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Backdrafts, flashovers and gas
explosions occur rapidly with little or
no warning. Training to be aware of
these dangerous situations can
make the difference on the
fireground, and can help enforce to
the public why it’s so important to
call 999 if they smell gas. Reinforce
theory with actual live-fire scenarios
for training that makes an impact.

The FlashFire Training System

simulates these intense fire
phenomena. FlashFire is designed
to represent a typical residential
structure on a 1:12 scale with a door,
roof vents and interior props. Using
the handheld remote, instructors
can introduce smoke, fuel, ignition
sources, and can even control the
amount of air flow and ventilation to
conditions found at a fire scene.
Trainees can view the events in real
time and gain a true understanding
of some of the most dangerous fire

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1 Flashover demonstration

2 Attaching the stove prop to the floor grid

3 Backdraft demonstration 3

FlashFire is a portable demonstration tool With the FlashFire Training System, set up and the public can all benefit from this
that accurately displays fire risks. time is minimal and demonstrations are comprehensive look at fire behavior.
Choose from pre-programmed scenarios highly repeatable. FlashFire includes all Education opportunities include:
for quick and accurate training the tools necessary to start your training, > Exhibiting the precursors to and the
demonstrations, or manually control the including a stove prop, hand-held properties of backdrafts;
fuel supply, timer, ignition sources, door controller and integrated smoke > Training your students on flashover
and roof vents for customized generator. Add additional props to add prevention techniques;
demonstrations. realism and opportunities to your > Heating combustible materials to their
curriculum. auto-ignition temperature to
The fuel supply, door and roof vents, demonstrate what happens in a flash
timer and ignition sources are all SAFETY FEATURES over;
controlled automatically. As time counts > Stainless steel construction with > Demonstrating the explosive
down and the level of fuel builds, the laminated safety glass potential when the air/gas mixture in
display indicates the % of LEL reached. > Blast vents to direct explosive energy a room reaches the lower explosive
up and away limit (100% LEL);
Settings can also be controlled manually
> Integrated flame sensor > Showing students what happens when
to customize scenarios. Select propane
> Warning light to indicate fire or the upper explosive limit (UEL) is
fuel to simulate the combustible gasses
explosive environment reached;
released during incomplete
> Wired remote control operation for safe > Impressing upon your trainees the
combustion or use actual combustible
viewing distance effects of proper and improper
materials. Select the electronic ignition to
simulate appliances or choose a hot-point TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES
source to simulate the seat of a fire. Fuel SPECIFICATIONS
load and available air can be adjusted to FlashFire transforms training and a
create a range of explosive conditions. wareness for first responders, employees > HxDxW: 75cm x 38cm x 80cm
of high risk industries and fire prevention > Scale: 1:12
programs. First responders, employees > Max output: 36,6 kW
> Weight: 42,5 kg

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