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Paper presented at All India Conference conducted by Jyothi Jyothisha Samvadam, Trichur, Kerala

in january 2012 at Trichur.

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Astro Counselor
Universal Research Institute of Astro & Occult Sciences,Hyderabad-20
Chairman, Universal College of Astrology, Hyderabad-20
A Case of Death due to accident at the age of 9th year
: A physically DEAD MAN is TEACHING to the LIVING MEN:
: May his SOUL rest in Peace:
: This article is dedicated to the departed Soul:

Mr. X - Male
ñ Born on 25th May 2003 at 06.58 am Hyderabad
ñ Died on 31st Jan 2011 at 8.30 am in Hospital.
ñ Cause of death - Head Injury while playing in School on 25th Jan 2011 –afternoon
ñ Boy has voluntarily hit a wall as a part of exhibiting his valor among the players-
Immediately went into coma – admitted in Hospital – treated with no use- was on
ventilation for 3 days before dying at Hospital on 31st Jan 2011 at 8.30 am

Bhava chart details – As per KP System (KP Ayanamsa -23:48:28)

Bhavas- Sign lord-Star lord-Sub lords- Taurus lagna
1 – Venus-Mars-Jupiter; 8th Jupiter-Venus-Saturn;
2nd Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn; 9th Saturn-Moon-Mercury;
3 Moon-Mercury-Mercury; 10th Saturn-Rahu-Sun;
4th Sun-Venus-Mars; 11th Jupiter-Mercury-Venus;
5 Mercury-Moon-Venus; 12th Mars-Venus-Mercury.
6th Venus-Jupiter-Mercury;
7th Mercury-Mercury-Jupiter;

Planets – Sign-Star and Sub lords

Sun –Venus-Sun-Venus Venus-Mars-Venus-Moon
Moon-Jupiter-Jupiter-Rahu Saturn-Mercury-Mars-Sun
Mars-Saturn-Mars-Rahu Rahu-Venus-Sun-Mercury
Mercury-Mars-Venus-Rahu Ketu-Mars-Saturn-Saturn-Mercury

As per KP System - Planets connected to bhavas

Sun - 4,12; Saturn-1,7,9,10,12;
Moon-2,3,8,10,11; Rahu-4,12;
Mars-7,9,12; Ketu-1,6,9,10.
Mercury-1,2,5,6,11; Rahu= Sun,Venus,Ketu
Jupiter-2,5,8,11; Ketu=Sun,Jupiter,Saturn,Mars.

Dasa x Bhukti levels :

• At birth time- Jupiter X Rahu: till 21st Nov.2003
• At death time: Saturn x Venus from 12th Sep.2010 to 12th Nov.2013
• On the day of death -31st Jan.2011 – SaturnX Venus X Venus X Saturn- from 13th
Jan.2011 to 13th Feb.2011.

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Astrological analysis – As per KP system

Principle: Accident is indicated by 8th bhava- if star lord of 8th cusp sub lord –
• if connected to 6th – sickness after accident;
• if connected to 12th hospitalization;
• if connected to badhaka/maraca sthanas may result in death if no longevity is granted
in natal chart otherwise it may result in permanent disability if longevity is granted.

In the chart referred above

ü 8th cusp sub lord SATURN is posited in the star of MARS and sub of SUN.
ü At birth time MARS is occupant of 9th Bhadhaka for Taurus (fixed) sign lagna.
ü SUN is occupant of 12th bhava.
ü Mars aspecting 12th and Sun aspecting 7th.
ü Mars and Sun are also connected to 6th bhava through Ketu who is occupant of 10th.
ü This indicates the death of the native due to accident.

Principl for: Longevity - span of life – Lagna sub lord

• if connected to first group i.e., 1/5/9 bhavas is long life –
• If connected to 2nd group i.e., 6/8/12 bhavas -short life-
• if connected to both groups a medium life.
In the chart referred above
• Lagna sub lord Jupiter is connected to both the groups i.e., 1-5-9 and 6-8-12.
ñ 1st - Through Ketu (pco); 5th - as pcbl; 9th -through Ketu (pcbl) and
ñ 6th -through Ketu (occupant); 8th - bhava lord; 12th - aspect on Mars Bhava lord.
• As Jupiter is connected to both groups medium life is granted.
But, Native died in 9th year which is considered as in the span of short life.
Thus, the following formula is applicable in the case understudy--
ü If Star lord of 1st cusp sub lord – connected to badhaka sthana / maraka sthana the life will be
short and not for many years.

