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The school youth initiative project is a project that gives opportunity of young high
school student to use their creativity skills by running their own project that affect
their schools and how they could help in their own way for the smooth running of
their alma mater and society as whole. The project shall motivate students to
have passion to education and showcase their potential skills for the benefit of
their future career.

The aims and objectives of the projects are to minimize school peer gangsterism,
cultism, and social clubs among schools and transformed students into
transformational leadership roles in society. A student learns better, when he/she
understands the reasons for learning something, when he/she is motivated to
learn, and when he/she works to achieve some goal that is important to him/her.
for instance if a student studies geography so that it has meaning and use for
him/her, he/she may like the subject and perhaps do much work and study on
his/her own. But if geography represent a collection of unrelated facts that
student is forced to memorize, he/she is apt to dislike the subject and even
consider it worthless. Thus, several things maybe learned at once a student learns
attitudes as well as facts. He/she learns feelings as well as actions.


The project shall divide student into groups based on their faculties: Arts,
commercial, and sciences. After their career orientation program, they shall run
their own affairs in their various schools based on the group in which they belong.


 School of journalism Accounting society Engineering society

 Sociological society Economics society pure and applied sciences

 Political Science society
 Law society
 Peace and conflict society

Based on these various occupational career can bring about solidarity to various
schools and allowed them the opportunity to run their own affairs and thus they
can practices transformational leadership. The rationale behind this project is to
link secondary schools to the universities and bring about passion to the students
to pursue his/her education as these various groups operates in the universities
e.g.; F.B.C. ,IPAM,Milton Magai College of Education and technology and Njala


The school youth initiative project has the following aims and objective:

1. To engaged high school students in educational programs

2. To help empower those various societies among schools on how to run
developmental projects for their schools.
3. To gain career orientation and readiness skills
4. To develop an understanding of different occupational skills in order to
make informed choice decision
5. To establish a work history and connect with employers in their life
experience program
6. To minimize school truancies
7. To minimize school peer gangsterism,social clubs and cultism amongst
8. To increase school attendance and proper behavior of students
9. To reform student and change their behavior towards their teachers for
better understanding of collaboration
10.To open up their mind-set about the various courses at various universities
and what it entails.


The school youth initiative projects shall target high school students in the s.s.s 1
forms among the various schools targeted. These student shall be first breed of
youths with a change mind set for the next generation in Sierra Leone.
Educational Youth Empowerment Development Organization (Sierra Leone) is a
voluntary, non-violent, peaceful, non-partisan, non-religious and non-
governmental organization with NGO status. It’s an organization with an
attitudinal, structural and cultural change process whereby young people gain the
ability, authority, and agency to make decision and implement social change in
society. It was founded on the 20 May 2013. Our efforts are focused on helping
issues on youth development, empowerment, and promotion of education
vocational programs, student activism, civic project and transformational
The aims and objective of the organization is to educate grass root youth activist
about the fundamental/non-importance of non-violent in society. The organization
also strive towards recruiting and trained vulnerable youth on democratic
principles ,Human right based programs, youth-run business/entrepreneurship
,service project and volunteer work ,student-centered learning, popular
education ,youth led –media advocacy ,community youth development and
leadership programs .
EYEDOSL is a youth organization that seeks to innovate academic achievement
support civic involvement and the physical, emotional development of youths in
Sierra Leone. EYEDOSL shall work to increase youth participation and channel
youth voices into policy-making at national institutions in Sierra Leone. It catalogs
and helps to connect youth groups to one another, give quality information,
resources and opportunities that would empower their work skill for social change.
Nevertheless, youth empowerment occurs at school through peer youth groups,
government policy –making, community organizing campaign. Major structural
foundation activities where youth –led empowerment happens throughout society,
which includes community decision making, organizational planning and
educational reforms in the educational sector of Sierra Leone. EYEDOSL shall
encouraged the participation of young people from all works of life and to tackle
social issues affecting young people in Sierra Leone
Furthermore, young people are empowered when they acknowledge that they have
or can make choices in life and they are aware of the implications of those choices,
make an informed decision freely, take actions based on that decision and accept
responsibly for consequences of those actions. As an organization, we must always
be responsive to changing lives and needs. Development must address both human
needs and economic growth. We must reject the strict dogma of theories and
models, and accept that market failure and human frailty require flexibility and a
certain degree of pragmatism.
In conclusion, EYEDOSL has the conviction that empowering young people
through educational skills means creating and supporting the enabling condition
under which young people can act on their own behalf, and on their own terms,
rather than at the direction of others.