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 Paying attention (verbal/non  PROFILE CUST and SUGGEST

verbal) –such ‘ah has’ MONEY SOURCE
 Paraphrasing (Feed forward)
 Interpreting (So it sounds from ARRANGEMENTS
what you are saying…) 4 TYPES OF ARRANGEMENTS
 Reflecting Feelings  PAYMENT IN FULL (PIF)
LISTEN -> ACKNOWLDEGE -> TRANSITION for old accounts 3yrs and above
ACKNOWLEDGE & TRANSITION based on the loaded date)
 "I appreciate that you're running ARRANGEMENT/ PART PAYMENTS)
into a meeting.. If you can spare  UPFRONT WITH INSTALLMENTS
me a moment of your time, I can (GOODWILL / LUMPSUM)
stop you from getting these calls".  RECURRING PAYMENTS – Weekly,
 "Thanks for letting me know that FN, Monthly
you've already spoken to
someone, I want to help you How does profiling assist us with making
can...." the most sustainable arrangement
 "I understand your wife pays the between our customer and BC?
bills.. If I can share some important
info with you for you to share with EFFECTIVE PROFILER
your wife, it'll save you having to  Acknowledge
call us back."  Listen
 “Thanks for making the payment, if  Open and closed question (asking
I am able to confirm some questions answerable by Yes or
payment details then I may be able No)
to stop you receiving further calls  What are the sustainable options?
and letters".  Recap
 "Appreciate your patience with us,
if I can confirm some details, we WHAT DO WE MEAN BY ‘MONEY
can resolve the matter. You don't SOURCES’?
have to worry about it anymore". *Questions that can help*
 Do you have any unused items to
PROFILING AND MONEY SOURCES sell to pay off this debt?
SALARY vs. EXPENSES  Do you have any saving that you
 How much are you earning? can use to pay off this debt?
 How many of you are working in
the house?
 How many are your kids? WHAT DOES THE DEBT COLLECTION
 How do you make ends meet? GUIDELINE SAY ABOUT IT?
 How can you get by? It is unacceptable to pressure a
customer to:
CAPACITY TO PAY  PIF or in unreasonable large
 DEMAND PAYMENT IN FULL installments or to increase
payments when you are aware  Helps customers resolve their debt
they are unable to do so. situation.
 Pay a large upfront amount
and state that only afterwards WILLINGNESS vs. CAPACITY
will consider payment
 Get further into debt to pay  Payment in full is required today.
out an existing debt. Can you pay that amount today
 Show proof of unsuccessful using a credit or a debit card?
alternative credit app before a  When can you pay?
repayment plan will be  Can you pay $xxx on (date)?
 Borrow from family or friends t TYPES OF CUST
pay out a debt.  Capable/ willing – commits to
 Access their superannuation initial and/or subsequent
early. payments showing willingness to
 Under no circumstances should pay.
you provide cust with financial  Unsure/Uncertain/ Vague –
adv. commits to initial payment only
PROFLING TIPS and no subsequent payments or is
 BC can be flexible – our goal is to unsure about any commitments
achieve a sustainable arrangement  Reluctant/ Unwilling/ Incapable –
that provides a win – win solution. will not or cannot commit to initial
 NCCP recommends review every or any subsequent payments.
3mos however review periods can
be determine on PDL files WILLING CUSTOMER
depending on the individual  Get initial payment or
circumstances. commitment to initial payment
 Make arrangements in the same  Acknowledge initial payment or
frequency of when the cust gets appreciate initial commitment
their income.  Give customer a WIIFM or raise
 If unsure. Gain all the info from payment if possible (consequence
cust and bring it up to TL. or benefits)


