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Running Head: Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Global warming Solutions

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The greenhouse gases can be carbon dioxide.

Abstract This is increased in our environment due to
Global warming is the big problem that all the increase of industries. The gases emitted by
humans are facing. In this research paper we will these industries or factories are very dangerous
use different methods to reduce global warming. and this is main reason of global warming. From
There are many methods to reduce the global 1950 to till now the temperature is continuously
warming like by using hybrid car using gasoline increases. This is mainly happened due to
or by installing new green houses etc. We can increase in average temperature of climate.
also reduce the global warming by eliminating (UKEssay, 2017).
the carbon dioxide from the environment. The
clean environment is very helpful for reducing
the global warming. Causes of Global Warming
There are many causes of global warming but
the main two causes are “deforestation” and
Introduction “Greenhouse Effect”. The deforestation is one of
Global warming is becoming the main problem the main reasons of global warming.
now-a-days and it is increasing day by day. All Deforestation is basically the cutting of trees in
of this is happened due to different experiments the forest. The trees emit fewer amounts of heat
done by the scientist regarding rocket fire, atom when they are alive but when they get destroyed
bomb experiment and due to burning of fossil then a large amount of carbon dioxide will
fuels. Due to such experiment the climate is spread around the earth atmosphere. The other
changing rapidly. Global warming is the rapid big cause of global warming is Greenhouse
increase in Earth surface temperature. It also gases.
expands due to greenhouse gases which are
released by the burning of fossil fuels. The The greenhouse gases can be thought of as
climate change of earth without the help of carbon dioxide. It absorbs heat from sun and
humanity has not being the reason of global then radiates it back and due to that there is
warming but the current climate change is temperature change of climate (Teamwork,
occurring due to humanity. In this paper we will 2016). In operating the power plant methane or
discuss different method to reduce the global coal is used. Both of methane and coal have
warming. excess of carbon in them. Both of these items
burned and them is react with oxygen and
produce carbon dioxide which is very dangerous
Literature review and plays an important role in global warming.
The other name of global warming is the climate Natural gas is cleaner than coal but it contains
change. Global warming is the temperature rise almost half of the carbon and it is not a clean
on the Earth surface due to greenhouse gases. fuel. Due to global warming the climate gets too
Running Head: Ways to Reduce Global Warming

hot and glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising Planting Trees
and cloud forests are dying etc. The wild We can also reduce the global warming by
animals require much cold water to survive in planting more and more trees in the forest. The
the hot climate (National Geographic, 2018). breathing function of trees is different from
humans. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and
releases oxygen. So by planting more and more
Effects of Global Warming trees means that they absorb carbon dioxide
The Global warming have a negative impact on more. The result of this will be lesser amount of
our society and it will reveal in future. There are carbon in the environment.
many effects of global warming like Climate
Change, Sea level Change, Water balance and Sharing our car
Human Health. Climate will change due to the We can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide
emission of carbon dioxide and due to from atmosphere by sharing the car. By driving
greenhouse effect there will be rise in sea level. the car the car will release carbon dioxide in the
Thermal expansion and glacier melting are main form of smoke which is releases from the
reasons of sea level change. Due to sea level engine. By sharing the car means that one
changes there will be problem of water vehicle will not start and it will not release
availability (Osland, Enwright, Day, Gabler, carbon dioxide and as a result global warming
Stagg, & Grace, 2016). If this happens than in will decrease. One advantage of this will be the
future some part of earth will be hot and other save of money also (Drake, 2014).
part of earth climate will be cold. The human
health will be at risk in future because of global Reduce Aero plane Journey
warming due to climate change many Aero plane will also release carbon dioxide
untreatable diseases will occur unknowingly while driving in the form smoke. So in order to
(Trenberth, et al., 2014). reduce carbon emission we should fly less. If we
fly less than amount to carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere will not increase and as a result
Solution to stop Global Warming there will be decrease in global warming.
The Global Warming is so dangerous and it has
very bad impact in our health or climate. If this Don’t Waste Food
will continue than in coming year our future will The disposal of food after a long time will also
be so drastic. In order to reduce global warming produce carbon dioxide and you can feel it by
our government should take some suitable steps. smelling the food. So if we reduce the wastage
With the help of government we will be able to of food in environment than production of
minimize the global warming (Kakkar, 2015). carbon dioxide will be less as a result global
warming will decreases (Contributor, 2016).
Reduction in thermal power generating
station Choose Solar Energy
Thermal power stations need methane, coal and In order to produce electricity instead of using
oil for operating. All of things have excess of thermal power station use solar panel plant.
carbon in them. Carbon plays an important role Solar Panel does not have any contribution in
in global warming. To reduce global warming burning fossil fuels. So if fossil fuel will not
we should decrease the dependency of thermal burn than there will be no carbon dioxide in the
power plants. If these are reduced than emission environment. As a result of no carbon dioxide
of carbon dioxide will be less as a result risk of global warming will decrease.
global warming decreases (Change, 2015). This Insulate your home
can be done that we use hydro power plant Concentrate on your home and don’t leave any
which is operated by water. heating application on when you are away. If
house goes on fire due to any accident than
carbon dioxide will releases a lot. So it will be
better to take care of your houses and uses
Running Head: Ways to Reduce Global Warming

