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Drama I (2018-19)

Instructor – David Gay

Office: Auditorium Concessions

Text: An Introduction to Theatre and Drama by Marshall Cassady and Pat Cassady
Basic Drama Projects by Fran Averett Tanner
Play Production Today by Jonniepat Morely
Theatre – Art in Action

Course description: This course is an in depth exploration of theatre as an artistic form that focuses on the appreciation
value of theatre in society. Additionally, students will become more observant in their world, respond creatively to themselves
and their environment, and to communicate with others more effectively by sharing ideas and feelings. Students will gain
knowledge in theatre skills, traditional styles of acting, directing, character development and analyzation, cultural and historical
research and improvisation necessary for an actual production.

Welcome to DRAMA I where imagination and creativity are two of the keys opening a door to what I hope will be
a fun and exciting journey. Personal enrichment, lifelong communication skills, and professional theatre skills
await you. Your DRAMA I admission ticket will grant you entry into the following attractions we will be exploring:
Improvisation Vocal Work Critical Analysis Acting/Scene Work
Play Analysis Nonverbal Communication Sensory Technique
Movement/Mime Characterization Theatre History
Grading System: The Dekalb County School District believes that the most important assessment of
student learning shall be conducted by the teachers as they observe and evaluate students in the context of
ongoing instruction. A variety of approaches, methodologies, and resources shall be used to deliver
educational services and to maximize each student’s opportunity to succeed. Teachers shall evaluate
student progress, report grades that represent the student’s academic achievement, and communicate
official academic progress to students and parents in a timely manner through the electronic grading portal.

GRADING CATEGORIES: Pre-assessment Prior to Learning (Formative Assessments) – 0%

Assessments During Learning – 25%
Guided, Independent, or Group Practice – 45%
Summative Assessments or Assessments of Learning – 30%
A 90-100
B 80-89 D 70
C 71-79 F Below 70

District Expectations for Success:

Student Progress - Semester progress reports shall be issued four-and-a-half, nine, and thirteen-and-a-half
weeks into each semester. The progress of students shall be evaluated frequently and plans shall be generated to
remediate deficiencies as they are discovered. Plans shall include appropriate interventions designed to meet the
needs of the students. (See Board Policy IH)
Academic Integrity – Students will not engage in an act of academic dishonesty, including, but not limited to,
cheating, providing false information, falsifying school records, forging signatures, or using an unauthorized
computer use ID or password. (See the Code of Student Conduct – Student Rights and Responsibilities and Character
Development Handbook)
Homework – Homework assignments should be meaningful and should be an application or adaptation of a
classroom experience. Homework is at all times an extension of the teaching/learning experience. It should be
considered the possession of the student and should be collected, evaluated and returned to the students. (See
Board Policy IHB)
Make-up Work Due to Absences – When a student is absent because of a legal reason as defined by
Georgia law or when the absence is apparently beyond the control of the student, the student shall be given an
opportunity to earn grade(s) for those days absent. Make-up work must be completed within the designated time
allotted. (See Board Policy IHEA)

Materials for Class: Notebook to take notes, writing utensils, notebook or folder to
organize all handouts. Every day, be sure to bring something to write with and
something to write on.

CLASS PARTICIPATION AND EFFORT - So much of your success is dependent on your

participation and effort. Many of the activities and lessons get students out of their seats to
learn skills by doing, rather than always reading about it. Your attitude and work ethic applied
to each task assigned are important for your success. Students will receive a bi-weekly
participation grade and you will receive feedback to assure you are on task with participation.

Written Assignment – You will be required to write at least one formal paper this semester.
You must attend a theatre production and write a three-page review. Other writing
opportunities will include journals, reflections, and self-evaluations. Be sure to always be
prepared with notebook, paper and pen.

Other graded assignments will include tests and quizzes, group projects, performances,
and a final exam.

The syllabus and calendar are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.
Commitment for Success: Please remember that I am committed to your
success this semester. Come and visit me if you have any difficulties or
questions. I will be available after and before school daily. Make an
appointment, sometimes my rehearsal schedule may interfere. My free period
is 2nd block.