Give and take discussion or dialogue in an  (INITIAL) Gain initial payment or
attempt to reach an agreement or settle a commitment to initial payment or
matter. gather potential commitment date
 (PERMISSION) Ask for permission
Why is it important to your roles? to investigate (profiling) / Provide
 Help you achieve your KPIs WIIFM
 Helps the business achieve its  (INVESTIGATE) Identify at least one
goals source of consistent income
 Helps earn more money in  (CONSISTENT) Establish regular
bonuses commitments from income source
 Helps achieve more clients -> job identified
 (RAISE OR SOONER) Raise offer
made consistent payment with IMPORTANT POINT TO CONSIDER
WIIFM or get payments sooner  Identify intentions based on
with WIIFM with a better deal. unwilling/ unable negotiation
 Always challenge tentative voices,
RELUCTANT/INCAPABLE CUSTOMER broken PTPs & account history
 (REASON) Identify reason for non  Don’t jump to conclusions and
payment – open ended questions. make assumptions
 (PERMISSION) Ask for permission  Avoid BUT and HOWEVER
to investigate / Provide WIIFM.  Don’t be negative
 (INVESTIGATE) Identify at various  Don’t harass or mislead or deceive
source of income – REGULAR / or be forceful
solution based on findings / Show (refer to print copy)
a way avoid collections activity
Importance: People always retain mostly CC AND DD PROCESSING
what is said at the start of a conversation
and things discussed at the end of a Payment Methods
conversation. Helps increase your kept (Debtr or auth person can make a
rate significantly. payment)

Important things to state at the end of a  Credit Card – can be done directly
call? through iSeries / credit card portal
 Update all contact details.  Direct Debit – can be done in
 Urgency of payment and why it’s Iseries but need an auth from cust.
important to pay (Name of the Account, BSB/ Bank
 Next payment due date accnt number
 M.A.D.F. (Method, Amount, Date  Bank Transfer – not done via
and Frequency) Iseries, prov cust BC’s bank dtails.
500004012620 (Details: see printed copy).
CLOSE  BPAY – not don via Iseries, but
 Update accnt info prov the cust the biller code, ref
 Re-cap arrangement num and check digit
 Thank cust. (can take up to 48hrs for funds to
 Update contact info Biller code: 899104 (Alliance
 Gain cb commitment Factoring)
 Recap what happens next BPAY Ref#: Case# plus check dgit
 Thank cust (Collectors screen, <CD> ctrl, paste
 Update contact info  Post Billpay (AU post online
 Gain cb commitment services) – not don via Iseries, but
 Recap ptp and/or next action prov the cust the biller code, ref
 Thank cust num and check digit
Phone: 131 816
Website:  Suspected Fraud
Biller Code: 0890 (Alliance  Card Reported Lost
Factoring)  Stolen Card
Ref#: Case# plus check dgit  Lack of Funds
(Collectors screen, <CD> ctrl, paste  ExdWthDrlLmt (Exceeded card
dtrs case# then CNTRL) limit)
 Money Order/ Cheque – not done  Refer Issuer
via Iseries, but prov BC’s Locked
Bag num and ref num. DO NOT DISCUSS THE FF DECLINE
 AU Post – can make a payment in REASONS TO CUST:
post but have to bring the letter  REFER TO THE CARD ISSUE
with the bar code  SUPPOSED FRAUD
(Shift+F10) After CC Payment
R (recurring or upfront payments – *always give the receipt number beside
Weekly, Fnightly, Monthly) or P (PIF, SIF ‘CCD’ on narratives.
or Part Payments) or C (Credit or Debit
 Australia Post – A “You’ll be paying the full amount of $$$$
 Direct Debit – D on 16/00/00, however management still
 BPAY/ Post Bill Pay/ Bank Transfer require a good will payment of 25% today
/ Money Order/ Check: Blank and that is….”

LINK ACCOUNT PAYMENT Changing the Next payment Due date for
 Advice cust that were seeing a link DD
account  If cust calls in and req to change
 Ask if its okay to discuss the matter the next payment due date you
with them can modify this by F12 / F10 from
 Collect and negotiate the case inquiry screen.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT Cancelling a DD Agreement

