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Salary £25,000 + monthly travel card


South London Cares is a community network of young professionals and older

neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city.

Our objectives are to tackle the growing plight of isolation and loneliness amongst older
and younger Londoners alike; to help improve the confidence, skills, connection, purpose
and power of all participants so that neighbours can better navigate the modern world;
and to bring people together to bridge widening social, generational, digital, cultural and
attitudinal divides.

We do this because in the context of globalisation, gentrification, digitisation, urban

transience and the housing bubble London has become a place of social extremes. The
boroughs in which we work, Southwark and Lambeth, contain some of the best connected
people in Britain – high flying graduates working in law, PR, media, finance, etc – living
directly alongside some of the most isolated, with particular challenges to do with
loneliness, depression and anxiety.

The result is that older people often have deep roots in their communities, but few
connections, while young professionals often have hundreds of connections but no
roots in their communities. That disconnect wastes human potential, perpetuates social
division, entrenches isolation and is ultimately corrosive for our society.

In a dynamic city like ours, clearly these two groups have so much to gain from one
another – in shared time, laughter, new experiences and friendship.

South London Cares therefore seeks to harness the people and places around us and to
mobilise a new generation of young professionals to build relationships and share
experiences with their older neighbours in a variety of fun, authentic ways. We speak the
language of younger and older people alike – and make interaction on a personal level
mutually accessible and rewarding.

We achieve that vision through the constant development of programmes that people can
relate to and enjoy. At the cross-section of the public, private and community sectors we
work with local authorities, voluntary groups, businesses and individuals to identify
isolation where it occurs and to create new opportunities for older and younger neighbours
to share time. The majority of the older people who are part of our network live alone, may
not naturally have wide social networks, and love and look forward to new experiences with
their younger friends.

Specifically, we operate four programmes. Love Your Neighbour matches young

professionals and older neighbours to spend time together one-to-one, often in people's

South London Cares Limited is UK registered company number 8757344 and UK registered charity number 1157401.
homes, to improve the life experiences of all parties. Neighbours build relationships on their
own terms, enjoy meals together, and often become long-standing friends.

Meanwhile, our Social Clubs are group activities bringing people together in community
centres, cafes, pubs, parks and local businesses to share time, laughter and cultural
exchange. Regular clubs include dance parties, film nights, choirs, new technology
workshops, ‘back to work’ business visits and themed get-togethers like Fashion Week

Third, our Outreach work identifies isolation in our communities pro-actively through
innovative campaigns. Our Winter Wellbeing project, for example, supports older
neighbours through multiple interactions and interventions to stay warm, active, healthy
and connected through the most isolating time of the year.

And finally, our Community Fundraising offers another chance for younger and older
neighbours to contribute to their community network. Through individual physical challenges
including marathons, triathlons and in the case of one 82-year-old, a 5k run, as well as
events, corporate giving, digital campaigns, regular donations and more, local people
support the charity in a variety of exciting ways.


In your new role you will work closely with our Head of Programmes, and our current
Programme Coordinator working on Love Your Neighbour, to develop, deepen and
expand our Love Your Neighbour programme in Southwark specifically. You will meet
hundreds of older people and young professionals, create friendships across the
generations, support those friendships to deepen and thrive, and ensure our safeguarding,
records and storytelling procedures are upheld to the highest standards.

You will be introducing yourself to older neighbours in various circumstances – from the
most active, outgoing fun-loving 90-somethings to people with huge and complex
challenges navigating complicated situations. You will need diligently and warmly to
articulate South London Cares’ vision and the aims and objectives of our Love Your
Neighbour programme so that all participants – including older and younger neighbours,
family members, health agencies, councils and others – understand the role we play.

And you will need to support those neighbours to get the most out of their mutually
beneficial relationships – through our check-in processes, regular reviews, informal
encouragement, digital storytelling and other reporting requirements, so that South London
Cares continues to grow and the relationships we build continue to thrive.

Currently, our Love Your Neighbour team of two Coordinators supports 66 one-to-one
friendships across Southwark and Lambeth. With one of that team now moving into a senior
role at South London Cares, it will be your job to help build and expand Love Your
Neighbour, growing the number of matches in Southwark from 37 to 60 within a year.

This is a special post in a special charity. We are a young and rapidly developing
organisation with the benefits of the security, support and platform provided by major
backers including Nesta and the Big Lottery, United St Saviour’s, international
corporations and our partner councils.

South London Cares Limited is UK registered company number 8757344 and UK registered charity number 1157401.
When you join our team, you will work predominantly from our private office in a vibrant,
shared office complex in the heart of Brixton. But you will also regularly be out in the
community, meeting older neighbours joining the network for the first time, hosting evening
inductions for new volunteers, making matches in people’s homes, working with colleagues
across South London Cares and the wider Cares Family (North London Cares, Manchester
Cares and Liverpool Cares), and holding meetings with various referral organisations and
other partners key to the successful delivery of the Love Your Neighbour programme and
our overall vision.

We therefore need someone who understands and is motivated by the demographics

and social challenges of our home boroughs and the issues we work on – and in particular
who is passionate about people and can clearly promote our vision for building
friendships across divides in order to tackle isolation and loneliness in those boroughs.

We are looking for someone who can talk to and relate to people from all backgrounds,
no matter their circumstances – someone equally comfortable discussing illness and
isolation with a 95-year-old housebound older neighbour as they are talking about work
and weddings with a 25-year-old younger Londoner.


