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PeopleSoft &

HighJump Software

Partner Update
Feb. 15th, 2007

Natalie Hughes - Alliances

Mark Eischens – Product Management
Dan Hokanson – Product Management

• Introductions
• HighJump Company Intro
• PeopleSoft & HighJump Relationship
• Customers
• Application Suite
• New Product Features
• Contact Info
HighJump Software
a 3M Company

HighJump Software, a 3M company

is a global provider of
supply chain execution solutions that
streamline the flow of inventory and information
from source through consumption.
Our highly adaptable solutions create a
global execution platform spanning
the supply network, manufacturing, warehousing,
transportation and delivery.
HighJump Software
a 3M Company
Founded: April 1983
Ownership: Public, 3M (NYSE: MMM)
HighJump Software acquired January 2004
Pinnacle Distribution Concepts acquired July 2006
Global Beverage Group acquired November 2006

North American: Eden Prairie, MN (Headquarters)

Offices Knoxville, TN (Transportation Division)
Waterloo, ON (Delivery Division)
regional offices in CA, CO, NC, PA, TX

International: 18
Employees: 375
Customers: 1,300+ worldwide
HighJump Software
Global Presence
HighJump Software operates through 11 3M offices
and 7 certified associates

3M Subsidiaries
Our Vision
Source to Consumption

• Supply chains play a strategic role in meeting business objectives

• Materials must flow effortlessly across the supply chain
• You must optimize across the entire supply chain, not just
within functional silos
• Solutions must reside on a platform that embraces change
Our Solutions
Source to Consumption

Manufacturing Warehouse Delivery

& Data Collection Management Management
(formerly GBG)
Supplier Labor Transportation
Enablement Management Management
(formerly Pinnacle)
Supply Chain Advantage Suite
• Supplier enablement
– Enabling collaboration and exception management with supplier network
• Manufacturing & Data Collection
– Manufacturing control, inventory tracking, asset management
• Warehouse Management
– Optimizing and managing the operations of the warehouse/DC
• Labor management
– Tracking, measuring and planning labor activities within an organization
• Transportation management
– Managing rating, routing/scheduling, mode/carrier selection, load building,
tendering and freight audit/payment processes
• Delivery management
– Managing driver routing and settlements while empowering sales
effectiveness in “the last mile”
PeopleSoft & HighJump
PeopleSoft-HighJump Relationship

• 1996
– HighJump develops 1st and only data collection solution
for PeopleSoft (7.5)
– Jointly designed with PeopleSoft, for PeopleSoft
• 1997 – Today
– HighJump extends breadth of data collection solution
• Transactions Supported grows to 60+
• New niche data collection applications emerge (PAR, Asset)
– HighJump validates applications with each
PeopleSoft/Enterprise release
• Joint design & testing
– Installed 80+ customers
• Highly referenceable!
PeopleSoft & HighJump
PeopleSoft-HighJump Customers
Application Suite
Application Suite

Two product groups pre-configured for Enterprise

• Data Collection
– Manufacturing data collection
– Distribution inventory management
– PAR inventory (cart count)
– Asset management
• Warehouse Management
– Tier-1 Warehouse Management System (WMS)
– Optimizes warehouse execution
• Manages & directs work to be performed
– Accommodates sophisticated distribution requirements
Data Collection

• Data Collection Advantage

– Front-end Enterprise for real-time data capture
– The most commonly implemented HighJump-
Enterprise solution
– 60+ transactions which provide:
• Production Order Reporting
• Material Issue & Consumption
• Inventory Movement
• Inventory Adjustments
• Receiving
• Label printing
• more….
Data Collection

• PAR Advantage
– Manage inventory on mobile carts
• Hospitals
– Previously offered as batch-based solution
– Available now as an RF-based solution

• Asset Advantage
– Tracks movement/ownership of assets
– Previously offered as batch-based solution
– Potential to provide as RF-based solution
Warehouse Management
Warehouse Advantage: Automates the
pick, pack, and ship processes within the
“four-walls” of the warehouse
Feature Benefit
Intelligent work direction (RF directed • Reduce labor costs
processes) • Increase productivity
• Better space utilization
• Near perfect accuracy
Accurate real-time inventory • Better decisions
• Reduced safety stocks
• Reduced shrinkage and spoilage
Detailed audit trail • Objective performance
• Employee accountability
• Easily trace material flow
Key Application Features

• Integrates into PeopleSoft inventory, manufacturing

and purchasing modules
– Standard XML document interface
• Integrated bar code label printing
– Generate labels from Enterprise panels
• Streamlines critical data-intensive activities with the
accuracy and timeliness of automated data collection
– Barcode
– Voice
• Real-time data validation
– Enforces business processes, eliminates user error
– Provides visibility to plant activities (order status, inventory
availability, labor, etc..)
Key Application Features