“The recording will be pause while  If any reasons the verbal DD needs
processing the payment and it will resume to be cancelled, access the direct
after.” debit via F12/F10 from case
If the payment of credit card will not be  Input a ‘Y’ in the “Cancel Direct
today will require a Minimum $11.00 Debits”
payment for todays call to process the  Control or enter to confirm
future dated payment.  A narrative will be place on the
case stating “D/Debit details
CC PAYMENT DECLINE REASONS updated: Direct Debits Cancelled
 Invalid Card Number
 Unknown Bank Code Missed Payment
 Invalid Merchant PAYMENTS!!!
 Expired Card
“You have to make up the missed DEFAULT LISTING
payment” Maybe in a very bad debt and will have a
hard time to get another loan.
*Failure to fulfil an obligation or to pay a
CONS & BENS OF PAYMENT OR NON- due date ff a lawful demand for payment.
PAYMENTS *Listing of an overdue accnt or late paid
accnt on a persons credit history with a
BENS Credit Bureau or when used as a noun, a
 “When the full amt is paid, your Debt which has been listed as a Default.
credit report will be updated.”
 “When the full amt is paid, you “This may be in default, but pls check it
wont rcv collection calls for this with the Credit Bureau for you to be sure.”
accnt. “ BC’s Policy
 “You’ll have one less thing to worry  No debt will be Default Listed
about when this accnt is paid.” unless a written notice has been
 “You’ll avoid further inconvenience sent to Cust’s last known address
(e.g. letters, phone calls) by paying req for PIF
this debt.”  BC will not threaten with Default
CONS Listing nor use it to penalise.
 “If you fail to comply with this  BC has a commercial interest in
arrangement, we might ask you to maintaining the quality of info
pay the full amt next time.” record in Credit Bureau
 “If this arrangement gets broken, UPDATING DEFAULT LISTING
you’re likely to receive another If cust req us to updated their default and
phone call from us.” its not updated yet.
 If this arrangement gets broken,  Create W/R 788-115
there might be a negative impact  Send case no. to TL, to be sent to
on your credit report.” CRG
 Put in narratives – “default not yet
 “To better understand your CREDIT REPORTING
financial situation I will be asking When explaining the ben of paying a
you some questions.” default we must adv the ff:
 “Your default listing will be
CENTRELINK BENEFITS updated as (pif/sif), however the
 Not supposed to give benefits to listing will not be removed from
customers your file, it will still exist as a
 A gov’t agency in AU; where they (paid/settled) listing.
aske for assistance depends on If cust asked if can obtain a credit in the
eligibility future, adv the ff:
 I cannot comment on ur elig for
PROFILING FACTORS credit in the future, it iis strictly at
Housing (mortgage/rent). Fuel and Power, the discretion of the
Clothing and Footware, Medical & Health lender/institution whether they
expenses, Alcohol, Transport, Recreation provide you a credit or not.”
*A claim, agreement or right that can’t be  F12 + SHIFT F8 – to check the last
subject of any legal action cos it is too late payment on the accnt.
after the date has been exceeded.
*A credit prov can no longer demand that STAT BARRED ACCOUNTS LISTED AS
he pays for his debt cos the credit prov is DEFAULT
prevented by Statute of Limitations from “Credit Reporting Code Section 20.6:
enforcing the debt. Any customer req for a removal of a
default that is stat barred must apply
Debt has passed the Statute Limitation directly to the Credit Bureau not the Credit
period cust doesn’t have the obligation to Provider.”
pay it anymore and that debt can no
longer be pursued in court. DEFAULT REMOVAL PROCESS for STAT
Types of STAT BARRED Debts If cust called us in relation to default
 The first period is counted from removal under his stat barred accnts..
the date of debt or last payment or  Adv cust that we will send the stat
from the last letter rcvd from the barred Veda notification letter
cust acknowledging the debt. thru email to him and they have to
 Each jurisdiction in Au has enacted call Veda to apply/req for the
legislation that sets limitation removal of the listing.
periods for diff types of debts and  Creat the stat barred Veda noti
other legal abilities. The legislation letter and send to the cust.
also prescribes what happens If the cust they were adv by Veda to call
when the relevant limitation us, ask for the Veda rep who adv so that
period expires. we can prov feedback.
*6yrs – Australian Capital Territory  Still adv the cust to contact Veda
(ACT), New South Wales (NSW), to apply for the removal of a
Queensland (QLD), (SA), (TAS), default.
(VIC), (WA), (NZ)
*3yrs – Northern Territory (NT)

BC’s Policy
 We DO NOT demand for payment
for stat barred debt.
 When rcng a call for Stat Barred
debt its important to make it clear
to the cust that the limitation
period has expired.
 It is also important that we do not
in any way induce an
acknowledgement of debt after
the limitation period has expired.