Behavior/Classroom Expectations:
All students are expected to . . .
1. Be on time. What is a tardy? At the bell, you are expected to be in your seat with notebook
and pen, ready for class. You will be considered tardy if you are outside of the auditorium when
the bell rings or in mid-flight to your seat.
2. Our auditorium is not a traditional auditorium, but students are expected to respect the space
as they would a classroom. No lounging on the floor or propping up feet. Use the time at the
end of class to dispose of any trash and put up materials, props and costumes used. No
tobacco products – that means VAPE!!!
3. Absolutely no drinks or food in the theatre. Water is permissible, but not on the stage.
4. No ear buds, music devices, or cellphones during class. They will be taken and return at the
end of the period. Some assignments you may need your phone– but a phone should be out
ONLY during those times.
5. No backpacks. They must remain in your locker. Girls who bringing in the world’s largest
purses will be asked to take them to their locker.
6. Stay on task. Avoid distractions that prevent you from completing or executing an assignment.
7. Respect one’s self and others.
8. Leaving class without permission will lead to administrative referral. Sometimes we may need to
break into groups to work in the lobby. Do not walk away from lobby or auditorium. Ask, and
I will provide you with a note toward the end of the period. I am responsible for you and must
know your location during the class period. No one has permission to go to his or her car
during school day.
9. Attendance/Tardy Policy - Your attendance is expected every day. Many assignments are
group or partner related, and you have a responsibility to yourself and others to show up for
class. If you arrive late to class, quietly take a seat in the back of the house if a student is
10. Be attentive to due dates for performance assignments. When working with a partner or the
class as a group, your absence will prevent the show from going on. With performances
assigned in advance, you must perform on your day or trade time slots with someone else. For
many assignments, you will not be assigned a performance day and must be ready to perform
on the first day of performances.
11. Grades are determined solely on individual basis and are based on personal progress, not
group comparison. Please do not compete with other class members. If you must compete
with anyone, compete with yourself.
12. Attitude. Your attitude is important to your success in this class, as well as, the success of every
individual taking this class. This is an elective, not a required core course. Remember, you
chose to be here. If you don’t want to be here, if acting or technical theatre is not for you, then
do yourself a favor and take another class. You will not succeed in this class with a negative
13. This class is a hate-free zone. Respect will be demonstrated for all participants of various
backgrounds and abilities.
14. Maintain self control. Although we will engage in many fun theatre games and improvisations,
these exercises should never be a signal for you to lose control. I love to laugh and have fun;
however, rules and self-discipline must exist within games and improvisations.
15. Be your own censor. Remember we are in an educational setting not Comedy Central or a
nightclub and you have a captive audience. Be your own censor. Avoid material that is
distasteful or will offend or be hurtful. B In a class that relies so heavily on a relaxed atmosphere
to express ideas and opinion, I will not tolerate hurtful comments or words of hate.

* Scenes, monologues, and dramatic situations that are not school appropriate could result in
your grade being lowered. If you worry your material is not appropriate, please come talk to
me and I can help with changes or coming up with another idea.
14. Throughout the semester, we will strive to maintain a classroom atmosphere that insures
individual artistic freedom of expression. Students must be supported so they can perform
openly in a safe environment. No photographs or filming of performances will be tolerated. If
an individual attempts to film another via cell-phone and post on internet sources such as My
Space, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., he/she could face the possibility of
academic suspension. Each student has ownership of his/her own performance, NOT YOU!
There will be occasions where I will need to videotape a performance for purpose of grading
and can provide you with a copy of your performance.
15. Please note that any physical contact that transpires during a classroom exercise, improvisation,
or rehearsal/performance must be mutually agreed upon by all parties involved.
16. Don’t forget to have fun!
17. Remember that I am here to help and guide you to success. If you have any problems,
difficulties, or concerns, please contact me immediately.
This year we will have many theatrical opportunities outside of class for students to become involved:
~ Fall and Spring Musical
~ Be part of Dunwoody Wildcat Theatre and Thespian Troupe
~ Dunwoody Speech Team – travel in and out of state and for performance competition
~ Dunwoody Improv Troupe

Go to the website and become a member of our

Facebook group, Dunwoody Wildcat Theatre.
Sign and return to Mr. Gay by Friday, January 12, 2018

In order to effectively convey all the information of this course, please review
your calendar and class rules. I suggest you place performance dates, written
assignment/testing dates, and work weekend dates in your student agenda to
assure promptness.

I have received and read the syllabus and guidelines for this course, and I
understand my responsibilities.

Student Signature
Student printed name ______________________________

Student email ____________________________________

Cell number ____________________________________

As the education of students is all of our responsibility, please take the time to
read the syllabus, course overview and guidelines that I have sent home with your
student. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

I have read the course overview, syllabus, and guidelines and understand my
student’s responsibilities in this course.

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