halogen heaters instead of gas boiler or other and educate others about the danger of global
such heating source (Paterson, 2016). warming. We can also reduce the global
warming by implanting the trees as much as we
Waste of Paper can. Trees always absorb carbon dioxide and
Global warming can be reduced by stop wasting release the oxygen so if there are many trees in
the paper. Paper can catch fire quickly and an area than carbon dioxide will be absorbed by
produces carbon dioxide. So we should stop the trees and the risk of global warming will be
wasting the paper. If paper will not wasted than decreases
carbon dioxide will not produces in the
atmosphere than as a result global warming will
decrease. Burning of any fuel will always Reference
produce the carbon in it. It is mostly in the form Change, I. P. (2015). Climate change 2014:
of black smoke. mitigation of climate change (Vol. 3).
Cambridge University Press.

Conclusion Contributor, V. (2016, 11 8). Short Paragraph

Global warming has a dangerous impact on on ‘Stop Global Warming’. Retrieved 02 07,
humans and animals. We human are also 2018, from importantindia:
involved in global warming and we can also stop
them by adopting different approaches. There paragraph-on-stop-global-warming/
are many reasons of global warming first is the
industrial revolution. Industries use the fossil Drake, F. (2014). Global warming. Routledge.
fuel to operate their high power machineries.
Due to burning of fuel carbon dioxide is Kakkar, R. (2015, 08 07). Essay on Global
produced which is very dangerous for human Warming: Causes, Effects, Impact and
health and it plays an important role in global Prevention of Global Warming. Retrieved 02 07,
warming. Another reason of global warming is 2018, from importantindia :
the greenhouse effect.
Greenhouse effect plays a role in climate
change. In the greenhouse effect the greenhouses National Geographic. (2018). What Is Global
trap the heat as a result the earth atmosphere Warming? Retrieved 02 07, 2018, from
traps the sun rays. This increases the nationalgeographic:
temperature of the earth. There are many causes
of greenhouse gases. Pollutants make holes in nt/global-warming/global-warming-overview/
ozone layer due to which sun rays penetrate Osland, M. J., Enwright, N. M., Day, R. H.,
through ozone layer and coming on earth. Gabler, C. A., Stagg, C. L., & Grace, J. B.
Greenhouse gases are produced by burning (2016). Beyond just sea‐level rise: considering
fossil fuels, driving cars and factory chimneys. macroclimatic drivers within coastal wetland
Methane, carbon dioxide, CFCs vulnerability assessments to climate change.
(Chlorofluorocarbons) and Nitrous oxide are all Global Change Biology, 22(1) , 1-11.
included in greenhouse gases. We can save our
self from these gases by stop using fossil fuels, Paterson, M. (2016). Global warming. The
switch on renewable energy, drive less, fly less Ethical Dimensions of Global Change, , 181.
and by decreasing the cut down of trees.
Teamwork. (2016, 11 16). Paragraph on
It is so important for us to fight against the Greenhouse Gases. Retrieved 02 07, 2018, from
global warming. People created global warming importantindia:
in order to release the pollutant gases produces
from the burning of fossil fuels. We can reduce h-on-greenhouse-gases/
global warming by reducing the carbon dioxide
Running Head: Ways to Reduce Global Warming

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