“You are no longer liable to the debt, but if

you can make a payment, I can process it
for you.”
CLOSURE CODES  Listen to the cust.
IB CALL: We can discuss accnts that have  Be optimistic, always think
the closure codes below. positive.
 Compromise, NEVER ARGUE.
OB CALL: If linked accnts, we should not  Don’t be emotional.
discuss accnts “proactively” that have the
ff closure code, unless a cust asks:
UPDATING DEFAULT & CLOSURE CODES:  Bridging is an art or a skill that
Accnt not updated their default and the deals w/ emotions.
next expected event is any of the ff: Listen – Acknowledge – Pause –
 ACCNT COMPLETED BAL PD Transition – Give options
 ACCNT COMP BAL TRIVIAL (<10) (Transitions Examples)
 ACCNT COMPLETED LEGALLY **I need to know more about your
UNRECOV financial status before I set up a
 CLOSED – FULL &FINAL payment arrangement.
ACCCEPTED **I can consider that, but I’d like
 ACCNT COMP – BALANCE NIL to ask a few more question
 CLOSED PART PD NAL WRTN/OFF questions to better understand
 TELSTRA PIF RECALL your situation.
**I’ve worked with customers who
If cust req us to updated their default and have similar situation and we’re
its not updated yet. able to work out a solutions. Let’s
 Create W/R 788-115 work together to get your accnt
 Send case no. to TL, to be sent to out of collections.
CRG **Let’s see some option that will
 Put in narratives – “default not yet help make this accnt one less
updated.” worry of your back.


Shift F1 -> 981 ->put (S) -> put seq (2) 1. Anticipating objection
2. Overcoming
3. Exploring
10 COMMANDMENTS  I am unemployed/ I am only on a
 Treat the accnt as if its your own benefit.
 Treat every call as if it was ur first ** I understand that your budget
 Be level headed, never lose your may be limited. How long have you
temper. been unemployed? Are you
 Follow the Golden rule. currently looking for a job?
 Be flexible and open minded. **What kind of benefit are you
 Do not let the call control you and getting/ Have you applied for a
affect you, move on to the next benefit?
 Listen to the cust
 I recently lost my job. Can u defer / reduce payments for
**Im sorry to hear that, Im sure ur other debts/ bills so you can
you’ll bounce back soon. Some of chip away at this one?
our customers use their
redundancy pay or last pay to clear EXPLORING OBJECTIONS
off their debts; I encourage you to  Applied for a ben, but still waiting
do that too. for it to be processed.
**Are you receiving employment **Im glad you sought help. Did
assistance? they say when you’ll rcv the ben?
**Since your unemployment, how
are you taking care of your other  My ben was cut-off.
bills. **May I know why it was cut-off?
Did they say if when it will be
 I only work part-time. / I have resumed?
insufficient income.
**Do you have a benefit?  Just supported by the family
**Have you talked to Clink to see if **Maybe you can pay them back
they can help you top up your when you get a job.
income? **Its good to know that you have
**Are you renting? Is somebody their support. Can you aske them
helping you pay the rent? to help you pay this debt?
**Are you studying? Do you
receive any student allowance?  I cant pay higher amount than (x)
**If cust had a better arrangement
 I got sick. / I cant work yet. before say,:
**That sounds quite difficult ***You’ve committed to paying a
**When do you think you can get higher amount before. What
back to work? enabled you to do then?

 Single Parent, Support my kids.

**That must be challenging, Do u rcv
any single parent ben?
**Who’s helping you with your bills?
**Do you have any other sources of
income, child support or assistance?
**Have u considered selling
old/unused items. Items can be sold
through online stores or garage sale.

 I still have other bills to pay.

