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Mario Bunge (1919 - ) English language publications.

Although the following bibliography is

exhaustive, it is not complete – numerous
encyclopedia, notes, and other such entries are

For historical reasons, the bibliography

includes Bunge’s first two Spanish
publications, appearing when he was aged 24
and 25, as these are fitting harbingers of his
life’s work.

A bibliography (to 2013) of Bunge’s publications in Spanish, and other languages, along with
English, approximately equal number to the English below, can be found in an appendix to:

Guillermo M. Denegri (ed.) Ensayos en Homenaje a Mario Bunge en su 95° Aniversario, Eudeba,
Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2014.

The Denegri bibliography lists 532 articles and 145 books, they include translations of original-
language publications.

A bibliography of Bunge’s books (81) and articles (366), across all languages for the years 1939-
1989 is in:

David Blitz: 1990, ‘Bibliography’. In P. Weingartner & G.J.W. Dorn (eds.) Studies on Mario
Bunge’s Treatise, Rodopi, Amsterdam, pp. 685-709.

A bibliography of Bunge’s publications in all languages, books (150) and articles (537) is
maintained by Marc Silberstein, Editions Matériologiques, Paris.

Please sent corrections and additions to: Michael R. Matthews, UNSW,

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