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978-1-107-67032-7 – Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Advanced

Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell
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Test Your English

in Use

with answers

Second Edition

Michael McCarthy
Felicity O’Dell

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Acknowledgements 6 Test
17 Homestyles, lifestyles 24

Introduction 7 Test
18 Socialising and networking 25
1 Cramming for success: study and Test

academic work 8 19 The performance arts: reviews

and critiques 26
2 Education: debates and issues 9 Test
20 The visual arts 27
3 At work: colleagues and routines 10 Test
21 Talking about books 28
4 At work: recruitment and job Test

satisfaction 11 22 Food: a recipe for disaster 29

At work: careers 12 23 Dinner’s on me: entertaining and
5 eating out 30
6 Managing a business 13 Test
24 On the road: traffic and driving 31
7 Describing yourself 14 Test
25 Travel and accommodation 32
8 Describing others: appearance Test

and mannerisms 15 26 Attracting tourists 33

Describing others: personality 27 Describing the world 34
and character traits 16 Test
28 Weather and climate 35
10 Relationships: friends forever 17 Test
29 Brick walls and glass ceilings 36
dge University Press Test
11 Relationships: ups and downs 18 Test
30 Taking root and reaping rewards 37
12 Emotions and reactions 19 Test
31 The animal kingdom 38
13 Negative feelings 20 Test
32 Our endangered world 39
14 Birth and death: from cradle to Test
grave 21 33 Here to help: customer service 40

34 Authorities: customs and police 41
15 Free time: relaxation and leisure 22

35 Belief systems 42
16 All the rage: clothes and fashion 23

Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Advanced 3

Test Test
36 Festivals in their cultural context 43 53 Diet, sport and fitness 60

Test Test
37 Talking about languages 44 54 Industries: from manufacturing
to service 61
38 History: since the dawn of Test
civilisation 45 55 Technology and its impact 62

Test Test
39 Poverty: the haves and the 56 Technology of the future 63
have nots 46

57 Energy: from fossil fuels to
40 British politics 47 windmills 64

Test Test
41 International politics 48 58 Space: no room to swing a cat 65

Test Test
42 The letter of the law 49 59 Time: once in a blue moon 66

Test Test
43 War and peace 50 60 Motion: taking steps 67

Test Test
44 Economy and finance 51 61 Manner: behaviour and body
language 68
45 Personal finance: making ends meet 52 Test
62 Sounds: listen up 69
46 The media: in print 53
63 Weight and density 70
47 The media: internet and email 54
64 All the colours of the rainbow 71
48 Advertising 55
dge University Press 65 Speed: fast and slow 72
49 The news: gathering and delivering 56 Test
66 Cause and effect 73
50 Healthcare 57
67 Spot the difference: making
Test comparisons 74
51 Illness: feeling under the weather 58
52 Medical language 59 68 Difficulties and dilemmas 75

4 Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Advanced

Test Test
69 Modality: expressing facts, 85 Prefixes: creating new meanings 92
opinions, desires 76

86 Suffixes: forming new words 93
70 Number: statistics and quantity 77

87 Word-building and word-blending 94
71 Permission: getting the go-ahead 78

88 English: a global language 95
72 Complaining and protesting 79

89 False friends: words easily confused 96
73 Apology, regret and reconciliation 80

90 One word, many meanings 97
74 A pat on the back:
complimenting and praising 81 Test
91 Collocation: which words go
together 98
75 Promises and bets 82

92 Metaphors: seeing the light 99
76 Reminiscences and regrets 83

93 Idioms for everyday situations
77 Agreement, disagreement and and feelings 100
compromise 84

94 Brushing up on phrasal verbs 101
78 Academic writing: making sense 85

95 Connotation: making associations 102
79 Academic writing: text structure 86

96 Register: degrees of formality 103
80 Writing: style and format 87

97 Divided by a common language 104
dge University Press 81 Whatchamacallit 88

98 Language and gender 105
82 Give or take: more vague
expressions 89 Test
99 In the headlines 106
83 The way you say it 90 Test
100 Red tape 107
84 Abbreviations and acronyms 91
Answer key 108

Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Advanced 5

We would like to thank our publisher, Colin McIntosh, and editor, Alison Bewsher,
whose expert advice was invaluable throughout the production of these tests.
Illustrations by Kathy Baxendale and Julian Mosedale
Design by emc design ltd

dge University Press

6 Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Advanced

Why test vocabulary?
Research has shown that you need to meet a word at least 7 times before you know it
properly. Doing exercises like these, that practise words and expressions that you have
already encountered, is, thus, a useful way of helping yourself to fix the vocabulary you are
working on in your long-term memory.

What vocabulary is tested?

This book provides a series of tests on different aspects of English vocabulary at an advanced
level. It is based on the vocabulary presented and practised in the units of English Vocabulary
in Use: Advanced and the test numbers correspond to the units of English Vocabulary in Use:
Advanced. You can do the test immediately after doing the unit in English Vocabulary in
Use: Advanced or you can wait a week or so.
You can, of course, use these tests even if you have not been working with English
Vocabulary in Use: Advanced but are simply interested in assessing your knowledge of the
vocabulary area covered by the test.

How do I score my tests?

Each test is scored out of 40 and a key, with information about how many marks each item
gets, is given at the back of the book. It should be clear from the key what you need to write
to get each mark and so you should be able to score your work without a teacher, if you
wish to.
The first exercise in each test generally offers a maximum score of ten and it is recommended
that you do this exercise first. If your score for this exercise is less than half, then we suggest
that you do a bit more work in the language area covered by the test before doing the rest
of it.
Although the tests are all scored out of 40, you will probably feel that some tests are easier
than others. This is partly because everyone is more familiar with some vocabulary areas
dge University Press than others. However, because certain vocabulary areas are
particularly dense, it is also true
that in a few cases you need to show that you know more words and expressions in these
areas than you do elsewhere to get the same number of marks.
Finally, if you write your answers in pencil or on a sheet of paper rather than in this book,
it is possible to do each test more than once and try to improve your score at a later date.

How long do the tests take?

Each test should take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
We hope that you enjoy using these tests and that they will help you to learn the vocabulary
that you want and need to master at this level.

Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Advanced 7