**I understand that those are your
priorities but this debt is also
something that requires ur
**Im not asking you to disregard
ur other commitments, Im saying
that this debt is also important.
DISPUTE not rcvng the service. (Dispute
letter and document to
COMMON TYPES OF DIPUTES substantiate the lodgement
1. Service Disputes – cust who and reso of the prior dispute.)
may state that they weren’t
satisfied with the service they **Probe to Clarify Dispute**
rcvd, thus disputing.
>>Have you tried talking to the DISPUTE PROCESS:
(Client)? 1. Check Dejar or All Share, when
If asking for discount >> Ask for needed.
proof of documents. 2. If dispute is valid, offer
2. Fraud – cust state that they did discounts or settlements, if
not opened by themselves. eligible.
>> Ask to send evidence such 3. Submit letter of disputes w/in
as Colour copy of Drivers 14 days.
License or Passport (front and >>Sample Spiel: “Please prov
back), Dispute letters, police info regarding your dispute to
report, statutory declaration, 2 us w/in 14days. In the event
proof of addresses to fax, email we do not rcv this info, we are
or mail. 10 business days to cb unable to conduct our
to 14calendar days. investigation and the disputed
3. Balance - Cust may dispute the is deemed resolved. Collection
bal on the grounds that they call may subsequently
had prev settled the accnt or recommence.”
made payments. Req for sup. 4. Put a dispute flag in ISeries.
Docs. (Proof of payment: Once we rcv the doc fr cust.
receipt or bank statements; (Shift F7 -> [Type] 570 ->
Evidence that part of the 5. Adv cust that we will hold the
charges were credited by the calls for 14 days, and if we
client.) have not rcv their dispute, we
4. Incorrect Party – cust is aware call them back. (NO NEED TO
of the accnt but claims that CREATE W/R)
they are not legally responsible TELSTRA DISPUTE
for the debt.(Dispute letter, Cust is on the line, agent will call T while
Business – contract / cust is on hold, once finished with T, agent
confirmation of when the returns to cust call.
business was purchased and 1. Before calling T, open the accnt in
the debt was exluded from/ Session B.
included in sale agreement; 2. Go back to Session A.
Personal – confirmation from 3. Do a Consulting / Warm Transfer
the client regarding move out, 4. The cust will be placed on hold.
if no contact was made, all 5. Once you ar sw T rep:
charges incured after remain >>Adv name and calling from BC.
once proof debt is provided.) >>Delivering MSD.
5. Poor Service – when cust had a >>Provide T password, T accnt
prev dispute with the original number, and cust name.
service/credit provider due to
>>Ask relevant questions regarding 1. Ask for liquidation date, liquidators
the accnt. name and contact num. If avail
6. After conversation with T input N update in possible contact,. Input
to retrieve original call. 2762 W/R.
2. If they do not have the details,
SAMPLE RELEVANT/COMMON ensure we have their ABN or CAN
QUESTIONS: number. The bankruptcy team can
 Were there any joint accnt holder? conduct a search.
 Were there any auth persons on 3. Ask for ABN/CAN and full company
the accnt name, if not on file.
 What is the current outstanding 4. Input narratives with full Company
bal on your system? name, ABN/CAN number,
 When was the last payment made liquidator name and number.
on the accnt? 5. Refer accnt to Bankruptcy team
 What date did the account fall into with 872 W/R.
arrears? ***Cancel all telephony/ letter
 What services was this account request. DO NOT COLLECT.
 What date was this account DECEASED
connected? 1. Confirm if there is an executor of
 What date this account the estate.
disconnected? 2. If there is one, request for contact
 How was the service connected? dtails.
3. Update in the F11 possible
 What was the service address?
contact. Input 2762 W/R.
 What was the billing address?
4. Next person will need to request
5. If there is no executor, request for
Bankruptcy, Deceased, Incarcerated
a death certificate to be sent to
our fax, email or mailing address/
6. If unable to prov death cert, ask
1. Ask for bankruptcy date and
for the date the cust passed away.
7. Put the accnt in deceased review
2. If they do not have Bankruptcy
bucket (837)
dtails, get full name and DOB. The
bankruptcy team can conduct a
1. Ask where they are being held, for
3. Ask for DOB and full name, if not
how long and when they will come
on file.
4. Input narratives with FN and DOB
2. Ask if there is anyone acting on
if applicable, bankruptcy date nad
their behalf. If yes, get power of
5. Refer account to Bankruptcy team
with 872 W/R.
***Cancel all telephony/ letter
request. DO NOT COLLECT.
 Change in work situation
 Change in domestic situation or TIMEFRAME
death in the family.  We must prov the cust 21 days to
 Temporary/ permanent illness apply and prov supporting docs for
injury or disability. a hardship application.
 Elderly (>65 yrs old) >We can add 7days for this info.
 Emergency event or national (Not pro-actively offer)
 Verbally on a recorded call or in  Hardship provisions are only
writing or by available for consumers whose
 Customers referral problems are temporary.
 Financial counsellors or credit
management may refer cust to LONG TERM FINANCIAL HARDSHIP
prov BC info and documents that  It would be best for cust to seek
illustrates hardship. assistance from Financial
Counsellors; Provide them the Au
PROVIDING SUPPORT Financial Counsellors hotline
Factors include, but not limited to: number: 1800 007 007.

