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Name Is : Gusran Lasitamu

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Prog. Study : Intermediate Speaking


Definition Bussines

Business In general, the definition of business, can not be separated from the
activities of production, purchase, sale, or exchange of goods and services involving
people or companies. In a narrower context, business sense is often associated with
businesses, companies or organizations that produce goods and services to generate

Another opinion says that the definition of business is an attempt to meet the

needs of human beings, organizations or the wider community.

Business Objectives

The purpose of a business is to serve the needs of the customer by the owner
trying to make a profit. People create business probably because they see an

opportunity to create goods or services that other companies have not yet offered.


There are three key characteristics that must be met to have a business.

 First, businesses must be the result of individuals working together in an

organized way.
 Second, businesses must satisfy a societal need.
 Third, businesses must seek to make a profit.

Types of business activities

If viewed from the motive, business can be divided into 2 (two) types namely :
 Profit-oriented business or profit motive. Example: individual company, CV,
Firma, PT, etc.
 Business that is not profit oriented or non profit motive. Example: foundation,
social organization, non-governmental organization, and so on.

When viewed from the type of activities, business can be divided into 4 (four)
types, namely:
 Extractive Business
 Agrarian Business
 Industrial Business
 Business Services

When viewed from the value of usability, a business can create 4 (four) usability
values, namely:
 Use value (form utility)
 Place utility
 Time value (time utility)
 The value of ownership (possession utility)


businesses are organizations which are profit-seeking, meaning that they are not
the same as non-profit organizations. Whereas non-profit organizations seek
donations and funding to meet a mission, such as feeding the homeless in a city, a
business organization's goal will be centered on profit. For example, a business
organization might be seeking to become the first four-star hotel in a city.