The ideal candidate to join South London Cares as Programme Coordinator (Love Your
Neighbour) will have a track record and a great manner working with people. You will
have experience working in the community and dealing with multiple tasks, sensitivities
and challenges at the same time. You will also be diligent with procedures – ensuring
our vital records are kept up-to-date, reviews are conducted and stories of the power of
the relationships you create are widely shared.

We are therefore looking for a creative, enterprising individual, with a natural confidence
with people combined with resilience and focus. You will be outgoing, full of energy and
determination; professional with an organised approach, a clear, authentic
communication style and an intrinsic understanding of the power of networks and
community in all their forms, including digital media. The stand out candidate will also
have deep knowledge of and a passion for the unique communities and culture of south
London’s neighbourhoods.

Crucially, we need a real people-person: someone who can build authentic relationships
across our network of young professionals and older neighbours, whilst also working with
health agencies, councils and other groups vital to the success of South London Cares’
vision. We also need a numbers person: someone who is methodical, target focused,
organised and unwilling to give up. And we need a self-starter: someone committed,
tough, and focused working alone as well as in teams; who is passionate about further
developing and improving South London Cares’ Love Your Neighbour programme over the
coming years.

In return, you will be trusted to work dynamically and independently in this exciting young
charity, with a growing profile and backing from major local and national partners. You will
also be provided with development challenges and opportunities, professional support
from our Head of Programmes and ever-growing networks to play a lasting, transformative
role in the development of South London Cares and The Cares Family.

South London Cares Limited is UK registered company number 8757344 and UK registered charity number 1157401.

For more information or to apply please send a CV and covering letter to, demonstrating why you are right for this role.

• Applications should be received no later than 3pm on Wednesday 22nd August


• First round interviews will take place in the week beginning 27th August, with call
backs for second interviews on Friday 7th September and a start date in October.

Please read the full job specification below for further information.


Working directly with South London Cares’ Head of Programmes, and also with our other
Programme Coordinators, Development team, Director of Operations and Chief Executive,
you will:

• Be responsible for delivering and developing South London Cares’ Love Your
Neighbour programme in Southwark;

• Increase the number of Love Your Neighbour friendships in Southwark from 37 to

60 by April 2020, while sustaining quality and being attentive to the need for
innovative and sensitive problem solving when challenges arise;

• Induct, prepare, assess and safeguard both older neighbours and young
professional volunteers interested in having a Love Your Neighbour friend;

• Communicate professionally and warmly with our third party referral partners in local
authorities, health agencies, community organisations and with members of the

• Connect new Love Your Neighbour friends during regular working hours, and also
during evenings and weekends (with time off in lieu);

• Manage the creation and distribution of our monthly email communications with
regular Love Your Neighbour volunteers in Southwark and communicate regularly to
help people feel included and engaged;

• Communicate regularly with older neighbours, on the telephone, in writing and in

person, including in people’s homes and in the community;

• Support older neighbours with ad hoc tasks to enhance their wellbeing and prevent
further isolation, including liaising with statutory and health services to gain access
to specific support where required;

• Keep our databases, records and CRM tools constantly and accurately up-to-date;

South London Cares Limited is UK registered company number 8757344 and UK registered charity number 1157401.
• Support the delivery of our regular volunteer inductions and social gatherings, to
make our network as inclusive and welcoming as possible;

• Work with partners across the public, private and community sectors – receiving
referrals from local authorities, health professionals and other sources,
communicating with our internal team, and delivering outcomes for neighbours,
volunteers and South London Cares as a whole;

• Create colourful, powerful communications – digital content including blogs,

YouTube videos, Instagram images, diary pages, Facebook and Twitter posts, case
studies and blast emails; as well as content such as posters, newsletters,
programmes and flyers – to facilitate the delivery of Love Your Neighbour;

• Present on South London Cares’ purpose and core activities to existing and
potential partners in the community – including to potential new groups of older
neighbours and volunteers;

• Be agile to the dynamism required of a fast-growing charity, seizing new

opportunities to further our reach and impact as they arise.


• You are charismatic, fun, warm, approachable, self-starting, confident, outgoing,

creative, sensitive, determined, ambitious, flexible, resilient, discreet, organised and

• You have experience working in a small or medium sized organisation and are
comfortable working alone as well as in a team;

• You’re an authentic, high-quality communicator and storyteller – with the ability to

build relationships with diverse groups and individuals effectively and appropriately,
from young professionals to older neighbours, and key local and national partners
(through written as well as verbal communications);

• You have a good understanding of the culture and socio-economic challenges

facing south London – and can relate to and build relationships with people from all

• You have excellent skills and knowledge of using various common online and office
tools to enhance efficiency and improve results.


• You are outgoing and confident working with a full spectrum of people – and you
encapsulate the “Cares” ethos by relating to young professionals and older
neighbours simultaneously;

• You are professionally agile, and able to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of a
small but growing charity operating in a volatile time;

South London Cares Limited is UK registered company number 8757344 and UK registered charity number 1157401.
• You have high quality written and verbal skills, and are confident creating important
materials to promote South London Cares’ work externally;

• You have the flexibility to work an average of six evenings and occasional weekends
each month in order to deliver your work, with time off provided in lieu;

• You are able to obtain a clear CRB/DBS certification (provided).

South London Cares Limited is UK registered company number 8757344 and UK registered charity number 1157401.