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FICHA 2 – Engage unit 3 – Preparação para prova abrangente. Pesqueise em seu livro….


1 Circle the correct words.

1 She has curly / 2 His T-shirt is

straight hair. short / loose.

3 The boots are 4 She has long /

low / high. short hair.

5 Her jacket is 6 He has small /

tall / tight. wavy hair.

2 Complete the words with the correct vowels.

1 Marco loves art. He’s very cr_e_ a_t_i_v_e_.
2 Juan is very co_mpetitive at sports.
3 Gi and Shin love parties. They’re very
soci able.
4 My mom likes helping people. She’s very
5 Beatriz never knows where her things are. She’s very disorganized.
6 Chang talks a lot. She’s very talkative.
1 Write the comparative form of the adjectives.
1 tall taller
2 bad worse
3 short shorter
4 loose looser
5 curly curlier
6 straight straighter
7 big bigger
8 good better
9 wavy wavier
10 tight tighter

2 Fill in the blanks. Use the comparative form of the adjectives in parentheses.
1 London is _____older (old) than New York.
2 Sears Tower is _taller (tall) than the Eiffel Tower.
3 Min’s hair is __straighter (straight) than Rosa’s hair.
4 His English is ____worse (bad) than my English.
5 Bella is _______shorter (short) than Rita.
6 Those jeans are ___looser (loose) than these jeans.

3 Compare the things below. Use the comparative form of the adjectives in parentheses.

1 soccer / tennis (complicated)

Soccer is more complicated than tennis
2 travelling / watching TV (exciting)
Travelliing is more exciting than watching TV
3 climbing / scuba diving (dangerous)
Climbing is more dangerous than scuba diving
4 a Mercedes / a Porsche (expensive)
A Mercedes is more expensive than a Porsche
5 teaching / learning (tiring)
_Teaching is more tiring than learning
6 Tokyo / Paris (crowded)
__Tokyo is more crowed than Paris
7 athletes / pop stars (competitive)
Athletes are more competitive thanpop stars
8 Portuguese / English (difficult)
Portuguese is more difficult than English

4 Look at the chart. Write sentences comparing the two cities.

Hong Kong Rio de Janeiro

(HK) (RJ)
interesting ** ***
expensive *** *
colorful ** ***
cheap *** **
tiring *** **
exciting ** ***
crowded *** **

1 RJ is more interesting than HK .

2 _HK is more_ expensive than RJ.
3 _ RJ Is more colorful than HK_.
4 _HK is cheap er than RJ.
5 _RJ Is more tiring than RJ.
6 _RJ is more exciting than HK_.
7 _HK is more crowded _ than RJ

Read about Maggie. Circle T (True) or F (False). Correct the false statements.
My name is Maggie, and I’m British. I’m 25 years old, and I live and work at the University of Granada,
in Spain. I love it! Why? Well, the weather is hotter than in Britain of course, and the food is fantastic.
But my main reason is the Spanish people. I really like Spanish people. I think they are happier than
British people. They are more sociable. They love singing and dancing, and they love their food. British
people are sociable too, but I think Spanish people are happier. Maybe it’s the weather.
Living in Britain is more difficult. It’s more expensive, it’s colder, and the holidays are shorter! I love
Britain too, of course, and one day I’ll go back, but right now I’m happy living in Spain!

1 Maggie doesn’t live in Spain. T / F

2 She thinks Spain is friendlier than Britain.
3 She doesn’t like the Spanish. T / F
4 The British are happier than the Spanish.
5 The Spanish are more sociable than the British. T / F
6 Living in Spain is easier than living in Britain.
7 Spain is more expensive than Britain. T / F
8 She’s happier living in Spain. T / F

 No livro didático: Fazer todos os exercícios do workbook, unit 3, páginas 13,

14, 15 e 16.
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