Following are the observations in the given chart:

• The 1st cusp sub lord Jupiter is in the star and sub of Mercury – who is lord of 2nd and is
Maraka- for Taurus lagna.
• Added to this Mercury is aspected by exalted Mars lord of 7th – another maraka lord.- for
Taurus lagna.
• Mercury is conjoined with Venus and is in Venus star – hence death occurred in the sub-
period of Venus in the Mahardasa of Saturn – Saturn is 9th lord i.e., badhaka lord for
fixed sign -Taurus lagna.
• 1st cusp sub lord Jupiter -has also become malefic with connection to maraka sthana i.e.,
as 2nd as occupant and as bhava lord of 8th bhava a dushthana.
• Jupiter with 8th lord ship (a functional malefic) has 5th aspect on 7th bhava a maraka
• Jupiter has become benefic with 11th bhava lordship and as star lord of Moon. With
Jupiter aspect on Moon and 11th bhava native survived during the Jupiter dasa i.e.,
commencing at the birth time. But Jupiter dasa was only for about 7 months

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Native died on 31st jan.2011-at 9th year of age -during the Saturn x Venus x Venus x Saturn –

Natal and transit positions of dasa, bhukti lords are as follows.

ñ Saturn dasa is Second mahardasa from birth time. –
ñ Saturn dasa lord -in birth chart - is the lord of badhaka sthan ( i.e., 9th lord for Taurus lagna )
and Saturn is occupant of 1st bhava (lagna is weak); Pco of 9th and bhava lord of 9th and 10th
ñ Saturn is in the star of Mars – who is 7th and 12th lord and occupant of 9th a badhaka sthana.
ñ At the time of accident (25th jan.) and at death time (31st jan) transit Saturn was in Moon star
– Sun sub – In birth chart Moon is 3rd Bhava lord and in the star of 8th lord Jupiter - Saturn
connection with 3rd and 8th is indicating death due to accident.
ñ Transit Saturn in the sub lord Sun who is connected to 12th as occupant in birth chart.
ñ Moreover, transit Saturn started retardation on 27th Jan 2011 i.e., in between the date of
accident and date of death – while the boy was in Coma due to accident.
ñ Venus is bhukti lord –In birth chart - Venus is 1st and 6th lord - 6th is dusthana – Venus is in
conjunction with Mercury - 2nd (maraka) lord and both are aspected by Mars 12th and 7th
lord Mars (4th aspect):: Venus and Mercury conjunction is also aspected by Jupiter (8th lord)
with 9th aspect.
ñ At the time of accident and at death time the Transit Venus was in 7th bhava –as maraca
sthana from lagna. At the time of accident Transit Venus was in scorpio in the star of
Mercury (2nd lord maraca lord in natal chart) and at the time of death transit venus was in
Ketu star – 6th occupant in natal chart and Ketu also represent Sun who is occupant of 12th in
birth chart.

Below is the analysis in a tabular form:

At death time- Saturn X Venus X Venus X Saturn from 13th Jan.2011 to 13th Feb.2011
Death time Dasa -Bhukti lords connections at birth, accident and death time
Dasa/Bhukti At birth time At accident time At death time
1)PCO and BL of 9th ;
PCBL of 12th 1)Transit Saturn in
Transit Saturn in the same
2) in the star of Mars-9th Moon star Sun sub ( in
Saturn Star and sub as of accident
occupant and 7th lord and birth chart- Moon 3rd
(1st and 4th time BUT retarded on 27th
12th lord. BL and 8th PCBL &
level lord) Jan 2011 i.e, after accident
3) Occupant of Lagna.- Sun was PCO and
and before the day of death.
weakening lagna. Occupant of 12th )

1) Venus 6th PCBL and Transit Venus in Ketu star -

6th BL - and also Transit Venus in in birth chart Ketu was 6th
conjoined with Mercury Mercury star – natal occupant and 9th PCBL. –
(2nd and 3rd
2nd lord -i.e., Maraka 2nd lord i.e., Maraka Ketu was also representing
level lord)
lord. & 2) Mars 7th and lord in Birth chart. Sun the 12th occupant in
12th lord aspecting Venus birth chart.

Thus, - Death occurred in the conjoined period of maraka and badhaka significators while
connected to 6/8/12 significators.

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