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Fire alarm control panel : Supply, Installation, Testing & Commisioning of Microprocessor
based VDS / UL approved 2 loop fire alarm control panel expandable minimum 6 loops fully
networkable with each loop capable of taking minimum 127 devices, 8 line x 40 character
alpha-numeric liquid crystal display or Equivalent. The panel shall be soft addressable type.
The panel shall be able to give pin point location of all fire / fault conditions. Further, the
panel must be able to automatically switch off respective control switches whenever any
alarm is triggered. The panel shall have in built rectifier, Loop cards, provision for externel &
internal printer (if required), L C D unit to indicate Fire/Fault Signal with address and analog
1 output, it should have minimum 10000 event loging capacity of all fire or fault events 1 Nos.
complete in all respects. Integral SMF lead acid batteries with sealed cells of 24 V or as
required to capable of running for minimum 8 hours with integral battery charger complete as
required and as per specifications.

Supply, Installation,Testing & Commisioning of Fire Graphics Software to be loaded on PC to

2 1 Nos.
monitor the Floor wise Fire Detection System (PC to be supplied by Client)

Supply, Installation,Testing & Commisioning of Active Repeater Panel (LCD indicator panel)
with 8 line X 40 characters alpha numeric or Equivelent LCD display with all commands such
3 as reset, mute, silence with suitable battery backup complete as required. 1 Nos.

Smoke detector : Supply, Installation,Testing & Commisioning of Analog Addressable

Intelligent multisensor detector with inbuilt optical smoke sensors and inteligence for
4 identification of smoke profiles as well as additional heat detector sensor with decentralise 792 Nos.
intelligence, soft addressable Photothermal type with inbuilt fault isolator as per NFPA - 72
wiring complete with base as required .

Heat detectors : Supply, Installation,Testing & Commisioning of Analogue Addressable

5 Intelligent Heat Detector with fixed & rate of rise temperature function with decentralise 12 Nos.
intelligence , soft addressable type, with inbuilt fault isolator as per NFPA 72 wiring complete
with base as required.

MCP : Supply, Installation,Testing & Commisioning of Addressable Manual Call Point soft
6 60 Nos.
addressable type with in built fault isolator as per NFPA 72 wiring complete as required.

Input Output module : Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of VDS Approved
7 addreable Monitor module 4 input / 2 output in can be used for monotoring Flow switchs / 12 Nos.
fire exit doors and exhaust fans etc. complete as required.

Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Addressable Hooter (sound output of

8 60 Nos.
minimum 90 db )cum strobe(strength of light 10 cd)complete as required.

Supply, Installation,Testing & Commisioning of Addressable Control Modules 12 output

independentely programmable required for tripping AHU's, pressurisation fans, Lifts, Hooters/
9 30 Nos.
Strobes, Speaker Circuits ,power supply etc. This shall include all accessories like power
supply, relays etc complete as required.

Supply and fixing of 2C 1.5 Sqmm CU, shielded armoured FRLS cable in celing, Bellow ceiling,
10 12000 Mtr.
structure properly dressed at slab bottom/cable tray in partitions.