentions as below:

A. After working constantly 8-10 hours, Check whether DRV/ZME is

contaminated by impurity and clean them timely.

B. Pls use the oil dispersant to clean them, ultrasound cleaner are


C. ZME DRV valve should be installed correctly and keep tightly.

5.3.Flow sensor is imported form abroad; do not open it by yourself. Make

sure the test oil clean when operating the machine.

5.4.Check and maintain the inverter timely, to ensure the machine run

steadily and safely. Please note the electric should be cut off during

checking the inverter, and do not touch the electricity

6. Common defaults:

Reasons Methods of elimination

1.wrong power distribution check the wire

2.Single phase test bench outer shell make sure the

Electricity leaks on outershell

should be connected with earth. grounding correctly

3.three phase four wire,naught wire

grounding protection is
1 connection is not correctly,or
without grounding protection

4.Lamp surface, compressor

switchboard, compressor switch,

clean the impurity
power cable connector are

contaminated by oil impurity

5.cable connector loose during
check and tight the bolt
transaction and operation.

1.'Start' and 'stop' keystroke are


2.Connector plug on the backboard

tight the connector plug
of the control unit loose.

press the button to be

3.Press the “stop”button by accident
mainframe does not work

4.The control line(10V、AVI、EF、+ Check and recover the

5V、VRF、GND)inside the inverter cut line +10V、AVI、EF、

off (+5V、VRF、GND)

keep the machine

closed for 15 seconds,

5.other electric on the spot interferes if the maintenance of

cause the inverter to be self- machine still does not

protection work, pls contact

manufactory, do not

assembly by yourself
Rotation speed not

1.Shortage of power phases, 2.low check the power

voltage, 3. phase imbalance distribution


2.Left & right resistor malfunction, or
choose the correct
3.Adapter is not used properly, pump
fixture to brace the
is not fixed steadily

1.mainframe machine rotates, red sensor damaged and

LED beside the sensor is off exchange

2.sensor LED flicker, rotation speed

rotation speed meter do nor work

meter damaged

check and recovery,

3.Circuit connected with sensor make sure good

rupture, plug or pin malfunction. connection,tight plug

and, fix the bolt.

the distance between

4.the distance between sensor and
sensor and magnetic
magnetic steel which is on the
steel is 3-5MM , and be
backside of dial is longer than normal
same core.
oil temperature control failure

1.temperature controller is damaged change

2.temperature sensor (at oil tank

5 board) is damaged.

3.temperature sensor connector, check and tight the

controller, signal plug loose, plug, welding the signal

connection line rupture or loose, wire again.

reset the low and upper

4.temperature low limit preset is not limit data, make sure

correct upper limit data higher

than the low limit data.

5.heating contact damaged change

pump motor does not start or

check the 24V output ,

1.24V output current inside the
check the AC safety

6 switchboard malfunction.

2.pump motor connection wire check the line, and

malfunction, damaged. change

no display on computer

check the circuit, open

1.power supply open,but switch is off
the switch

7 1.controller, safety

tube(0.5A)damaged Change

2.Display damaged

1.abnormal voltage check

lamp off

2.lamp damaged, block damaged change

1.electromagnetic valve circuit turn
electromagnetic valve does not work

2.electromagnetic valve damaged Change

3.check whether the 24V voltage

normal or not, Safety

check and exchange
4.Check whether the injection

connection is identical with the option

on the computer.

cut off the power supply,

Pump starts ,but

pump motor rotation direction is not

no oil supply

exchange any two of

10 identical with standard direction of
R.S.T line in the

1.air exist in the oil line Check and maintain

oil supply pressure abnormal

2.Nylon screw inside the pressure

11 meter loose

3. Test oil shortage, or contaminated Add fuel or change

4.Oil line is blocked clean it

No fuel shows on the injector 1.check whether fuel leaks from flow


2.whether flow sensor lamp

Contact the
alternately work
3.whether injector works properly

4.Flow sensor blocked by anything

1.voltage unsteady

2.sensor plug contact is not good

3.oil line is dirty, blocked, impurities,

common rail pressure unsteady

4.pressure safety line cut off

5.ZME valve is dirty or blocked 1.Check the voltage

12 2.Check the fuel line

6.ZME valve damaged
7.DRV valve is dirty and blocked

8.DRV damaged

9.check whether the pump body

pressure-regulation valve blocked or

injector malfunction 1.check the safety

2.check whether connection line and

13 plug loose or break off Check and overhaul

3.Check whether injector setup

identical with computer

7.W arran ty and M ain tenanc e

• If quality problem incurred under normal operation, we take the liability

of maintenance for one year.

• The maintenance do not include DRV, ZME valve, rail pressure sensor

which are imported from Bosch company, pls use these parts correctly

• The free maintenance do not apply for the damages incurred by

incorrect operation or other equipment’s fault. User should be

responsible for maintenance costs.

• Users should bear maintenance charges if it happens after one year.

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