 Cust’s capacity to make

contribution to their debts;
 Cust’s current situation CONTIGENCY ACCOUNTS
 Cust’s cumulative amt in debts. Vision Asia, Brand Developers and Debit
 Other supporting docs, such as: Success – BC collect o n behalf of them.
>SOFP, income statements, These are known Contingency Account
mortgage dtails, rent rcpts, lease (ARL).
>outstanding accounts statement,  Vision Asia – (2000) a cable service
bank statements, providing cultural and
>court papers or medical reports or entertainment needs of South
proof of injury claim, etc. Asians
 Brand Developers – Au’s leading
Direct Response TV Company
PROCEDURE: specializing in product dev.,
1. Send out a Statement of Financial infomercial shopping and multi-
Position by work request 55/1 channel retail distribution.
2. Advice debtor or LOA to send all  Debit Success – providing billing
relevant supporting documents services for NZ and AU fitness
and attach a letter with their industry, one of the largest full
request (hold interest, waive the service direct debit initiators ins
debt, etc.). AU.
3. Input a telephony work request for DIFFERENCE BET. ARL and PDL
15 days and advise that we will call  Able to work in a limited period.
back to follow up, if docs. are not  Not able to give discounts.
 If cust offer for sif (we still need to  Focus on giving cust serv. Do not
check with client) be forceful.
 NO stage we are able to give  Same spiels and result codes will
discount to the cust. be used.
 Always check accnt if ARL or PDL.  Most accnts are under $1000.
Make collections easy – first
Accnts that was originally from NZ system  Use default listing as consequence.
but moved to AU system due to cust  You can discuss other files for the
moved from NZ to AU. customer but you cannot link them
to PDL files.
 Easier for the cust to make  Do not put a dispute flag if cust has
payments and to keep operational issues to the debt. Advise if
costs down. relevant docs have been rcvd, TAT
 Mostly PDL so we can offer should be 2-3 days.
discounts, for large discounts, best
to consult Ben Fernando.
 Original NZ case num will be found SENDING EMAIL FORMAT
at the Notes so in cases we need
further info. Subject : Baycorp Private and Confidential,
 If for any reason an NZ account re reference number _______________
gets through, tf the call to NZ ARL
Team. Body:

DISPUTES and OTHER REQUEST “Without prejudice”

 Baycorp (NZ) Cont Client: ___________________

Cont Baycorp ref: ___________________
 Debit Success Current Balancence
Cont Assignment Date:
 The TV Shop
BRAND DEVELOPERS AUS PTY LTD From case inquiry screen
Shift F1 then F5.
The AU Reso Team only handles PDL
accounts, for all AU ARL based clients ALL SHARE
refers these to the client.
788 / 106 W/R to get through to the NZ From CASE INQUIRY SECREEN ->
Platinum F12 -> F9 -> F10 -> F11
 To see transaction history (i.e. where all interest added, principle, balance,
corr with the cust to be sent. etc.)


 Prov us with info that was passed Complaints can be lodged by TL / Reso
on by the Clients. Team
 Help us understand all previous
collections activity on the account  Privacy and Data Integrity –
(contact made, letters sent, PTP’s regarding disclosure of info to an
made, conversations dtails before incorrect party.
debt sale)  Timeframes – Complaints
 From case inquiry -> F12 -> F8. regarding the timeframe to
complete an action.
 Recourse – regarding accnts which
Complaints Resolution Management cust claim should be referred back
Policy is located in Collection Point to the client.

AU Reso Team
 To reach a mutual agreement
 They handle disputes and/ or

Ext: 2470 (do not give to cust)

Ph: 1300 304 716 (do not give to cust)
E: All other states:

for Western Au:

Internal E:
(do not give to cust)

Day 1: Receipt of Complaint or Dispute


 Action and Procedures – relating

to refusal of info (such as proof of
debt) or decline of hardship.
 Communication – Complaints
relating to the frequency of our
contact or being contacted in
 Employee issue – Complaints
relating to dissatisfaction of agents