• Highly Adaptable
– Unique to HighJump Software
– HighJump tailoring toolset allows system
modifications to be made quickly and easily
• No programming!
– Reduces time & cost of implementation
• Minimizes Total Cost of Ownership
– Customers can even make changes to their
systems by themselves
Transaction Support
• Receiving
– Receipt of ASN or Shipment (0101)
– Receipt of Total Purchase Order (0102)
– Receipt of PO Lines (0103)
– Receipt of PO Schedules (0104)
– Receipt of PO Line Number (0103)
– Receipt of PO Schedule (0104)

• Putaway
– Putaway Location (0201)
– Putaway Line Complete (0202)
– Putaway Plan Complete (0203)
Transaction Support (cont.)

• Transfer Transactions
– Item Transfer to Storage Location (0601)
– Container Transfer to Storage Location (0602)
– Associate Item to New Container (0603)
– Associate Item to an Existing Container (0603)
– De-Associate Item from a Container (0604)
– Associate Container Item to New Container (0605)
– Associate Container Item to Existing Container (0605)
– Container to New Container Transfer (0606)
– Container to Existing Container Transfer (0606)
– De-Build Container (0607)
Transaction Support (cont.)

• Interunit Receiving
– Interunit Receipt Detail (0121)
– Interunit Receipt Stop Manual (0125)

• Adjustments
– Inventory Adjustment (0410)

• Item Inquiry Transaction

– Item Inquiry
Transaction Support (cont.)

• Inventory Picking
– Inventory Pick Location (0301)
– Inventory Pick Batch Line Complete (0302)
– Inventory Pick Batch Complete (0303)

• Shipping Containers
– Associate Shipping Container with a Pick Batch ID (0621)
– Associate Shipping Container with Container and Pick Batch ID
– De-Associate Shipping Container with a Pick Batch ID (0625)
– De-Associate Shipping Container with Container & Pick Batch ID
– Associate Shipping Serial ID with a Pick Batch ID (0631)
– De-Associate Shipping Serial ID with a Pick Batch ID (0633)
Transaction Support (cont.)

• Production Completions
– Production Sch Completion/Scrap to Stock (0211)
– Production ID Completion/Scrap to Stock (0212)
– Production ID Completion/Scrap to Intermediate Operation (0213)
– Production ID Scrap Only to Intermediate Op (0213)

• Multiple Output Production Completions

– Production Schedule Mult. Output Compl./Scrap to Stock (0214)
– Production ID Multiple Output Completion/Scrap to Stock (0215)
– Prod ID Multiple Output Completion/Scrap to Intermediate
Operation (0216)
– Production ID Multiple Output Teardown Completion/Scrap to Stock
– Production ID Multiple Output Intermediate Teardown
Completion/Scrap to Stock (T216)
Transaction Support (cont.)

• Production Order Issue/Return Transactions

– Kit Substitute Issue to Assembly for a PID (060S)
– Kit Issue to Assembly for a PID (060I)
– Kit Return to Stock from a PID (060R)

• Manufacturing Picking
– Production Pick Location (M301)
– Production Pick Batch Line Complete (M302)
– Production Pick Batch Complete (M303)
Transaction Support (cont.)
• Flow Manufacturing
– Vendor Replenishment (0106)
– Manual Replenishment Request (0701)
– Feeder Line Replenishment (0217)
– Standard Bin to Bin Inv Replenishment (A601)
– Override Bin to Bin Inventory Replenishment (B601)
– DeAssociate Container Inv Replenishment (A604)
– DeBuild Container Inventory Replenishment (A607)

• Serial Genealogy
– Associate Assembly (0800)
– Disassociate Assembly (0801)
– Associate Component (0802)
– Disassociate Component (0803)
– Associate Assembly and Component (0804)
New Product Features
New Product Features

• Internationalization
– Implement in multiple languages
• Web touch screens
– Great for many manufacturing sites
– Eliminates need for keyboard & mouse in production areas
• Expanded device support
– Handhelds, RFID Readers, printers, etc..
• Enhanced toolset
– Create & modify transactions faster & easier
• Continued Enterprise-HighJump joint development
– Transactions
– Interfaces
Contact Info
Contact Info

• For any questions regarding sales or

marketing opportunities, please contact:
– Natalie Hughes
HighJump Strategic Alliances Director
• For specific product or technical questions,
please contact:
– Mark Eischens
Product Manager