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7th Grade Geography Tests

In 7th grade we will be mapping much of the Eastern hemisphere of the World-
Europe, Asia, and Africa. Students will have quizzes approximately every 2 or 3 weeks on
sections of countries of each continent, and then a test of the full continent afterwards.

While we will have a small amount of in-class study time, students are expected
to study for these tests at home as well. Maps are included in our class textbook and
there are several online study tools; all of which I have posted under the ‘Resources’ tab
on the class website, If students do not have access to
internet at home, please let me know and we will make proper accommodations so they
can receive equal study opportunities.

Below is the current schedule for our geography tests. These dates are subjected
to change. If a date needs to change, students will be notified in class and on the class

Some quizzes will have more countries than others, but students will receive
adequate study time in between tests as well as support in class or tutoring to help
them be prepared. The Social Studies department at CEC has created this standard in
order to give our students a heightened understanding of our worlds geographical
features, and how that can often relate to historical happenings. Please let me know if
you have any questions or concerns, as I would be happy to answer.

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Geography Test Schedule
(dates are subjected to change)
Western Europe: Thursday, September 13th
Eastern Europe: Thursday, October 4th
All of Europe: Thursday, October 25th

Western and Central Asia: Thursday, January 17th
Southern, Eastern, and Southeastern Asia: Thursday, February 14th
All of Asia: Thursday, March 7th

Northern and Western Africa: Thursday, March 28th
Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa: Thursday, April 11th
All of Africa: Thursday, May 2nd
Map Test Study Guide
Below are the countries that students will be tested on for each quiz. Refer to this
list and the website attached while studying for the tests- tests will be modeled
very closely to these online study tools.

Western Europe:
(Study at:
Iceland The Netherlands Liechtenstein
Ireland Belgium Italy
United Kingdom Luxembourg San Marino
France Andorra Vatican City
Spain Germany Greece
Portugal Austria
Denmark Switzerland

Eastern Europe:
(Study at
Russia Croatia Moldova
Estonia Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria
Latvia Serbia Turkey
Lithuania Montenegro
Poland Kosovo
Czech Republic Albania
Slovakia Macedonia
Hungary Romania
Slovenia Ukraine
All of Europe:

Western and Central Asia

(Study at:
Cyprus Iran Pakistan
Syria Kuwait Saudi Arabia
Lebanon Turkmenistan Bahrain
Israel Uzbekistan Qatar
Palestine Kyrgyzstan United Arab Emirates
Jordan Tajikistan
Iraq Afghanistan

Southern, Eastern, and Southeastern Asia

(Study at:,, AND
India Sri Lanka North Korea
Nepal Republic of the Maldives South Korea
Bhutan Mongolia Japan
Bangladesh China Taiwan
Myanmar (Burma) Vietnam Philippines
Thailand Malaysia Timor-Leste
Laos Indonesia
All of Asia:

Northern and Western Africa

(Study at AND
Egypt Senegal Ivory Coast
Sudan Gambia Ghana
Libya Guinea-Bissau Togo
Tunisia Guinea Benin
Algeria Sierra Leone Niger
Morocco Liberia Nigeria
Western Sahara Mali
Mauritania Burkina Faso

Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa

(Study at,, AND
Chad Republic of the Congo Eritrea
Cameroon Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
the Congo
Central African Republic Djibouti
Equatorial Guinea South Sudan
Gabon Uganda
Kenya Somalia Tanzania
South Africa